Ghost Tours of St Augustine Reviews: Lifting the Paranormal Veil

Nothing prepared me for the hair-raising adventure that was the Paranormal Old Fort and City Tour of St. Augustine.

The city, with its cobblestone roads, sandstone architecture, and Spanish moss-draped trees, performs the perfect backdrop for a spine-chilling ghost tour. Follow along as I give detailed first-hand experience St Augustine Ghost Tours reviews!

My evening, filled with spectral citadels and haunting tales helmed by our guide, Steve truly walked the tightrope between history and the supernatural.

Whispering southern breezes carrying tales of old, an eerie glow of dimly lit street lamps, and the slightly briny aroma of the sea intermingled with the old mustiness of the alleys we traversed. Let me share with you the echoes from the streets of St. Augustine — the echoes that still resonate long after the voice last spoke.

Meeting Our Tour Guide: Steve

In our tryst with the supernatural, our guide was Steve. In retrospect, his knowledge, enthusiasm, and knack for storytelling turned out to be the backbone of this thrilling adventure.

Steve did more than just relay facts about the history of each haunted site. His immersive storytelling made us feel that we were part of these chilling narratives. As we moved from one site to the other, Steve was always ready to answer any queries. Every so often, he’d encourage us to stay quiet, listen, and observe our surroundings.

We met 15 minutes before our 8:30 pm St Augustine haunting tour at 4 Granada Street. After checking in and securing my access sticker I took some time to snap a few night shots of the nearby hotels and fountains. At 8:30, Steve introduced himself and briefly spoke about what we could expect on our phantasmic escapade.

Fountain at night with Flagler college in the background

Tools of the Trade: Ghost Hunting Equipment Explained

Our acquaintance with the ghost hunting equipment kicked off when Steve introduced us to EMF detectors, dowsing rods, and spirit boxes. It was an eerily fascinating experience. The EMF, or electro-magnetic field detectors, are capable of measuring energy frequencies around us. Steve explained that changes in the electromagnetic frequency could possibly indicate the presence of spirits. The tool was absurdly simple to operate.

Next in line was the spirit box – a device that rapidly scans multiple radio frequencies. This odd gadget, we were told, is believed to allow spirits to communicate with us. The mixture of static noises and unexpected sounds it emits sent shivers down my spine.

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Finally, Steve handed out three sets of dowsing rods. These brass rods, Steve explained, had a storied history in the paranormal community and were the same tools used by renowned paranormal investigations teams such as Zak and Ghost Hunters of Savannah.

As we set out on our ghost tour of St Augustine, wielding our ghost hunting paraphernalia, the air turned electric. At intervals, whispering chatter pierced the spirit box. Our EMF readers spiked red and the rods spun. There was something creepily alive about the atmosphere, as though unseen figures were watching us from the shadows.

Stone Gates at night with old home in background

Catching Spectral Sightings: Our Brush with the Afterlife

As our night gradually sunk into an eerie darkness, so did our nerves. The whip of the cool coastal wind, carrying with it whispers from beyond, ruffled our collars and sent the tiniest of shivers racing down our spines. As we began our ghost hunt under the starry ceiling of St. Augustine’s nightlife, there was an undeniable excitement in the air, intertwined with a thick sense of apprehension.

The Governor’s Mansion, cocooned in its grandeur and haunted history, was our first stop. As we traversed through the deserted park under the dim moonlight, the area seemed to teem with spectral presences. Steve regaled the story of the infamous pirate, Ranson. The meter, once again, went haywire in certain spots, a chilling affirmation of the nearby spectral presences.

Next, we set off down an alley with the hopes of capturing a glimpse of the spirit of a little girl named Floria. With the aid of our investigative tools, we were able to make contact and see her small figure on the screen of an SLS camera that Steve was holding. Her story was sad, and it was bittersweet to see that some sort of energy lingered in the place where she tragically lost her life hundreds of years ago.

As we neared the iconic Casablanca Inn, we listened to ghost stories of a long-lost innkeeper who supposedly still keeps an eye on the inn from beyond to the unexpected beeping of our EMF meters and the inexplicable aura surrounding the century-old inn was truly spine-chilling.

Night shot of Castillo de san Marcos

An Encounter at Castillo de San Marcos

In the heart of the city, we confronted the ghosts of Castillo de San Marcos, succumbing to a chilling encounter. We were able to capture the apparent presence of two soldiers still standing guard at the fort’s entrance gates on the SLS camera. I was in awe as we watched the screen, showing them moving around their post and even approaching where our group stood.

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Making our way around the exterior of the stronghold, Steve continued to speak of the history, which was somehow simultaneously gallant and horrifying. He shared personal paranormal activity experiences with the otherside and recounted experiences others had shared with him over the years, each more harrowing than the last.

Unleashing the Ghosts of Huguenot Cemetery

The final stop of our ghostly venture was the Huguenot Cemetery. As we slowly stepped up to the stone wall, the soft crunch of gravel beneath our feet seemed deafening in the silence of the cemetery.

Stories of unexplained sightings heard but unseen whispers, and spectral apparitions that Steve shared as we watched the tombstones warily sent chills down our spines.

Gravestones in a cemetery at night

Farewell to the Phantoms

The night was an uncanny blend of exhilaration and terror, a rollercoaster ride of emotions fueled by the tangibility of the unseen. The experience would entice anyone even remotely interested in the paranormal into exploring the spectral realm of St Augustine. On your search for ghost tours of St Augustine reviews, I hope that my candid recount sways you to join in on this spooky sojourn. I learned a lot and highly recommend this tour!

Whether you’re a seasoned ghost hunter, love walking tours, or are simply intrigued by the city’s spirit lore, every turn of the tour offers the shuddering thrill of an unknowable encounter with the past.

This unforgettable journey into the spectral world prompts us to rethink the thin line that borders the living and the dead. Yearning for some supernatural fun? This touching and slightly terrifying experience is a ‘must’ on your bucket list.

St Augustine Ghost Tour Reviews: What Do You Think?

Have you taken the Old Fort Paranormal City Tour before? Did you encounter the unknown? Leave a comment below!

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