Queen Mary Tour: Embark on a Fascinating Journey Back in Time

Set sail into history with our RMS Queen Mary guide! Discover luxurious tours, ghostly tales, and maritime marvels on this legendary ship.

If you have harbored a lifelong fascination with history, luxury, and maritime marvels, embarking on the RMS Queen Mary will be nothing short of a dream come true. Also known for once being one of the grandest cruise ships at sea, this stately liner offers an array of guided tours into its storied past.

Follow along as we delve deeper into information on tickets, tour passes, and myriad experiences offered on this historic ship.

Why Visit Queen Mary

Joining the Queen Mary tours ranks among the must-do experiences in the City of Long Beach. You’ll find no shortage of activities to prevent a dull moment aboard the former majestic cruise ship.

This legendary ocean liner, now an iconic fixture in Long Beach, offers a rare glimpse into the golden age of sea travel, adorned with Art Deco elegance and a storied past. For instance, immerse yourself in the grip of history by exploring world war exhibits or stepping inside the suite of Sir Winston Churchill. Don’t miss the ‘Sir Winston and the Queen Mary Exhibit’, a tribute to the legendary Sir Winston Churchill and his connections with the ship.

For a deeper dive into its rich past, join one of the many guided tours, each unraveling a different layer of history or mystery. Whether you’re a history buff or a paranormal enthusiast, the Queen Mary has something enthralling for everyone.

exterior of queen mary at sunsetQueen Mary Ship Tours

The Steam and Steel Tour

If you’ve always had a fascination for seafaring vessels, the Steam and Steel Tour is for you. This Queen Mary ship tour lets you weave your way down to the belly of the ship as you make your journey five decks below the water line to the massive engine room.

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As you navigate through the labyrinth of pipes and turbines, the tour brings to life the ship’s operational secrets and technological prowess. The Steam and Steel tour aboard the RMS Queen Mary is an immersive experience, offering a rare glimpse into the mechanics that powered this legendary vessel. It’s a must-see for anyone intrigued by the intricate workings of historic cruise ships.

The Glory Days Tour

The Queen Mary Glory Days Tour is a journey that sweeps you off on a fascinating ride through the dazzling history of this magnificent ship. Considered by many as the best Queen Mary tour, it highlights the ship’s glamorous heyday as one of the world’s top cruise ships, showcasing her role in the glamorous 1930s when Hollywood was at its golden age.

From the promenade deck, where prestigious guests, like Sir Winston Churchill, once strode, to the grand ballrooms and luxe staterooms that highlight the vessel’s grandeur and historical significance. You will explore them all on the Glory Days Tour Queen Mary.

Interior shot of a brown sitting room with carpet and brown chairs, with photos of the queen and prince on the wall.Haunted Encounters Tour

The haunted encounters tour on the Queen Mary is a thrilling journey into the paranormal realm. It’s perfect for guests seeking a touch of fright with their historical exploration.

The tour leads you through the ship’s most notoriously spooky spots, each with its own tale of ghostly activity or unexplained phenomena. You’ll visit locations such as the infirmary, where many passengers took their last breath, the First Class swimming pool, reputed to be haunted by women and children, and the famously haunted room B340.

Do phantom footsteps echo along the deserted corridors of the ship? Have passengers from past voyages never truly disembarked? Gather your courage and join the Haunted Encounters Tour to find out! You can purchase a Queen Mary tour ticket that includes the haunted encounters experience.

Paranormal Ship Walk Tour

Ever wondered what it’s like to explore a ship after dark, where echoes of the past might be more than just memories? Step into the world of the paranormal with the Paranormal Ship Walk, also known as the Queen Mary haunted tour after dark.

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This isn’t your average stroll through the historic ship. It’s an immersive experience that’ll take you through the ship’s most reputedly haunted areas. Brave the midnight air and learn about the ship’s ghostly residents from expert guides.

Feel your heart race as you listen to tales of unexplained phenomena and eerie encounters. The Queen Mary haunted tour is an incredible journey that promises chills and thrills that will keep you on the edge from start to finish.

The Grey Ghost Project Tour

The Grey Ghost, as the Queen Mary was known during wartime, has numerous stories of ghostly apparitions and strange incidents. Over the past 60 years, the Queen Mary has been the site of countless sightings, from swaying chandeliers to high-spirited poltergeists.

Embark on a three-hour journey with a paranormal expert using the latest tools of the trade and a combination of scientific methods. This Queen Mary ghost tour is a genuine encounter with the ship’s otherworldly ‘guests’. Be forewarned, this tour is not for the faint-hearted.

Exterior wide shot of an old steam ship with black white and red paint on itQueen Mary Tour Passes

Queen Mary Passport

The Queen Mary Passport is your all-access key to a comprehensive experience of this historic ship. It’s an exceptional choice for visitors who want the full Queen Mary adventure.

With this passport, not only do you get Queen Mary tickets for entrance, but it also includes one guided tour of your choice – be it the enlightening Glory Days Historical Tour, the spine-tingling Haunted Tour, or the fascinating Steam & Steel Tour.

In addition to the guided exploration, the passport grants access to all exhibits, dining outlets, and retail shops. It’s perfect for those who prefer the flexibility of a Queen Mary self guided tour as well, allowing you to wander and discover at your own pace.

Grey Ghost Project & 57 Ghosts Experience Pass

For those drawn to the paranormal, the Grey Ghost Project & 57 Ghosts Experience Pass is a must-have for exploring the eerie side of the Queen Mary ship tours Long Beach.

This pass is specially curated for visitors who seek an immersive ghostly experience. It grants access to an array of paranormal tours aboard the ship, each offering a unique glimpse into the Queen Mary’s mysterious and otherworldly occurrences.

The pass takes you beyond the standard historical narratives, plunging you into the heart of the ship’s most haunted spaces and tales. Ideal for thrill-seekers and ghost hunters, this experience brings a spine-chilling dimension to the traditional maritime tour, making it an unforgettable journey into the supernatural.

Interior deck with wooden floors and white metal walls of the Queen MaryStay at The Queen Mary Hotel

Extend your Queen Mary experience by staying on board as a hotel guest! Nestled in the heart of the City of Long Beach, this unique hotel offers a stay like no other. Each room is steeped in history, combining the charm of the 1930s with modern comforts. As a guest, you’ll have the opportunity to explore areas of the ship that are off-limits to day visitors, making your stay even more special.

No rooms available at The Queen Mary Hotel? No problem! Stay at a hotel near The Queen Mary and discover the convenience and charm of Long Beach and the surrounding area. Many of these hotels offered discounted rates when booked through Tripster, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality stay without stretching your budget.

Tripster offers the option to bundle your hotel booking with discounted attraction tickets, turning your stay into an all-inclusive adventure. Whether you’re here for the ship’s history or the city’s vibrant culture, staying nearby ensures you’re at the heart of it all.

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