Discover the Hidden Gem that is the Old City House Inn: Uncover a Unique St. Augustine Experience

The Old City House Inn and Restaurant, nestled in the heart of St. Augustine, is an establishment that effortlessly marries old-world charm with modern sophistication. This gem has been serving the discerning patrons of the city for over 20 years.

Promoting a rich blend of eclectic cuisines, it is a haunt for the local foodie scene. From the ambiance steeped in history to a dining experience full of culinary surprises — there’s something at the Old City House St Augustine to capture everyone’s fancy.

Whether looking for a king-size bed to rest in one of their charming Augustin rooms or savor a meal at the Old City House restaurant, you will be quickly captivated by the establishment’s distinctive allure. Let us take you on an in-depth tour of this iconic city house, its captivating decor, menu, and warm exterior patio seating area.

Old City House: Savoring the Flavors of St. Augustine on a Patio

If there’s one thing that every food lover in St. Augustine would agree with, it’s that the Old City House restaurant has made dining an exceptionally memorable experience. Located in the heart of St. Augustine’s Historic District, Old City House restaurant has ceaselessly served a balance of innovative and classic dishes for over twenty years. This dining jewel has managed to beautifully embody the historic charm of the city of St. Augustine, making it a favorite for many.

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If you are wondering where to experience this unique and rich dining atmosphere, the Old City House Inn and Restaurant offers a breathtaking exterior patio seating area. Here, surrounded by the architectural design that takes you back to a different era, you are invited to savor the casually elegant dining atmosphere while enjoying the delightful weather St. Augustine is famous for.

Adding to its charm, the outdoor patio offers a romantic ambiance for diners. You can enjoy a relaxing evening under the stars, making it an excellent choice for couples. For those who prefer an intimate dining affair indoors, the Old City House restaurant also offers an intimate dining room. With its carefully restored period features, the dining room evokes a sense of nostalgia, successfully capturing the essence of the historic St. Augustine.

While the restaurant’s custom menu changes frequently, the rich taste of regional flavors remains consistent in every dish. Their culinary experts take great pride in sourcing local ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes that tell a story of St. Augustine’s rich culinary heritage. And let’s not forget about their renowned wine tastings! For those interested in complementing their meal with the perfect wine, the Old City House restaurant has an impressive selection that will satisfy even the most discerning wine lover.

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Falling in love with the Old City House Inn and Restaurant is inevitable. The combination of its historic charm, superb food, and engaging atmosphere truly captures the spirit of St. Augustine. So, are you ready to make a reservation?

Remember, the Old City House restaurant in St. Augustine offers complimentary free parking and free wifi during your visit, becoming the perfect place for a leisurely outdoor dinner, a vibrant luncheon, or an unforgettable bed and breakfast experience.

Outdoor space with yellow stone walls and a cobblestone floor with black patio furniture and red umbrellas surrounded by plants

Unveiling the Enchanting Charm of the Old City House Inn

Immense charm cascades from every corner of the Old City House Inn in St. Augustine. This historic bed and breakfast, housed in a 19th-century building, seizes every chance to steal a place in its guests’ hearts. Its vintage wrought-iron gate, leading to the ornate front door, welcomes visitors into a realm that gracefully intertwines antiquity with comfort.

Offering rooms of different sizes, each elegantly furnished with a size bed ensuring maximum comfort, the inn’s decor screams class without losing the essence of a homely setting. Visitors have access to modern amenities like free WiFi, ensuring they are well-connected while still experiencing the allure of times gone by.

A stroll through the property exposes guests to the intriguing architecture that carries a taste of the inn’s 20-year journey in the hospitality industry. These architectural details are beautifully preserved and complemented by tastefully curated interiors showcasing period furniture and art that add to the inn’s historic allure.

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Another irresistible feature of the Old City House Inn is its intimate outdoor patio. It is a beautifully landscaped garden space perfect for idle afternoon musings, morning breakfasts, or a relaxing late-night chat. Here, you can soak in St. Augustine’s breezy charm while being surrounded in the inn’s rich heritage. It’s the quintessential St.Augustine experience you don’t want to miss.

The inn’s convenient location at 115 Cordova St, St. Augustine, FL 32084 further elevates the unique experience at the Old City House Inn – nestled within the Historic District of cordial Cordova, south of the grandiose Casa Monica and encircled by the endless excitement that St. Augustine offers.

With free parking for guests, accessing the Old City House Inn and exploring the local surroundings couldn’t be more hassle-free.

In the heart of St. Augustine, the Old City House Inn continually weaves a rich tapestry of memorable experiences for its guests. At this house inn and restaurant, you’re not just visiting St. Augustine; you’re living its history.

Outdoor space with yellow stone walls and a cobblestone floor with black patio furniture and red umbrellas surrounded by plantsDelving into the History: The 20-Year Journey of Old City House Inn

Two decades ago, the Old City House Inn and Restaurant wasn’t the top-rated destination it is today. Sprouting from its humble beginnings, it has roared to life to celebrate the culture and gastronomy of St. Augustine, making it a must-visit spot in the city’s historic district.

Located on Cordova, south of the Casa Monica, the Old City House Inn offers more than just a good place to eat. It’s a journey through the city’s rich history, punctuated by phenomenal dining experiences. The 19th-century building that houses this iconic inn and restaurant resonates with an old-world charm that gracefully counterpoints its modern amenities. Expansive bedrooms boasting comfortable-size beds, free Wi-Fi, and the convenience of free parking are just some of the surprises this historic abode holds in its heart.

Over the past 20 years, the Old City House Inn and Restaurant has meticulously built its reputation. Its commitment to offering a casually elegant dining atmosphere paired with an intimate inn experience has not wavered. The Old City House Restaurant in St Augustine has bagged the ‘Best of in St. Augustine’ eight times, proving its relentless commitment to quality.

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Significant credit goes to the deftly curated wine tastings that have won the hearts of visitors and locals alike. The studio-size kitchen in the Old City House Restaurant works tirelessly, creating tantalizing dishes that encapsulate the essence of St. Augustine.

Indeed, the past 20 years have been rewarding for the Old City House Inn and Restaurant. The journey has been long and filled with many ups and downs. But today, the Old City House Inn is not just a resting place. It’s a cornerstone of St. Augustine’s history, a testament to the area’s cultural richness, and a beacon of fine dining.

Discover the Convenience: Free Parking at the Old City House Inn St. Augustine

Nestled within the heart of St. Augustine’s Historic District, the Old City House Inn and Restaurant is not just an embodiment of cultural heritage but also a beacon of convenience. One factor demonstrating this convenience? You’ve guessed it- the complimentary parking.

Driving in St. Augustine may be a delightful experience, with the serene pathways and historic sites to gaze at. Yet, the critical question remains, “where should I park?” Here’s when the Old City House Inn comes to the forefront. It offers free parking to all its visitors, a rarity in a bustling tourist haven like St Augustine.

Outdoor space with yellow stone walls and a cobblestone floor with black patio furniture and red umbrellas surrounded by plantsConcocting Your Dream Vacation: Exploring the Allure of St. Augustine

If you’re seeking the perfect vacation spot, St. Augustine blends history, charm, and modern amenities like no other destination.

St. Augustine, widely renowned for its rich history, is the oldest continually inhabited European-founded city in the U.S., where you can walk along the preserved colonial streets, discussing tales of past centuries.

Embodying the charm of the old-world splendor, this city boasts an impressive assortment of historic architecture, including Spanish colonial buildings and grand Victorian homes, echoing this captivating town’s diverse cultural lineage.

Living up to the Florida reputation, St. Augustine offers a warm, temperate climate, allowing visitors to indulge in outdoor activities for most of the year. Shimmering beneath the ever-present Florida sunshine, the city’s pristine beaches stretch beyond the eye’s reach, inviting you to soak up the sun, surf the waves, or simply revel in the serene ambiance.

As you explore the sandy shorelines of this city, you’ll discover that each beach has its own unique charm, making every visit a new experience.

The Smart Way to Explore: Package your St. Augustine Experiences

If making the most of your St. Augustine vacation is the objective, package deals are your best friend. Bundle your hotel bookings and ticket purchases together to unlock significant potential savings.

A few clicks could save you more than expected, freeing up funds to indulge in St. Augustine’s vibrant cityscape and delicious cuisine.

Choose your accommodation from quaint bed and breakfasts, like the Old City House Inn, to luxury resorts, all offering you a comfortable stay, replete with amenities such as free wifi and free parking.

You may be surprised at how much you could save with these packages, making the rich St. Augustine experience accessible to more travelers.

Wide shot of pier and ocean with St. Augustine Lighthouse in the background

Wrapping Up Your Perfect St. Augustine Vacation at Old City House Inn and Restaurant

Envision experiencing a blend of casual elegance and fine-dining ambiance in their intimate dining room. Further enhance your vacation by delighting in their award-winning Sunday brunch, which has been recognized as the ‘Best of in St. Augustine’ eight times!

All these unique features make the Old City House Restaurant a standout location for both food enthusiasts and vacationers alike. Convenient features like free parking and free WiFi add to the attraction of this esteemed Bed and Breakfast.

Every tiny detail is meticulously catered to, ensuring that your stay in St. Augustine is nothing short of perfect.

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