Magic Springs: 4 Ways to Save Up to 10% Off

Thrill rides and slides fill the days. Summer concerts fill the nights. Nonstop fun is what this deluxe theme park is all about!

Dive into the heart of thrill and excitement by getting some Magic Springs coupons when you visit it in Arkansas. At this premier destination, exhilarating rides and family fun blend seamlessly for an unforgettable adventure!

Imagine a place where laughter fills the air, where thrills await at every turn, and where every moment is drenched in magic. This is Magic Springs, a wonderland where exhilarating rides!

Picture families bonding over splashes in the Crystal Falls Water Park and the glee on children’s faces as they embark on adventures in a land designed just for them.

Discover the Magic: Snag the Best Deals with 2024 Magic Springs Coupons

Feel the anticipation build as you climb the steep tracks of a roller coaster, the wind whispering secrets of the exhilarating descent to come. Hear the delighted screams and laughter echoing through the park, a symphony of joy and excitement.

a stolen image shows female performers on stage at Hispanic Heritage Day wearing yellow and blue clothing
photo credit: Magic Springs Theme and Water Park via Facebook

As the sun sets, the park transforms into a glowing realm of lights, extending an invitation to make lasting memories under the starry Arkansas sky.

With Magic Springs vacation packages, magic is not just in the name. It’s in every moment, waiting to be discovered by you!

Magic Springs Discount Coupons and Tickets

Wondering, “How much are Magic Springs tickets?” At Magic Springs Theme Park, the perfect blend of fun and frugality ensures fantastic family outings without breaking the bank!

The amusement park entices its patrons with a range of discounts – senior discounts, military discounts, AAA discounts, group tickets, and much more. If you’re lucky, you might even score season passes or Magic Springs Water Park coupons.

Children aged three years and under also get their own slice of fun with free admission, making family adventures even more magical!​

For a full day of fun, consider purchasing a Magic Springs day pass for unlimited access to all the rides and attractions.

Promo Codes and Savings at Magic Springs Water Park

Looking for Magic Springs Arkansas coupons and Magic Springs coupon codes? Or perhaps, discount tickets for Magic Springs?

You can always count on when it comes to such! Purchase your discounted ticket from Tripster and skip the line. We often offer significant savings that can significantly slash the adventure cost!

childing sliding down Rapid Falls Raceway at Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA
photo credit: Magic Springs Theme and Water Park via Facebook

Military Discount

For our brave military personnel, Magic Springs expresses appreciation by offering substantial military discounts. What better way to unwind from the stern and stressful nature of military life than a fun-filled day at the water park? It’s Magic Springs’ little way of saying thank you for your service!

Senior Citizen Discounts

Magic Springs ticket discounts are also available for those with wisdom and the charm of age! Seniors aged 55 and older are eligible for a discounted admission.

It’s a delightful way for the older generation to experience the joys of Magic Springs without worrying about the cost!

AAA Discounts

If you possess an AAA membership, you’re in for a treat, as you can save up to 40% on your visit to Hot Springs Magic Springs. We think it’s a fantastic way to reward responsible drivers for their vigilance on the road.

Group Discounts

As mentioned before, Magic Springs loves everything ‘magic’ in groups. If you plan on visiting with 15 or more people, whether it’s a family reunion, a birthday party, or just a big group of friends, you can avail of their group tickets.

people on large pool rings sliding down Seven Falls Slide Tower at Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA
photo credit: Magic Springs Theme and Water Park via Facebook

Maximize Your Magic Moments!

Bundle your discount Magic Springs tickets with exclusive deals on must-see attractions and hotels in the area. Experience the thrill of the park and the best of Arkansas with one amazing package!

Affordable Hotels Near Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Ready for an unforgettable adventure in Magic Springs, Arkansas? After a day full of thrills and excitement at the park, you’ll need a cozy spot to recharge.

That’s where Tripster comes in! You can seamlessly book a comfortable hotel stay at a fantastic value. Picture yourself unwinding in one of these top-notch accommodations:

Rest easy knowing you’ve scored the best deal for your Magic Springs adventure. More fun and less hassle is the goal for these hotels near Magic Springs Water Park!

Magic Springs Rides You Shouldn’t Miss

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure at Magic Springs in Arkansas, where thrills and family fun collide in an unforgettable experience! Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits you.


Brace yourself for a heart-pounding journey on the X-Coaster, a marvel of engineering that defies gravity! Soar 150 feet into the sky before plunging into a thrilling 360-degree corkscrew roll, all without a shoulder harness.

close up of people aboard The Gauntlet with trees in background at Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA
photo credit: Magic Springs Theme and Water Park via Facebook

The Gauntlet

Take on The Gauntlet roller coaster if you dare! This bright yellow steel coaster looms over the park, challenging you with five inverted loops and a series of mind-bending twists at breakneck speeds. It’s a whirlwind of excitement that will test your nerves and leave you exhilarated.

Arkansas Twister

Experience the classic thrill of a wooden roller coaster on the Arkansas Twister Magic Spring. With a staggering 92-foot drop and speeds that will make your heart race, this coaster offers a unique blend of nostalgia and adrenaline.

Feel the rush of weightlessness and the force of gravity as you zigzag through its iconic wooden tracks.

Big Bad John

All aboard for a family adventure on Big Bad John! This runaway mine train coaster takes you on a scenic journey through the park, with twists, turns, and a thrilling tunnel finale. It’s a ride that combines fun and excitement, perfect for thrill-seekers of all ages.

Sky Shark

For an extra dose of adrenaline, try the Sky Shark. This unique attraction combines the thrills of skydiving, hang-gliding, and bungee jumping in one heart-stopping experience.

Hoisted high into the air, you’ll free fall at incredible speeds before swinging across the park, guaranteeing an experience you’ll never forget.

aerial view of Crystal Falls Water Park at Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA
photo credit: Lisa Madgal via Facebook

Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls Water Park at Magic Springs is a delightful oasis of fun! Here, thrilling water tube slides offer exhilarating escapades, while the lazy river provides a serene float under the sunny skies.

The wave pool, a crowd favorite, combines gentle lapping waves with more spirited surges for everyone’s enjoyment.

Tailored for the young ones, the kids’ area bursts with water slides and water features, ensuring a day filled with joy and laughter. Magic Springs Crystal Falls is the perfect spot to create lasting summer memories!

Magic Springs Concerts Series

The Magic Springs Concerts series is a highlight of the season, offering guests an exceptional musical experience right within the park. This year, each concert boasts a special guest, bringing unique and exciting performances to the Magic Springs concert venue.

Guests have the opportunity to enhance their experience with reserved seating to ensure a comfortable and prime view of the stage.

The excitement builds as the show starts, set against the backdrop of the park’s vibrant atmosphere, including the nearby Splash Island and its towering slides. This perfect blend of thrilling water attractions and captivating live music makes Magic Springs a unique destination!

Insider Magic Springs Tips

Preparing for a day full of fun and adventure at Magic Springs in Arkansas? Here’s a foolproof guide to the essentials.

  • Sunscreen. This is to protect yourself from the sun’s rays, especially on those bright Arkansas days.
  • Swimsuit with Cover-Ups. Ready for the water park? Don’t forget your swimsuit, but remember, for safety, you need to wear a shirt, shorts, or pants, and shoes over it for the rides.
  • Comfortable Footwear. Opt for closed-toe shoes for safety and comfort while enjoying the park’s attractions.
  • Clear Bag. For easy security checks and to keep your essentials in check.
  • Water Bottle. Stay hydrated throughout the day. You can refill it at water stations in the park.
  • Light Jacket or Sweatshirt. These are useful for cooler evenings or air-conditioned areas.

Prior to your trip, it might be helpful to check out Magic Springs reviews to see what others loved about their visit. This could be a good resource when planning your perfect day.

Also, make sure to grab a Magic Springs map when you arrive to help you easily locate everything. And lastly, remember to take plenty of Magic Springs photos to capture the fun and excitement of your day!

Can I Bring Food Into Magic Springs?

Normally, you can’t bring your own stuff into the park, but they do have these special “Cooler Sunday” events throughout the season when you’re allowed to.

These days, you can pack as much food and drink as you like in a cooler, but remember, no alcohol or glass containers are allowed.

close up of pizza on paper plate topped with pepperoni at Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA
photo credit: Magic Springs Theme and Water Park via Facebook

If you’re not visiting on a Cooler Sunday, no worries – the park has plenty of tasty food options and concession stands. You’ll find a variety of dining options to suit every taste scattered throughout the park.

From classic hamburgers and fries to chicken, pizza, and even salads. And for those with a sweet tooth, indulge in treats like funnel cakes and ice cream, all complemented by a range of Pepsi products to quench your thirst.

Plus, there’s a picnic area outside the park if you want to bring your own food and eat there. And if you step out for a bit, just get your hand stamped so you can come back in on the same day without any extra cost.

Magic Springs Parking

Wondering, “How much is parking at Magic Springs?” For your visit to Magic Springs in Arkansas, parking is straightforward but comes with a fee. Magic Springs is located at 1701 E Grand Ave, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901

If you’re planning multiple visits or have Magic Springs Season Pass Coupons, consider upgrading to a Season Parking Pass, which can be a cost-effective option. Larger vehicles like 15-passenger vans, buses, and charter buses are exempt from parking charges.

One convenient feature is that if you need to leave the park and return on the same day, you can do so without paying for parking again.

Just show your parking receipt to the parking attendant upon your return. Also, to re-enter the park, make sure to get your hand stamped before exiting.

people aboard wooden roller coaster Arkansas Twister surrounded by greenery at Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA
photo credit: Negative-G.Com via Facebook

Plan Your Magic Springs Adventure with Tripster!

Ready to immerse yourself in the whirlwind of fun at Magic Springs? Find your perfect stay from our collection of hotels near the amusement park. But don’t just stop there.

Dive deeper into planning your perfect vacation with our Tripster Travel Guide. Create unforgettable memories bathed in sunshine and Magic Springs discounts and Magic Spring deals. You’re just a few clicks away from a splashing great adventure!

Got More Tips? We Want to Hear Them!

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Magic Springs FAQs

There are five distinct Magic Springs roller coasters: the Arkansas Twister, X-Coaster, Gauntlet, Big Bad John, and Diamond Mine Run. Each comes with its own appeal for thrill-seekers and good ol' family-friendly fun!

Magic Springs is Arkansas's only theme and water park. From heart-pounding roller coasters to relaxing wave pools, Magic Springs promises an unforgettable experience, found only in the Natural State!

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