Lion Country Safari Discount: 6 Ways to Save Up to 45% Off

Have you ever longed to go on an epic African safari adventure but thought such an experience was out of reach? At Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee, Florida, you can live your wildlife dreams without breaking the bank.

With a Lion Country Safari coupon offering money-saving deals, you can take an exhilarating drive through this cageless safari attraction while spotting over hundreds of roaming wild animals from the comfort of your own car.

Embark on a wild ride along seven miles of wooded wetlands and sweeping grasslands. Marvel at magnificent giraffes, lumbering white rhinos, zebra herds, and the park’s star attraction – regal African lions.

But the adventure doesn’t end with the drive through safari. This walk-through adventure park also allows up-close animal encounters that will fascinate nature lovers of all ages.

Pack your favorite snacks and indulge in a picturesque picnic within Safari World Walk-Through Park. Then grab your swimsuit and beat the heat at the expansive 4,000 square-foot water spray ground.

With rides, spray grounds, playgrounds and even Gator Gulch, Lion Country Safari Florida offers adventure, education and family memories to last a lifetime. And who doesn’t love saving money on a memorable day out?

Read on and go wild on an African safari-inspired adventure without emptying your wallet!

Lion Country Safari Discount Tickets

Dreaming of an unforgettable safari getaway, but don’t want to blow your vacation budget? Lion Country Safari makes that wild dream achievable right here in Florida.

Instead of hassling with multiple websites to plan your adventure, Tripster streamlines Lion Country Safari tickets into one simple online purchase. Not only is it stress-free, but we also offer the best Lion Country Safari discount available so you can save big on your journey into the wild.

Lion Country Safari Coupons and Discounts

Searching for Lion Country Safari coupon codes? Planning your next adventure to Lion Country Safari has never been easier or more affordable, especially when you book through Tripster.

No need to spend time looking for a promo code online or lining up at ticket booths. With Tripster, you can secure your entry digitally with just a few clicks and instant savings!

Several giraffe standing while cars drive byLion Country Safari Local Discount

Regrettably, it seems Lion Country Safari no longer offers a local discount specifically for Florida residents. But don’t let that stop your wildlife dreams!

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Tripster still growls up the best Lion Country Safari deals, making your adventure surprisingly budget-friendly.

Lion Country Safari Military Discount

A military discount at Lion Country Safari is not available, leaving service members in the lion’s den savings-wise. However, don’t ruffle your feathers yet!

There is a smarter way to save on admission that is just lurking around the corner. By booking through Tripster, you can get more bang for your buck without making your wallet run wild.

Lion Country Safari AAA Discount

While there isn’t a dedicated discount for AAA members at Lion Country Safari, don’t let that tame your spirit! The thrill of the hunt for discounts might seem daunting, but don’t be a scaredy-cat.
Booking through Tripster can be your ticket to prowling the park without denting your budget—a truly roaring good deal!

Lion Country Safari Senior Discount

Unfortunately, the “lion’s share” of discounts at Lion Country Safari doesn’t include our wise senior adventurers. But fear not, our seasoned friends!

Booking through Tripster is like unlocking a secret passage to savings. It’s the nifty trick to make sure your adventure doesn’t pull a disappearing act on your budget.

Four zebra standing in a green grassy fieldGroup Travel Deals at Lion Country Safari

If you’re planning a group visit, you’ll be pleased to know that Lion Country Safari offers competitive rates for group sales. To make the process easier and more streamlined for visitors, these group tickets can be conveniently purchased online.

Beyond these group discounts, there’s even more excitement in store for frequent visitors. Why not consider becoming an annual pass holder? This not only allows unlimited visits within the year but also comes with an array of perks.

Passholders enjoy 20% off in the Safari World restaurant and gift shops, 20% off on additional guests, 10% off KOA campground daily rates, and they are even granted free parking!

The annual pass prices are as follows:

  • Regular (ages 10-64): $120.00
  • Senior (ages 65 and up): $110.00
  • Child (ages 3-9): $100.00

Please be mindful that these prices are subject to change without prior notice and do not include taxes.

Lion Country Safari Vacation Packages

If you’re eager to squeeze every bit of excitement out of your Miami escapade, bundle up your Lion Country Safari tickets with entry to other fantastic city hotspots.

It’s like creating a South Florida sampler platter that not only super-sizes your adventure but also gives your wallet a high-five. Dive into Tripster’s Vacation Packages for a dose of unbeatable value, turning your journey into a richer and more budget-friendly escapade!

Outdoor pool surrounded by sun lounge chairs with orange umbrellas and palm trees at the Wydham Hotel Boca Raton
Photo Credit: Wyndham Hotel Boca Raton via Facebook

Hotels Near Lion Country Safari

When planning your wild safari experience, where you rest your adventurous head is key! Fear not, as there’s a parade of hotels near Lion Country Safari catering to every budget and taste.

These dens of comfort offer a diverse array of facilities, ensuring your stay is as cozy as a lion in the sun. Plus, they’re strategically positioned near the park, making your journey from bed to safari a breeze.

But wait, there’s more fun in the jungle! Booking your den through Tripster is like sprinkling extra magic on your adventure.

From budget burrows to luxury lairs, all the info you need for a roaring good stay is at your fingertips. Let the safari dreams and cozy hotel vibes collide at:

Lion Country Safari + Hotel Package

For a blend of convenience and savings, combine your Lion Country Safari tickets with a fabulous hotel through Tripster. It’s a brilliant idea that lets you dive into the Safari’s wonders while ensuring a cozy stay at top-notch hotels.

Forget the hassle of separate bookings; Tripster’s Lion Country Safari + Hotel Package frees up your time for the thrilling adventure ahead. With packages for every budget, everyone can roam the wilderness of Lion Country Safari in style!

Miami Attractions

Everglades Safari Park

Continue your exploration of Florida’s native wildlife at Everglades Safari Park. Spanning hundreds of acres of untouched wetlands, this park allows visitors to observe animals in their natural habitat via guided airboat and swamp buggy tours.

Gliding silently across the river of grass on an airboat, spot alligators basking in the sun, huge flocks of roseate spoonbills wading through the shallow water, and even a rare glimpse of a Florida panther.

With knowledgeable guides educating you about the wildlife and its connections to the vibrant ecosystem. Everglades Safari Park provides an unforgettable adventure into the unique landscapes and animals of the Florida Everglades.

close up of gator laying on grass with white boats on water in the background in Miami, Florida, USAParadox Museum

The Paradox Museum brings a mind-bending world of illusion and mystery to the magic of Miami. Perfect for thrill-seekers looking to escape the ordinary, this labyrinth of optical trickery and perplexing exhibits beckons the curious and adventurous.

As you make your way through holograms, astonishing 3D art, puzzles, and interactive installations that challenge your perceptions around every turn. You’ll begin to question if anything is as it seems. You won’t want to miss it!


Step into ARTECHOUSE Miami and enter a futuristic world where art and technology meld into breathtaking experiences. Widening corridors bathed in shades of ethereal blue envelop you on all sides as you walk through the space.

Kaleidoscopic patterns created by advanced projection mapping shift and transform in tune with your movements. As soundscapes ebb and flow around you, each step takes you deeper into a multimedia dreamscape that simultaneously engages all your senses.

Large walls of pink and purple digitized art with a single person sitting on a bench looking at it all
Photo Credit: ARTECHOUSE Miami via Facebook

Insider Lion Country Safari Tips

What to Bring

Preparing for your adventure at Lion Country Safari can significantly improve your experience. Ensure you have your camera ready to capture the perfect Lion Country Safari photos to show off to your friends and family back home.

Additionally, while exploring the park, consider bringing some extra cash or a credit card for unexpected treasures you may find at the gift shop. Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit and towel if you plan on cooling off in the water play area.

Lion Country Safari welcomes service animals following ADA guidelines, with visitors encouraged to inquire about any specific restrictions upon arrival. Remember, being adequately prepared can make your Safari visit enjoyable and stress-free.

Can I Bring Food to Lion Country Safari?

At Lion Country Safari, you can bring your favorite foods and enjoy an outdoor picnic in our designated area, conveniently located inside Safari World Walk-Through Park.

To enhance your visit, Lion Country Safari offers a variety of dining options to satisfy all palates. There is a cafeteria-style restaurant and a Carvel® Ice Cream stand for a sweet treat, along with a convenient concession stand for snacks or drinks.

For the safety of both you and our animals, barbecuing is not allowed within the park. Also, please be aware that the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited onsite.

A large splash pad water park with buckets dumping water onto the groundLion Country Safari Parking

Roll down the windows and cruise on over to Lion Country Safari, nestled just 20 miles west of downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. Skip the parking worries—after all, it’s a cageless drive-through safari, and the adventure comes to you!

Pro Tip: Lion Country Safari is open daily, so plan your visit early in the day for the best likelihood of spotting active animals on the move. Morning hours also mean smaller crowds on busier seasons.

Lion Country Safari Reviews

Before embarking on your safari adventure, take a peek at Lion Country Safari reviews for some safari-savvy insights! Discover firsthand experiences that’ll give you the lowdown on what to expect and make your visit roar with confidence!

Roarrrific Savings Await: Book Your Lion Country Safari Tickets through Tripster Today!

Embark on a journey where the untamed spirit of the wild collides with the thrill of discovery. Lion Country Safari is a doorway to a realm where lions roam freely, giraffes grace the horizon, and every moment is an adventure waiting to unfold.

Picture yourself navigating through wide-open spaces, surrounded by creatures from Africa and beyond, all living in harmony with nature. Hand-feed rainbow lorikeets in Parrot Paradise, touch gentle giraffes on their elevated platform.

Or get playful with sheep and goats at the Petting Farm. When you need a break from the excitement, cool off and make a splash at the Safari World water park, featuring thrilling slides, a lazy river float, and swimming pools.

From engaging animal encounters to amusement marvels, Lion Country Safari offers thrills for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Book your discounted tickets through Tripster today!

Roar into fun as it’s time to plan your ultimate Lion Country Safari experience!

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