Insider's Guide to Paradise Cove Luau

July 14, 2022

The Paradise Cove Luau is the finest traditional luau in Oahu! Enjoy an unforgettable evening drinking, eating, and hula dancing under the stars.

If you're planning a trip to Hawaii for the first time, chances are you're also looking for the best luau! Once you've found the Paradise Cove Luau, look no further! Paradise Cove Luau's customer reviews suggest that it's one of the most fantastic experiences you'll get on the island.

So what makes Paradise Cove Luau a top-rated and award-winning destination in Oahu? What else do you need to know to make the most of your Hawaiian Luau? Read on for an insider's guide to Paradise Cove Luau!

About Paradise Cove Luau, Oahu

Tons of traditional Luaus are offered around Oahu, but it's hard to beat the luau experience at Paradise Cove Luau!

Your journey begins with a refreshing glass of Mai Tai and traditional Hawaiian music. Mai Tai is a tropical cocktail with a prominent rum flavor and a hint of orange and lime, topped with a pineapple spear. We're not sure what secret ingredient makes the Mai Tai at Paradise Cove so distinct, but we guarantee it will set the mood for a festive evening!

With your Mai Tai on hand and a fresh lei around your neck, you must walk around and admire the property's enchanting views. We don't want to spoil the surprise, but Paradise Cove Luau has another welcome surprise waiting for guests! If you look up at the palm trees, you will see more than just the leaves swaying to the rhythm of the wind.

You will also witness Paradise Cove's skilled tree-climbers perched atop and ready to spread more aloha! If you have never experienced a shower of flowers, this is a floral cascade you will never forget.

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The possibilities for adventure are endless from the moment you set foot on the Cove's 12-acre beach property. If you're into arts and crafts, stroll the Hawaiian Village and participate in Hawaiian lei-making. You could even get a temporary Polynesian tattoo!

Hula dancers on stage with trees and view of water in background at Paradise Cove Luau in Oahu, Hawaii, USA

photo credit: Paradise Cove Luau via Facebook

Did that glass of Mai Tai encourage you to try something new? Try your hand at several traditional Hawaiian games! Test your skills on spear throwing, rolling stone disks, and dart sliding.

After the games and the arts and crafts, participate in an authentic Hukilau Ceremony. This is the part where you pull with all your might! Guests are invited to participate in the ceremonial pulling of the fishing net to the rhythms of the conch shell and Hawaiian chants.

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For a more relaxed evening, revel in the beauty of the Hawaiian sunset with a romantic canoe ride in the Cove. But don't forget to come back before dinner!

You don't want to miss the chance to witness the Imu Ceremony. The ceremony features the practices and rituals of Hawaii's ancient times, including the time-honored techniques of underground oven cooking. That means you get to watch your delicious Hawaiian meal being prepared right before your eyes!

The rest, as we say, is history. Feast your heart out on the Cove's famous Hawaiian Luau Menu. In the midst of chatter and laughter with loved ones and newfound friends, be awestruck by the award-winning performers. They will give their best to give you an unforgettable display of songs and dances of Hawaii and Polynesian culture.

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The hula and fire knife dance performances are our favorites, but we're sure you'll find the rest of the Luau's outdoor stage show spectacular!

Tickets to Paradise Cove Luau

After reading through some of the luau activities and scanning Paradise Cove Luau photos, you must be ready to book your Paradise Cove Luau tickets! Get them through Tripster for peace of mind. Not to mention that you'll be able to save more because Tripster offers a Paradise Cove Luau discount!

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Additionally, if you're coming from Waikiki, there is an option to add roundtrip transportation so you can look forward to the greatest Luau experience without worrying about how to get there!

close up of Fire Dancer at night at Paradise Cove Luau in Oahu, Hawaii, USA

photo credit: Paradise Cove Luau via Facebook

Paradise Cove Luau Packages

Want to save more and stay longer in Oahu? Grab the Paradise Cove Luau Vacation Package! Save up to 25% with tickets to Paradise Cove Luau, plus your choice of hotels. 

There are three luau packages to choose from–the Hawaiian Luau Package, Orchid Luau Package, and Deluxe Luau Package. Paradise Cove's Hawaiian Luau Package is the most affordable ticket. It includes all the delicious island cuisine and spectacular entertainment throughout the program. 

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One of the main differences in the Paradise Cove packages is the choice of seating. While guests who purchase the Hawaiian Luau Package get to sit on each side of the stage, an Orchid Luau Package will allow you to choose a seat facing the main stage.

You can also allow your Luau host to treat you like Royal Family! Paradise Cove Luau reserves the royal box seating for guests who purchase the Deluxe Luau Package. Your Paradise Cove deluxe ticket also comes with a $20 Cove card, which you can use to order more beverages or purchase souvenirs at the souvenir shop!

photo credit: Tim Kuhlman via Facebook

When to Go

Any time of the year is a good time to visit Oahu, so book that flight confidently. Paradise Cove Luau opens its gates at 5:00 PM, and the program ends around 8:45 PM. The luau is only scheduled once a day, so you want to be right on time to experience everything the Cove offers!

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Guests are welcome to tour the beachside property and participate in any activity starting at 5 PM. You can look at the Paradise Cove Map to plan your discoveries. At around 7 PM, everyone will be seated for an unforgettable Luau feast, Hawaiian dinner show with fire dancers, and Hukilau Hula!

When the main show is done, and the guests have finished the buffet dinner, there is one last hurrah to look forward to. Paradise Cove's award-winning performers have also prepared a 45-minute spectacular Hawaiian revue and entertainers' farewell. Cap off an outstanding luau experience by singing and dancing along to Hawaiian and Polynesian music under the stars of a night well-spent.

row of colorful drinks like Mai Tai at Paradise Cove Luau in Oahu, Hawaii, USA

photo credit: Paradise Cove Luau via Facebook

Where to Stay

Aulani Resort is the nearest hotel to Paradise Cove Luau. It is a beachside hotel at the Ko Olina Resort, five minutes away from Paradise Cove Luau. However, the resort gets booked pretty fast. Aulani Resort is a Disney resort, so it tends to be popular with families and kids. 

The most convenient way to book a hotel near Paradise Cove Luau is to get the Paradise Cove Luau Vacation Package

The Modern Honolulu, Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, and Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa are three of the best hotels within 30 minutes away from the Cove.

View of the pool and several chairs to layout on with umbrellas at The Modern Honolulu in Oahu, Hawaii, USA

photo credit: Hawaii Isla 808 via Facebook

What Food to Expect

The Paradise Cove Luau welcomes you with a traditional Hawaiian feast! But first, witness the Imu Ceremony at Hawaii's only Imu Amphitheater. Imu is a Hawaiian word that refers to a native cooking pit where food is baked over blazing hot stones. During the ceremony, you will watch how your delicious Hawaiian meal is prepared, along with the cooking practices and rituals of ancient times. 

Savor a delectable blend of traditional Hawaiian dishes, local favorites, and continental cuisine. The menu at Paradise Cove Luau is the same for all guests. So whether you choose the Hawaiian Luau Package, Orchid Luau Package, or the Paradise Cove Deluxe Luau Package, the food will be as delicious!

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And regardless of which seat you choose when customizing your Paradise Cove Luau tickets, everyone gets to go on the same buffet lines. You must try the Lomi Lomi Salmon, Kalua Pig, Beer Battered Island Fish, and the Island Style Baked Chicken! 

Guests with special dietary needs can email Paradise Cove Luau's management in advance. They'd happily accommodate your requests so you can still enjoy a fantastic Hawaiian dinner. Check out Paradise Cove Luau's Hawaiian Luau Menu for the complete list of dishes!

Infants ages three and below are allowed to bring their favorite foods! You can also use your Paradise Cove card, which is provided to all guests upon entry, to purchase more food and beverage.

close up of plate of food and drink at Paradise Cove Luau in Oahu, Hawaii, USA

photo credit: Paradise Cove Luau via Facebook

Transportation and Parking

Ready to go to your very first luau on Oahu? Driving from Waikiki to Paradise Cove Luau, Oahu, is a breeze! Follow the directions lovingly prepared by the Paradise Cove Luau team.

Paradise Cove Luau also has ample parking spaces for guests. The parking fee at the Cove has a fixed rate of $40 a day for unlimited entry and exit. 

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No car? No worries! Add roundtrip transportation to and from your hotel when you purchase tickets to Paradise Cove Luau or the Paradise Cove Luau Vacation Package. Paradise Cove Luau is approximately 30 to 40 minutes from Waikiki, but the transportation you'll be booking with your Paradise Cove Luau Tripster tickets will allow at least an hour before Paradise Cove's program starts. We don't want you to miss a second of a superb luau experience!

Nearby Attractions

Pearl Harbor Remembered

The attack on Pearl Harbor is forever carved in history. Pearl Harbor Remembered is a day tour that you can join before your Paradise Cove Luau evening experience. Explore the Pacific Historic Parks Pearl Harbor Visitor Center's exhibits, detailed replicas, media displays, and more.

Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes since you will be walking for most of the tour! Drop by the gift shops for Pearl Harbor's unique remembrances. 

exterior of ground view of Pearl Harbor National Memorial on Big Island, Hawaii, USA

photo credit: NuSmile via Facebook

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park

Ever wondered what life was like as a WWII submariner? USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park offers self-guided tours so you can learn more about the history of the USS Bowfin at your own pace.

The museum's galleries and exhibits also feature an impressive collection of documents and artifacts that will inspire you to delve deeper into the world of US submarines.

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Polynesian Cultural Center

While you're in Oahu, it's worth it to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. Then, spend a couple of hours exploring the six island villages where you get to mingle with natives from 6 Pacific cultures.

Learn how to play ancient games, watch warrior dances, watch the indigenous way of catching fish without a net, and so much more! This living museum and theme park will have you wanting to discover more about the Polynesian culture.

Polynesian man climbing a large palm tree to get yellow fruit in Oahu, Hawaii

photo credit: Polynesian Cultural Center via Facebook

Have You Been to Paradise Cove Luau in Hawaii? 

There's something beautiful and exciting about an authentic Hawaiian Luau. The experience fuses learning about Hawaii's Polynesian roots with entertainment over tribal music, hula, and fire dancing.

To top it off, you get to participate in a sumptuous Hawaiian feast with friends and family over sunset. You're going to have a great time.

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