Insider’s Guide to Legends in Concert Branson

April 28, 2022

Stunningly realistic tribute artists take the stage during the Legends in Concert Branson show to bring beloved performers of yesterday and today to life! This experience is music to our ears. 

Seeing all of your favorite artists live is nothing short of a hassle -- if it’s even possible at all. It requires purchasing many different concert tickets and making numerous trips to various venues. However, the Legends in Concert Branson tribute show is a one-stop-show that allows you to see many of your favorite entertainers all in one place! As if that wasn’t enough, our Legends in Concert Branson tips will help take the show to another level.

The Legends in Concert experience hails from Las Vegas and now stands proudly as part of the long lineup of first-rate shows in Branson, MO. The show lays claim to Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater, which is conveniently located in the hub of the tourist town’s action: Highway 76. 

Are you ready to belt out your favorite songs and dance alongside music mavens like Taylor Swift and Elvis Presley? Keep reading for our best Legends in Concert Branson tips so you can grab your ticket, take your seat, and sit back to enjoy the show.

Michael Jackson impersonator performing on stage at Legends in Concert in Branson, Missouri, USA

photo credit: Legends in Concert Branson via Facebook

Why You Should Go

Music lovers and concert fanatics who tend to get lost in the music will most likely lose their voices by the end of this musical bash. Legends of country music and rock ‘n’ roll both perform to suit every attendee’s taste in tunes. The show is great for the whole family.

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Fully costumed performers will have you thoroughly convinced they’re the real deal. Live vocals work in tandem with a live band to make this concert an unforgettable production. This is the stuff legends are made of!

Photo Alert: Snap a selfie in front of the stage! Better yet, hang around to see if you can snap one with the artists after the show. Don’t include too much information in your caption to see if your Instagram followers can guess that they’re tribute artists!

With a rotation of different artists that changes four times a year, you never know who will be performing next! First, the Blues Brothers may take the stage, followed by Garth Brooks and then Johnny Cash. Or, you may see Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Michael Jackson. 

The possibilities are endless. However, one thing is for sure: you're guaranteed a fantastic show no matter who is lighting up the stage.


It’s showtime! But wait. Don’t forget your discounted tickets!

When you purchase tickets from Tripster, you’ll conveniently get an email in your inbox to show on your phone when you arrive. Or, you can print it off before you get there.

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Pro Tip: If you’re looking for an up-close-and-personal experience, purchase tickets for preferred seats! They’ll cost a little more, but you’ll get the best seats in the house.  

Close up of a Celine Dion impersonator performing at Legends in Concert in Branson, Missouri, USA

photo credit: Legends in Concert Branson via Facebook

When to Go

Because the show takes place indoors, there is no bad time of year to go to Legends in Concert Branson! Showtime is typically at 3 p.m. or 8 p.m. The production lasts about two hours and includes a 15-minute intermission.

Pro Tip: If you’re going to be in Branson on New Year’s Eve, remember that Legends in Concert Branson typically puts on an exceptional performance for the holiday!

Check to see who will be performing at the time you are interested in visiting before purchasing tickets. This will help you decide when you should go since the rotating lineup of performers changes four times a year.

Insider’s Tips

There is no dress code, so feel free to wear whatever you want to the show. Legends in Concert recommends dressing casually. However, if you want to dress to the nines for fun, be our guest!

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Additionally, if you’re feeling parched during the performance, you’ll find beer and wine available on the second-floor landing.

Transportation & Parking

Getting around Branson requires a car, as the city doesn’t have a public transportation system. So, you’ll need to bring your own, rent one, or use a ride-sharing service. But, once you arrive at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater, you’re in for a treat: free parking!

Wide shot of the outside of Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater - Legends in Concert at night with skylights on in Branson, Missouri, USA

photo credit: Legends in Concert Branson via Facebook

Bundles & Packages

So, you have Legends in Concert on your Branson vacation itinerary now. But what else? This quaint tourist town is brimming with way more to do! Branson has it all, from rejuvenating nature excursions to theme park adrenaline rushes.

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To get the most for your money on your trip, bundle your Legends in Concert tickets with other attractions and even your hotel stay! Here are some of our favorite ways to rack up legendary savings.


You’ll find the Legends in Concert venue at 1600 76 Country Boulevard, often called Highway 76 or simply “the Strip.”

As the epicenter of Branson fun, there are many great hotels on this classic road. Pair your hotel stay with your Legends in Concert tickets so you can book your stay for a steal!

These hotels are all located on Highway 76: 

Silver Dollar City

This old-timey theme park is a blast from the past. Craftsmen and women who have perfected skills like woodworking and glassblowing show off alongside expert bakers kneading fresh dough you can practically smell from outside the park.

The old-fashioned theme of Silver Dollar City doesn’t steal from the modern-day roller coaster thrills, though. The park’s latest high-speed addition is the Time Traveller roller coaster, with speeds clocking in at a whopping 50 miles per hour!

Families riding Powder Keg Roller Coaster at Silver Dollar City - Branson, Missouri, USAFritz’s Adventure

The perfect opportunity to release your pent-up energy awaits at Fritz’s Adventure!

Make your way through challenging obstacle courses that cater to explorers of all ages.

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This indoor adventure park houses countless ways to climb, run, and slide. Here, you can (safely) leave caution to the wind.

girl in climbing harness at fritz's adventureReady to Use Our Legends in Concert Branson Tips For an Entertainment-Packed Evening?

By now, you’re probably primed for those opening act thrills. Can you see it now? The lights are down when you arrive. Before you know it, however, the stage bursts into a symphony of wondrous light and sound!

At the center of it all, your favorite artists await to dazzle the audience with unmatched musical talent.

Moreover, you’re sure to land countless deals when you plan your trip with Tripster. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry! The show’s about to begin.

Have You Been to Legends in Concert Branson?

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