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July 8, 2022

Verdant forests, rugged mountains, and vibrant sunsets. The Ozarks are truly Eden on Earth. It’s no wonder then, that here in the charming enclave of Branson, MO the drama and wonder of God’s greatest tales are brought to life. 

Follow along as we give you the inside scoop on the Sight and Sound Theater. 

From elaborate costumes fashioned from silk and crystals to massive sets that whisk you away to old Jerusalem. The showmanship and artistry of the Sight and Sound Theatre are unmatched.

Watch with rapt attention as bible stories come to life on stage. Sing along with Jesus' disciples, feel the love of Queen Esther for her people, or marvel at flamboyant parrots.

Find yourself moved by the touching performances, premier craftsmanship, and exceptional talents of the Sight and Sound Theatre company.

Whether you sit back for a gorgeous action-packed retelling of Jesus' journey or are blessed with an opulent retelling of the Old Testament, the Sight and Sound Theatre is the perfect foray into the world of Christian entertainment.

performers and animals on stage during Noah The Musical at Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson, Missouri, USAAbout the Sight and Sound Theater

Just what makes the Sight and Sound Theatre so special? Besides spellbinding special effects, live animals, and state-of-the-art performance space, this theatre delivers a dream.

For over a decade, the Sight and Sound family has been serving up theatrical productions that inspire and entertain millions of people each year. From Missouri to Pennsylvania, their Broadway-caliber shows flawlessly bring the Bible alive.

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The original Sight and Sound Theater location was founded in Lancaster, PA, in 1976. Many years later, in 2008, Sight and Sound founders Glenn and Shirley finally fulfilled their dream of opening a second theatre location in Branson. This massive 2,000-seat theatre is an exact replica of their Lancaster location and features a 300 ft tall wrap-around stage that can hold sets up to 40 feet high.

Giant merchant ships, downy-haired donkeys, and the wonder of Christ come together to make every Sight and Sound show a 'can't miss experience.'

Sight and Sound Tickets

Lights, drama, action! Can't wait to revel in the glory of a biblical-inspired production? Sight and Sound shows are extremely popular, so we always suggest pre-purchasing your tickets ahead of time.

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Whether you are headed to Branson for a cozy Midwestern getaway or are lucky enough to call yourself a local, there are presently two performance options when it comes to Sight and Sound's creative works:

photo credit: Fullington via Facebook

Sight and Sound Ticket Packages

Fall, winter, spring, and summer. The Live Music Capital of the World is beautiful every season. However, you can bring even more holly jolly spirit to your holiday plans when you bundle your favorite festive Branson productions.

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Enjoy the crooning carols and merriment of the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show & JESUS Live on Stage Combo Package when you book together. 


No one likes a late arrival! So ensure you're on time for the curtain call when you plan your driving route to perfection. The Sight and Sound Branson theatre is conveniently located at 1001 Shepherd of the Hills Expy. Detailed directions can be found here

performers on stage during samson at sight and sound theatre in branson missouri

Can't-Miss Productions

Dazzling visuals, towering sets of ancient cities and arks, and inspirational scriptures have long been the markings of a Sight and Sound production. Audience members of all ages have been put under the spell of Moses, Joseph, Jesus, and more. 

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As the largest national organization of its kind, Sight and Sound takes immense pride in its signature and inspirational productions:


Son of a carpenter, rebel, miracle worker, and prophet. Known by many names, Jesus is the star of this stunning tale seen by over one million people. So pack your bags as you travel from the buzzing streets of Jerusalem to the raging Sea of Galilee on this epic action-packed journey. Learn about the man who led by love and touched many's lives.

Featuring rousing musical spectaculars, live animals, and thrilling special effects, this 2.5-hour opus is ideal for the whole family. Discover the wonder of the greatest rescue story of all time when you witness JESUS today!

photo credit: Sight & Sound Theatres - Branson, MO via Facebook

Queen Esther

A timeless story of courage, faith, and conviction, Queen Esther is the sizzling new Sight, and Sound show coming to the stage in March 2023. Fall in love with the beauty and bravery of this feisty protagonist as you experience this inspired retelling of the famous Old Testament tale.

Feast your eyes on the vibrant colors, sounds, and sights of the glittering Persian Empire. Gallant steeds, sparkling crowns, and lush costumes come together to weave a story of royalty and risk. Plucky Esther must find the strength to save her people and trust in God's plan. This riveting original work will surely be a smashing success, so purchase your tickets today!

Food and Drink

Holy Moses! A stirring show of such biblical proportions certainly deserves some snacks. So feel free to fuel up on Sight and Sound's tasty signature toasted almonds, sandwiches, and beverages before and during the show.

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The theatre's concession stand serves various delicious items that can be enjoyed inside the premises. In addition, guests with special dietary needs can bring their own food items if necessary. 

photo credit: Sight & Sound Theatres - Branson, MO via Facebook

What to Wear

Scratching your head, wondering just what to wear for an afternoon or evening of dramatic entertainment? While the staff of Sight and Sound love seeing you in your Sunday best, feel free to dress casually. There is no official dress code for this theatre. 

Finely stitched costumes, expertly crafted sets, and original music recorded by world-class orchestras. Every second of a Sight and Sound play is pure art. Sight and Sound Theatre never overlook a detail. From the thrill of seeing a live llama on stage to a Shakespearan-worthy performance by Mary Magdalene.

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Uplifting, epic, and universally appealing, Sight and Sound productions elevate the Bible's well-worn verses to new heights.

Delight in Esther's gown's grandeur or feel the spray of salt water as Jesus reaches out for a forlorn fisherman.

The memories and lessons imparted from a Sight and Sound production will last long after curtain call.

Tell Us, What Sight and Sound Production Will You See Next?

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