About Eureka Springs

Learn why locals have dubbed Eureka Springs “Little Switzerland of America” over the years. 

Outdoor Adventures

Lying in the Ozark Mountains, Eureka Springs is surrounded by natural beauty. The city center resides in a narrow valley at the headwaters of Leatherwood Creek, and structures ascend both sides of the valley to the bordering ridge crests. Furthermore, Eureka Springs contains more than 140 cold-water springs, with the Blue Spring Heritage Center remaining a significant attraction. Additionally, travelers can zipline, hike, mountain bike, and picnic in the surrounding forests, or enjoy water recreations on Beaver Lake. 

Historic Downtown 

Navigating Historic Downtown Eureka Springs is a must if you’re visiting the area. Victorian homes, spas, independent stores, springs, boutique restaurants, historic hotels, and beautiful natural areas line the area, perfect for a relaxing trip. Shop, dine outdoors, explore local history, visit art galleries on Spring Street, and much more. Further, there are 21 bars in the downtown district if you’re looking for a lively nightlife scene. 

Family-Friendly Attractions

Adults and kids alike will enjoy the beauty, history, and adventure Eureka Springs has to offer. Families can take tram tours through downtown, learning from experienced guides about the town’s local roots, or take a vintage dining train through the Ozarks to gain insight on locomotive travel. Of course, Eureka Springs and adjacent areas provide plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful lakes, springs, valleys, and forests encompassing the area as well.

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