iFLY Indoor Skydiving Ontario CA: 6 Ways to Save up to $5

Whether you’re planning an unforgettable experience for your next team-building outing or company social, or simply craving some adrenaline-pumping fun, iFLY can deliver an experience unlike anything else. You’re not just going to be indoor skydiving—you’re going to be living a heartstopping adventure in the wind tunnel!

Ready to feel the ultimate exhilaration of free-fall without even stepping foot outside? The experience of a lifetime awaits you in Ontario, California, where thrill-seekers gather to conquer the skies at the infamous iFLY.

Renowned as one of the leading indoor skydiving facilities—”iFLY indoor skydiving Ontario CA”, iFLY Ontario opens the doors to the world of wind, rush, and ultimate fun. Read on to discover exclusive discounts and invaluable insider tips! We’ll make your visit a kind event sure to turn you into the talk of the office!

Join us as we soar through this comprehensive guide, ensuring you take full advantage of the incredible value and unforgettable experiences on offer at iFLY Ontario.

iFLY Discount Tickets

If you’re planning a visit to iFLY Ontario, don’t miss out on the amazing discount tickets available on Tripster. Savvy customers have saved bundles on their iFLY adventures by purchasing tickets in advance from this trusted online marketplace. These discount tickets aren’t just a great way to save money, they’re your ticket to the experience of a lifetime!

iFLY Coupons and Discounts

Military Discount

iFLY Ontario takes pride in acknowledging and expressing gratitude towards active military service members and veterans by offering special military discounts. To validate your qualification for these offers, make sure to bring your Military ID when you visit.

What’s even better is that this discount extends to immediate family members as well. The exact details of the discount may vary, so it’s recommended to contact iFLY Ontario directly for the most accurate information. Always remember to inquire about the military discount to make the most out of your iFLY indoor skydiving experience.

Four people with skydiving outfits on

iFLY Ontario AAA Discount

Good news, AAA members! iFLY Ontario does offer AAA discounts. This special rate allows AAA members to enjoy an unforgettable indoor skydiving experience at a more affordable price. To avail of this discount, AAA members must show their membership card at the time of purchase. Note that the discount may vary and can not be combined with other offers or promotions. It’s always a good idea to check the specific details with iFLY Ontario before planning your visit.

iFLY Ontario Senior Discount

To our seasoned readers, we’re happy to inform you that iFLY Ontario offers a special discount for seniors. This initiative showcases their consideration for their older clientele, making the experience of a lifetime more accessible to them. The discount usually varies so it’s recommended to check the official iFLY website or call their customer service for the latest information. This senior discount is another great reason for older adults to try out iFLY indoor skydiving Ontario CA!

iFLY Ontario Group Travel Deals

If you’re planning to have a team building or company social at iFLY Ontario, you’re in luck! iFLY Ontario specializes in making group events memorable. Gone are the standard dinner outings and corporate retreats. It’s time to bring your team to a venue that will be the talk of the office! Imagine the thrill of Indoor Skydiving as the perfect setting for your next office outing.

iFLY Ontario offers tailored packages for corporate events. These packages can include a variety of experiences, including multiple flights, coaching from certified instructors, and even a DVD souvenir of your flight! All equipment rental is included in these packages and you’ll receive a pre-flight training session. This would make sure your team is fully prepared to take to the skies.

Corporate events at iFLY Ontario can accommodate groups of varying sizes, and best of all, there often are group discounts available. These discounts can make the experience of a lifetime affordable for everyone on your team. Contact iFLY Ontario CA directly to get a quote and book an event that is out of the ordinary.

Two people in red sky diving suits in the indoor sky diving tunnel at iFly Seattle in Seattle, Washington, USA
photo credit: iFly (Seattle) via Facebook

Hotels Near iFLY Ontario

When you’ve zoomed to a halt after an adrenaline-filled day, you won’t want to travel far before tucking in for the night. Luckily, well-equipped hotels with family-friendly perks are just minutes away to offer the perfect pit stop to revive and recharge!

These conveniently located lodging options come stocked with cushy beds to rest thrill-chasing heads and convenient amenities:

Los Angeles Attractions

Six Flags Magic Mountain

For even more scream machine adventures, Six Flags Magic Mountain offers rollercoaster reign.

With world-class coasters boasting staggering speeds, heart-dropping plunges, and pacing that doesn’t let up, it takes themed rides to the stratosphere – quite literally in some cases!

Two track roller coaster with guests on it at Six Flags Magic Mountain on a sunny day in Los Angeles, California
photo credit: Six Flags Magic Mountain via Facebook

Madame Tussauds Hollywood Wax Museum

Step right up to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood with a visit to the fabulous Madame Tussauds Hollywood Wax Museum! Rub shoulders with your favorite stars – from Marilyn Monroe to Michael Jackson – it’s like attending the chicest celebrity party in town.

Snap a selfie sticking your tongue out next to Miley Cyrus, or style the Superman wax figure’s hair into a faux-hawk. With new waxworks being added all the time, you never know who you might spot mingling in the Awards Party room.

From the freakishly real figures to fun interactive exhibits, this wax museum definitely beats staring at the Walk of Fame. Madame Tussauds brings Hollywood to life, letting you schmooze with the stars and maybe even confuse a waxwork for the real thing!

World of Illusions

Enter the World of Illusions, where Instagram-ready experiences await with four unique adventures. The Giant’s House defies perception, featuring a donut the size of a monster truck wheel, a massive pizza, and a giant burger fit for King Kong.

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Immerse yourself in the Museum of Illusions, boasting over 30 3D illusions inspired by cartoons, art, and current events. The Upside Down House flips your world with seven rooms.

Inviting you to cook breakfast in an upside-down kitchen or relax on a ceiling-mounted sofa. Finally, SMASH IT offers an interactive experience, allowing guests to unleash their power and relieve frustrations with some satisfying smashing!

Two people standing in a room with yellow walls and a table and chairs on the ceiling making everything too upside down at World of Illusion in Los Angeles, California, USA

Insider iFLY Ontario Tips

What to Bring

Ready to feel the wind in your hair and fly high at iFLY Ontario? Before you go, check out this list of things to bring:

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting attire. Avoid clothes with collars and open-toed shoes, and opt for well-fitted, lace-up footwear. A flight suit will be provided for you to wear over your clothing.
  • If you have long hair, bring a hair tie to keep it secure during your flight. Before flying, remove all jewelry and accessories.
  • To relish this experience of a lifetime, bring along your camera or smartphone. Although these won’t be allowed in the wind tunnel, iFLY Ontario does offer professional photos and videos of your flight for purchase post-session. You can use your camera before and after the experience to document your trip.

Don’t forget to arrive early for your reserved flight time to allow for a proper briefing and preparation!

Can I Bring Food inside iFLY Ontario?

While you may be tempted to bring snacks or a packed lunch to iFLY Ontario, it’s important to note that it’s a food-free zone. This policy ensures that the equipment and spaces remain clean and safe for everyone. However, don’t fret – the venue is surrounded by a wide range of restaurants and cafes to satisfy your hunger before or after your thrilling indoor skydiving experience.

Woman and instructor at iFly Indoor Skydiving - Orlando, Florida, USAiFLY Ontario Parking and Location

Parking at iFLY Ontario is never an issue. The establishment offers ample, complimentary parking space for guests ensuring a hassle-free visit. The venue’s parking lot is sufficiently large to accommodate the influx of indoor skydiving enthusiasts that it receives daily – from first-timers to veterans alike. What’s more, its proximity to the main entrance adds to the convenience – you could practically be suiting up for your skydiving experience within minutes of arrival!

Additionally, for individuals relying on public transportation, the complex ensures easy accessibility and connectivity. So irrespective of your chosen mode of transport, reaching iFLY Ontario CA for your experience of a lifetime is a breeze.

During the weekends or on special event days, the place might get busy. It is always advisable to arrive a little early to ensure a smooth check-in procedure and to secure the best available parking spot.

iFLY Ontario is located at 4510 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario, CA 91764.

IFLY Ontario FAQs

While indoor skydiving at iFLY is a thrilling experience open to most, certain individuals should avoid it. In particular, those with recent shoulder and back injuries are strongly advised not to engage in the activity. The experience during the simulated freefall may exacerbate these conditions, potentially leading to further injury or discomfort.

Considering iFLY's spacious setup, you can have up to 12 people per flight session. This is perfect for those who are planning a small gathering, celebration, or team-building activity.

Young adrenaline seekers can experience the thrill of flight at iFLY, provided they have reached the milestone of 3 years of age. The facility ensures safety and enjoyment for flyers as young as three, truly making it a family-friendly destination.

  • Aim to arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled flight time. This gives you plenty of time to check in, fill out any necessary paperwork, and absorb the pre-flight briefing without feeling rushed.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and lace-up sneakers. Your outfit should fit snugly under the flight suit, and secure footwear is a must for stability in the wind tunnel.
  • Pay close attention to your instructor during the training session. Understanding the proper flying position and hand signals will enhance your flight experience and ensure safety.
  • It might feel unnatural at first but try to relax your body and breathe normally once you're in the wind tunnel. Staying calm helps you maintain control and enjoy the sensation of flight.
  • Consider purchasing photo or video packages to commemorate your experience. iFLY Orlando FL offers various options to capture your flight from start to finish, ensuring you can relive the thrill anytime.

Unfortunately, guests are not permitted to bring their own food or beverages into iFLY Orlando for safety and cleanliness reasons.

They take great care in maintaining a clean and safe environment to ensure the most enjoyable experience for all patrons.

Knowing where to park shouldn't be a hassle when you're excited about the thrill of indoor skydiving. Lucky for you, iFLY Orlando has a well-managed parking lot available for patrons.

There's plenty of parking space to accommodate all visitors, ensuring that you can easily find a place to leave your vehicle while you enjoy your indoor flying experience.


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Whether you’re planning a team-building outing or just a fun day with friends, iFLY Ontario is sure to deliver an experience of a lifetime. Make sure to utilize any of the discounts that apply to you and remember, every second spent in that wind tunnel will be a memory to cherish for years to come. One trip to iFLY Ontario and we bet it will quickly find a spot on your list of go-to fun spots in Ontario, CA.

Embrace the wind, defy gravity, and enjoy the thrill that is indoor skydiving!

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