iFLY in Fort Worth: 7 Ways to Save Up to 21% Off

Get ready to experience the thrill of free fall without jumping out of a plane at iFLY Fort Worth, an extraordinary indoor skydiving facility that lets you float on air!

Welcome, daredevils and thrill-seekers, to iFLY Fort Worth, a world-class, state of the art indoor skydiving facility set right in the heart of Texas. Get ready for an unforgettable journey as you step into the wind tunnel and take flight. Whether you’re a seasoned adrenaline junkie or looking for your first taste of soaring, iFLY Fort Worth offers an unbeatable experience.

Imagine the rush of blasting off in the wind tunnels, the sheer exhilaration of freefall, and the unique sensation of a soft landing, all without jumping out of an airplane. At iFLY Fort Worth, you get to experience all of this and more under the watchful care of experienced instructors who make every flight safe and fun!

iFLY Fort Worth Discount Tickets

iFLY in Fort Worth offers discounts to military personnel, first responders, healthcare professionals, teachers, and group or corporate events. And if you’re not a member of any of the above, don’t fret! Tripster also offers handsome discounted tickets for you.

iFLY Fort Worth Coupons and Discounts

Military Discount

Let’s take a moment to salute our heroes! Active duty soldiers and veterans alike enjoy an exclusive discount on select weekday packages.

First Responders Discount

Our First responders – police officers, firefighters, and EMTs – are our everyday heroes. iFLY Fort Worth provides an exclusive discount on select weekday packages.

Kid indoor skydiving with an instructor behind him holding onto his legs as a crowd watches from the backgroundHealthcare Professional Discount

Healthcare professionals, we celebrate your relentless efforts! iFLY Fort Worth is happy to offer discounts on select weekday packages.

Teachers Discount

Teachers, iFLY Fort Worth recognizes your tireless effort in investing in the minds of our future leaders. They offer discounts on select weekday packages.

AAA Discount and Senior Discount

Unfortunately, iFLY Fort Worth does not offer specific discounts for AAA members or senior citizens. But you can always check out Tripster for discounted tickets!

Group and Corporate Discounts

iFLY Indoor Skydiving Fort Worth welcomes groups and corporate events with open arms, and exclusive discounts! Be it a corporate team building event or a large family gathering, they offer special group discounts for more than 6 flyers. Truly, an experience that’s both challenging and rewarding.

iFLY Fort Worth Vacation Packages

Here’s a little something to maximize your vacation and ensure you get the most bang for your buck! When planning your visit to iFLY Fort Worth, why not take it a notch higher? You can combine your ticket with entry to other top Dallas attractions. Look no further than the exclusive vacation packages offered by Tripster!

Not only does this provide a more holistic and exciting experience, but it also gives great value for your money. So why wait? Start planning your epic Dallas adventure today with Tripster!

Fort Worth Texas Skyline
Aerial view of Ft Worth skyline at sunrise

Hotels Near iFLY Fort Worth

iFLY Fort Worth is located at 663 NE Loop 820, Hurst, TX 76053, and welcomes adventurers Tuesday through Sunday, with operating hours from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays and extended hours until 8:00 PM on weekends.

When planning your adventure, finding the right place to stay plays a critical role in the overall experience. Whether you’re seeking luxury accommodations or budget-friendly options, here are a few nearby hotels that can make your visit more convenient and enjoyable.  Below are some of our top picks:

Dallas Attractions

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Grand Prairie

Dive into a world where the bizarre and the beautiful collide at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Grand Prairie at 601 E Palace Pkwy. From shrunken heads to a labyrinth of mirrors, every corner holds a new surprise, making it a must-visit for those who love to explore the wonderfully weird and whimsically strange!

Plus, don’t miss the interactive exhibits where you can put your own oddities to the test, ensuring a visit that’s as educational as it is entertaining.

SEA LIFE Grapevine

Submerge yourself in the underwater marvels of SEA LIFE Grapevine, where you can get up close with sharks, rays, and thousands of colorful fish. Journey through an ocean tunnel, feel starfish at the touch pools, and be mesmerized by the graceful jellyfish, making it an aquatic adventure you won’t forget!

Engage in the behind-the-scenes tours to learn about marine conservation efforts and how you can help protect our oceans, adding a meaningful layer to your visit. Find it at Grapevine Mills, 3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy.

People riding a red roller coasterSix Flags Over Texas

Thrill-seekers, rejoice! Six Flags Over Texas at Arlington, TX 76011 offers an adrenaline-packed day with some of the fastest, tallest, and most gut-wrenching rides in the country.

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From the heart-stopping drops of the Titan to the looping daredevil flights of the Joker, it’s the ultimate destination for those who love to live on the edge.

Make sure to check out the seasonal events like Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park for a unique twist on the classic amusement park experience, blending thrilling rides with festive cheer.

Insider iFLY Fort Worth Tips

If you’re planning a visit to iFLY Indoor Skydiving – Fort Worth, here are some tips to enhance your experience.

  • Arrive Early: Get there at least 20 mins before your flight for a smooth check-in and prep session.
  • What to Wear: Comfort is key. Wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothes. Avoid loose jewelry, collared shirts, and heels. You’ll get flight suits, goggles, helmets, and earplugs from iFLY.
  • Know the Restrictions: Regardless of age, those who are over 250lbs or people with certain health conditions, you should consult your doctor before flying.
  • Capture the Moments: Keep your memories alive with iFLY Fort Worth photos or a video package from their professional photographers!
  • Enjoy! Relax, trust your instructor, and have fun with this unique, adrenaline-filled experience.
Two people in red sky diving suits in the indoor sky diving tunnel at iFly Seattle in Seattle, Washington, USA
photo credit: iFly (Seattle) via Facebook

Can I bring food into iFLY Fort Worth?

At iFLY, outside food and beverages are generally not permitted. The facility aims to keep its environment safe and clean for all guests to enjoy. Considering that you’ll be engaged in a sports activity, it’s always better to enjoy your meals either before or after the session anyway.

iFLY Fort Worth Parking

iFLY provides ample and totally free onsite parking, eliminating the stress of excessive parking fees so you can focus on enjoying your indoor skydiving experience. Do take note that during peak hours or holiday seasons, parking slots can get filled up quickly.

iFLY Fort Worth Reviews

Experiencing the thrill of flight without leaving the ground is what iFLY in Fort Worth, Texas, promises to deliver. But don’t just take it from us, take it from these reviews!

iFly Fort Worth FAQs

At iFLY Fort Worth, the sky's not the limit; it's the starting point! The establishment welcomes children as young as 3 years of age. Yes, you read that right - your little one can take to the skies incredibly early with this perfectly safe indoor skydiving facility. They take care of the safety aspect with utmost dedication and ensure that the experience is enjoyable, even for the youngest of flyers!

While iFLY does offer a truly thrilling experience, it's not exactly the same as actual skydiving. In reality, indoor skydiving replicates just one portion of the skydiving experience: freefall. This exciting component is recreated in a safe, controlled environment, without the need to jump out of an airplane. So, while you won't be leaping thousands of feet through the air, at iFLY you'll still experience the exhilarating sensation of freefall, along with the freedom and thrill that comes with it.

Plan Your Dallas Adventure With Tripster

If you are looking to streamline and save on your iFLY Fort Worth and Dallas adventure, look no further than Tripster. Our platform is your one-stop-shop for exclusive deals on places to stay near the iFLY facilities and other attractions in the area.

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