Unraveling the Mysteries of St. Augustine: A Chilling Ghost and Gravestones St Augustine Review

There’s something eerily exciting that lurks within the veil of darkness in the city of St. Augustine, and you are invited to experience it first hand with me.

Follow along as I recount the haunting tale of my trek on the Ghost and Gravestones St Augustine haunted trolly tour, guided by Ice Pick, an escaped prisoner, and Ophelia, our ghost host. It’s a journey into the spectral streets of St. Augustine at night. Get ready to be chilled to the bone as we navigate the phantasmic world of Florida’s oldest city, where ancient spirits roam. If you thrive on mysteries and ghost stories, read on and dare to walk the haunted historical past of St. Augustine as I share Ghost and Gravestones St Augustine reviews.

The Start of My Haunted Adventure

I arrived at the Old Town Trolley Tour depot, situated at 27 San Marco Ave, 30 minutes before the scheduled 8:30 pm ghost tour. After my ticket was verified and I received my access sticker, I explored the lobby and found myself enthralled by a digital slideshow boasting a collection of eerie images taken by previous guests. This chilling parade of orbs, apparitions, and dark shadows fluttered across the screen amped up my anticipation for the adventure that lay ahead.

At 8:20, we were ushered into Cromwell’s Parlour of Paranormal Curiosities. This aptly named room was filled with the cool air of mystery. Surrounding us on this precursor to our spooky sojourn were old books and relics, pendulums, and spirit boxes whispering tales of their own. In the middle of the room, an antique mortician’s table with a dark past lay in readiness.

This combination of antiquity and suspense set the perfect undertone for the quest we were about to embark on. After brief introductions and a surprise or two, we were led out of the room and onto our Trolly of the Doomed.

Pro Tip: You can’t go wrong when picking your seat on the trolly. Both sides are treated to equal sights.

Victorian death masks on a wall with a display case of instruments

Chilling Tales from Tolomato Cemetery

As our trolly, helmed by Ice Pick, creaked its way to the Tolomato Cemetery, chilled excitement swept through us all. Even before the tales of the spectral inhabitants were regaled, the graveyard held an inexplicable aura of quiet mystery, the kind that makes your skin erupt in cold goosebumps.

Our first paranormal investigation stop, we were ushered onto a raised platform that overlooked the shadowy graves. Ophelia began to weave the tales associated with this hallowed ground. Our senses piqued as we listened under the cloak of the night, eyes flickering nervously around. We heard tales of a playful phantom child and a ghost bride searching eternally for her lost lover. The silence that fell upon us was intense, the only comfort being the distant music from St. George Ave.

Each of us listened, transfixed by this harrowing tale, our senses heightened with every rustle and shadow in the darkness. There was plenty of room for everyone to stand comfortably and we were able to take several minutes to snap pictures with the hopes of capturing a glimpse of little James or the young woman.

Cemetery at night with a palm tree and a large oak

Swashbuckling Spectres at Potter’s Wax Museum

A few yards from the cemetery, outlined against the star-streaked Floridian night, sat Potter’s Wax Museum. It has an eerie quality that immediately made me uneasy. Walking with trepidation onto the cobblestone pathway, a wall of glass-encased mannequins watched as I made my way to the entrance. Not unsettling at all.

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Once inside, the warm glow of the lanterns did little to combat the chill that ran down my spine, especially when I came face-to-face with life-sized wax replicas. Their uncanny resemblance to living beings and the eerie stillness of the room amplified the spooky atmosphere.
Ophelia began to tell the horrifying tale of Pirate Andrew Ranson. With each gruesome detail, you could almost hear the faint rasp of rope tightening against wood and smell the salty sea air.

After a few jump-scare surprises and an unnervingly immersive experience, we made our way back onto the trolly. More than a few shook off the experience at Potter’s Wax Museum with a full-body shudder.

Mannequins and dolls in glass cases

Phantasmal Voyage Through St. Augustine

As the tour continued, we stepped onto the Ghost and Gravestones trolly once more, and our host, Ice Pick, ignited the onboard lanterns. The flickering lights played eerie shadows that danced on the open-air sides and ceiling of the vehicle.

The trolly groaned into motion, heading towards the haunted Flagler College and St. Augustine waterfront. Ophelia regaled us with terrifying stories that wafted over us like a chilly breeze. Her tales of the college, chapel, and ancient city gates entwined history and horror in a manner that made goosebumps ripple across our skin.

As we ambled past the Casablanca Inn, its windows glowing dimly in the night, the tales continued, growing more ominous with every passing moment as Ophelia spun a tapestry of paranormal experiences and documented sightings. The eerie surroundings further amplified her narratives, creating a palpable sense of otherworldly energy in the air.

Stone Gates at night with old home in background

The Old Jail Tour: A Terrifying Journey Into St. Augustine’s Past

The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as Ice Pick ground the gears of our haunted trolley as we pulled up to The Old Jail, our night’s grand finale. We approached the hulking structure ominously perched on the lonely streets, its silhouette carved against the dark night sky.

There was something inherently unsettling about the site, knowing that it was more than just an old haunted building listed on the Florida and National Register of Historic Places. Its deeply rooted history echoed with despair, tragedy, and unnerving ghostly encounters. The solemn edifice, chilling in its aura, cast a long, eerie shadow that sent goosebumps prickling across my skin.

We (very) nervously stepped into the dimly lit interiors. The power flickered off for a few seconds and I still don’t know if this was intentional or not. The group prepared for a terrifying journey through the labyrinth of dark corridors and cells.

As we made our way through various cell blocks the energy was heavy and electrifying. It was an uncomfortable sensory overload that triggered a profound unease that was impossible to ignore. The slightest sounds amplified in the crypt-like silence while flickering shadows in the murkiest corners toyed with our eyes.

Our haunting venture into the Old Jail was undeniably the crowning jewel of the Ghost and Gravestones Tour, an experience that brought us face to face with the grim realities of St. Augustine’s spectral past.

Exterior of old jail building at night

My Eerie Expedition Comes to a Close

Finally, as our adventure drew to its creepy conclusion, we arrived back at the Old Town Trolly depot. The journey had been riveting, a spectral ride filled with chilling tales, haunting spectacles, and an eerie atmosphere that resonated long after we disembarked.

Upon reflection, I couldn’t help but appreciate the sickening charm of my visit to the dreaded Old Jail. It served a hair-raising cocktail of history, fear, and adrenaline, leaving me with the echoes of bone-chilling tales that will continue to haunt me for a long time to come.

From the first step into that macabre room at the depot to the last echo of Ophelia’s haunting tales, the Ghost and Gravestones trolley tour provided a spectral journey through the haunted history of St. Augustine that I will not soon forget. It’s an experience that etches itself into your memory like a phantom in the night.

Ghost and Gravestones St Augustine Review: Why this Trolly Tour Tops Haunted Attractions in St. Augustine

Perhaps it’s the intoxicating blend of haunting history, chilling tales, paranormal activity, and eerie locales shared by the charismatic tour guide or the spooky atmosphere generated by the prisoner trolly drivers that set the Ghosts and Gravestones Trolly Tour apart from the rest.

As a veteran of ghost tours across the country, I can confidently affirm that never before have I been so gripped by fear and intrigue. I can’t overstate the convenience either – with an easy pick-up and drop-off location and only 24 hours in advance notice, it’s a breeze to fit into your St. Augustine itinerary. To summarize, this is a great tour that I would recommend to everyone!

Marrying a sense of unease with historical intrigue, this tour is, without a doubt, the premier phantasmal expedition available in St. Augustine.

Have You Taken a Ghosts Gravestones Tour?

Do you have any Ghosts and Gravestones St Augustine reviews to share? Leave a comment below telling us if you recommend this tour!

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