Nook Express to Bugsy & Meyer’s: 6 Must-Try Restaurants at Flamingo Las Vegas

Whether you’re a high roller with a platinum palate or a budget bandit on a flavor quest, get ready to ditch the diet and follow our lead! Here are the six drool-worthy restaurants of Flamingo Las Vegas.

Looking for restaurants near Flamingo Las Vegas? Why bother when you have six onsite (not including the staple Starbucks)? And we’re not talking about dusty buffets and greasy spoon snooze-fests. This pink paradise packs a punch when it comes to grub.

Just to give you a sneak peek, we want you to imagine drool-worthy tacos that’ll make your taste buds tango, steaks sizzling like showgirls’ feathers, and pizzas so cheesy they’d make your favorite rom-com couple proud.

Without further ado, here’s a rundown of the six must-try Flamingo restaurants Las Vegas has to offer. Grab your stretchy pants; let’s get this food fiesta started!

From Poolside Bites to Prime Steaks: The Restaurants Inside Flamingo Las Vegas

Beach Club Bar & Grill

Beach Club Bar & Grill is Flamingo’s designated paradise for sun-kissed snackin’ and poolside noshin’! When you’re sprawled out on a comfy lounger, and the Vegas sun is doing its best to turn you into a golden crisp, then suddenly your tummy starts rumbling, never fear. You’ll never go hungry! Beach Club Bar & Grill is your poolside knight in shining armor (or maybe just a waiter in a Hawaiian shirt, but hey, it’s Vegas!).

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Fresh from the poolside grill are juicy burgers that’ll make you forget all about those mystery meat patties back home. Crispy chicken sandwiches that sing with every bite and salads so good, you might actually believe there’s lettuce under all that cheese and bacon. Plus, they’ve got all the classic poolside suspects – hot dogs, nachos, and fries piled high enough to reach the top of the High Roller.

And let’s not forget the drinks! Beach Club Bar & Grill may be located in the desert, but you will never stay thirsty! They’ve got ice-cold beers that’ll put out the fire in your throat faster than a fire drill on the Strip. Fruity cocktails that taste like a tropical vacation in a glass (minus the overpriced airfare). And, of course, the fancy margaritas – it’s the secret liquid sunshine with a little somethin’ somethin’ extra to make you wanna wiggle your hips like a showgirl.

But here’s the catch: Beach Club Bar & Grill is a seasonal siren, only temptin’ your taste buds with its siren song during the warmer months. So, if you’re in Vegas when the pool’s open and the sun’s blazin’, make sure you snag a spot at this poolside paradise.

Pink cocktail sitting on a table with tropical wallpaper and flamingo art on the walls in the background
Photo Credit: Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino via Facebook

Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse

You can’t read about Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas restaurants without passing by Bugsy Meyer s Steakhouse. It’s arguably one of the most distinct restaurants in this part of Vegas with its velvet curtains, dimly lit plush booths, vintage photos, and the faint whiff of cigar smoke. Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse belongs to the golden age of gangsters and glamour, but really, it’s a temple of steak worship!

At Bugsy and Meyer’s, look forward to prime cuts of beef dry-aged to perfection, sizzling on open flames like diamonds in the rough. Each bite is a perfect blend of smoky char, juicy tenderness, and enough flavor to make your eyes water (with joy, of course). They’ve got New Yorks thick enough to build a skyscraper, bone-in ribeyes that practically beg to be Instagrammed, and even filet mignons so melt-in-your-mouth they’re practically illegal (but don’t tell the Feds!).

And it ain’t just about the beef, baby! Bugsy & Meyer’s also offers a seafood selection that’d make Poseidon jealous, with lobster tails the size of your forearm and jolly crab legs that practically tap dance to the music. Of course, no gangster-themed steakhouse is complete without a killer bar. Bugsy & Meyer’s pours classic cocktails, from smoky Manhattans to bubbly champagne. You name it, the bartender can mix it!

Carlos N Charlie’s Restaurant Las Vegas

Amigos, amigos! Hold onto your sombreros, ’cause we’re taking a sabor-filled trip to Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel’s best Mexican offer – Carlos N Charlie’s!

We love our Mexican spicy, and we love it even more that they offer jalapeño on steroids! Carlos ‘N Charlie’s serves up Mexican food so authentic that you’ll swear you can hear mariachis playing in the background. Served on the daily, including sizzling fajitas that’ll make your taste buds tango, burritos bigger than your abuela’s hugs, and guacamole so fresh it’s practically sproutin’ cilantro leaves.

For us, though (and the rest of the 5-star reviews), the secret sauce of Carlos ‘N Charlie’s is the party! When the sun sets, the place transforms into a dance floor that puts the neighboring clubs to shame. Flair bartenders juggle bottles like Olympic gymnasts, waiters break out into impromptu salsa routines, and everyone’s suddenly your best friend after a few rounds of tequila shots. As the kind of place where strangers become family, the only rule is to let loose and have a blast!

Close up photo of street tacos with lots of white onion
photo credit: Xavier crook via Facebook

Flamingo Food Hall

Calling this foodie gem a “Flamingo food court” feels like calling the Bellagio fountains a “sprinkler”. Nope, this isn’t your average mall food court with soggy fries and rubbery meat. The Flamingo Food Hall is a five-star feast for the senses, disguised in comfy jeans and a t-shirt.

Five of your favorite comfort food joints are all huddled under one roof, each one cookin’ up happiness in its own delicious way:

  • Johnny Rockets juicy patties, crispy fries, and onion rings so good you wanna sing Elvis tunes.
  • Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria for hand-tossed, New York-style pizza that’ll transport you straight to the Big Apple, even if you’re stuck in the desert.
  • WingZone for boneless wings that’ll have you lickin’ your fingers and trying out their mild to thermonuclear flavors that’ll set your taste buds on fire.
  • Nathan’s Famous for hot dogs so iconic, they practically come with their own paparazzi. Juicy franks nestled in soft buns, topped with all the classic fixins – it’s a taste of Americana that’s as timeless as the neon lights themselves.
  • Auntie Anne’s for fresh-baked pretzels that’ll melt in your mouth and warm your soul. Soft, chewy, and dusted with enough cinnamon sugar to make your inner cinnamon roll squeal with joy. They’re the perfect sweet ending to any savory adventure!

You don’t have to choose just one! The beauty of the Flamingo Food Hall is the mix-and-match magic. Grab a slice of Bonanno’s, a rocket dog from Johnny’s, and wash it down with a WingZone fizzy drink.

Margaritaville Las Vegas

Flamingo Las Vegas restaurants aren’t just about fine dining and fancy tablecloths. At Margaritaville, the name of the game is laid-back island vibes! The staff is outfitted with aloha shirts and aloha smiles, all ready to serve you a tropical explosion on a plate.

Get your hands on their juicy LandShark® fish and chips, hand-dipped in their signature batter and fried to crispy perfection. Wings slathered in every flavor imaginable, from Mango Habanero to Key Lime BBQ. And burgers taller than a volcano, piled high with all the fixings your island-loving heart desires.

But let’s be honest, the real star of the show here is the margarita. They’ve got ’em frozen, on the rocks, blended with every fruit under the sun, and even spiked with enough tequila to make a flamingo do the Macarena. We recommend bringing your ice-cold spirits to the rooftop patio. The views are epic, the breeze is ocean-fresh, and you might even catch a glimpse of the evening fireworks (especially on the 4th of July).

Seafood on a white plate with cocktails in the background on a table
Photo Credit: Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino via Facebook

Nook Express

You just arrived at Flamingo Hotel and Casino. You’re not hungry just yet but could use a pick-me-up. Nook Express is the solution, a grab-and-go gourmet getaway — a tiny Parisian bakery that hopped on a plane to Sin City.

Have your fill of fresh-brewed coffee that’ll kick your jet lag in the shins, flaky croissants that whisper “bonjour” with every bite, and muffins so fresh you’ll be hard-pressed not to chow down all in one sitting.

Granted, the Nook Express is not a restaurant nor a sit-down cafe. But we wanted to let you know anyway that if you need a pit stop for your palate, you’ll find it here at Flamingo Las Vegas.

Flamingo Las Vegas Restaurants FAQs

The Flamingo Hotel is situated in the heart of the Strip, adjacent to The LINQ and High Roller, making it a prime location for visitors looking to explore the vibrant entertainment and attractions of central Las Vegas. Its central position offers convenient access to many of the city's iconic landmarks and destinations.

The dress code for the Flamingo Las Vegas generally prohibits casual daytime wear, ensuring a more upscale atmosphere for guests. Visitors are encouraged to dress appropriately for the venue, avoiding overly casual attire to maintain the desired ambiance.

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