Scarowinds Tickets: 2023 In-Depth Celebration Guide

Scarowinds is where the screams come to life, making it the Carolinas’ top Halloween destination!

Dive into the heart of terror as you embark on a hair-raising adventure through Scarowinds’ spine-tingling haunted houses and scare zones. Think you’re brave enough to face your fears, think again because SCarowinds is here to challenge you with an entirely different kind of terror. Ready to put your courage to the test?

Follow along as we plunge headfirst into the chilling abyss of SCarowinds, where terror lurks around every corner, and fear becomes your closest companion.

Scarowinds Tickets

Scarowinds is a separately ticketed event. Admission ranges from $44.99 to $89.

Package your Carowinds Tickets

The fun doesn’t stop at Carowinds; there’s a world of excitement waiting in North Carolina harbor’s many attractions from themed park to water parks. Dive into the city’s vibrant culture and discover what makes it a top destination. Bundle your park tickets with these other attractions and hotels:

SEA LIFE Charlotte + Carowinds Combo Tickets
Carowinds and Hotel Packages

SCarowinds Attractions

Mazes and Scare Zones

Paranormal INC

Dare to journey into the eerie depths of Hayden Hill, where the ghosts of tormented souls still whisper their tales of suffering.

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In a world concealed by the cloak of night, a chilling tale takes shape. Within the deserted confines of a forsaken junkyard, enigmatic eyes track your every step, and an unsettling silence covers the Blood yard.

Indoor and Outdoor Mazes

Depth of Darkness

Dive deeper into the shadows, if you have the guts. Within this eerie haunted maze, an impenetrable darkness cloaks your surroundings.  Take sanctuary within its confined confines, but an eerie unease lingers so keep your eyes open for any creatures.

Silver Scream Studios Condemned

Assemble your crew and prepare for a chilling expedition to an old, ominous building cloaked in darkness. If you’re wondering when does Scarowinds start, it runs starting September 15, giving you plenty of time to experience this attraction.

Slaughter House: The Final Cut

Dare to explore the slaughterhouse, where carnivorous pleasures come to life, igniting your taste buds with bizarre flavors.

Tooth Fairy

Doubting the existence of the Tooth Fairy? If you do, then you risk becoming part of her grim collection of human teeth and body parts.

Outdoor Scare Zones

Harvest Fear

Indulge in an extraordinary autumn gathering within the beautifully adorned town square. However, as the sun sets and darkness descends, prepare to brace yourself, for this initially cheerful event takes an unexpected and spine-chilling twist.

Ripper Alley

Traverse the entrance into the enigmatic realm of Ripper Alley, where ancient English lore tells of supernatural apparitions emerging in the aftermath of both joy and despair. Make sure to proceed with caution and maintain a safe distance, as shadowy residents may lead you towards a path as muddy as the winding Thames River.

The Harlequin Club

Take a haunting journey into the world of a macabre traveling troupe, where cringe-inducing circus performers and unsettling sideshow acts await your presence.

Blue Ridge Roadkillers

While exploring the enchanting Blue Ridge Junction, be on the lookout for a group of chainsaw-wielding maniacs who are committed to showing you that the snakes are your biggest worries.

The Hollow

Forget the usual image of pumpkins as friendly decorations on porches. At SCarowinds, these pumpkins have had enough of being carved, gutted, and twisted into unrecognizable forms, and they’re ready to show their darker side.

Scarowinds Hours and Date

“What time does SCarowinds close?” you might wonder. SCarowinds dates run select nights from September 15, 2023, through October 29, 2023. This Halloween park opens at 7 p.m. and closes at midnight.

Scarowinds the Park Venue

Located at Carowinds  Park 14523 Carowinds Blvd Charlotte NC 28273.

Experience Scarowinds

Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping adventure at SCarowinds, where you’ll come face to face with your worst nightmares. If you’re ready to meet over 300 monsters, navigate through eerie scare zones, catch live entertainment, and experience unparalleled fright, then save the dates.

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Before joining in the fun and exploring all the SCarowinds events, make sure to download your SCarowinds Map and check out SCarowinds parking to navigate the park easily. It’s also a good thing to see Scarowinds reviews to know all the horror that awaits.


Start Date:

September 15, 2023

End Date:

October 29, 2023




14523 Carowinds Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273 United States


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