Busch Gardens Tampa New Ride – Phoenix Rising: Your In-Depth Guide

Hold onto your hats, thrill-seekers! A sizzling new adventure, “Phoenix Rising,” is gearing up to take flight above the Serengeti Plain at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay come Spring 2024.

The upcoming Spring in Tampa Bay is set to make hearts race with enthusiasm and thrill, as Busch Gardens introduces its latest roller coaster marvel – “Phoenix Rising”. Touted as the park’s grandest family-friendly expansion in the Pantopia area, this ride also seals its position as the park’s tenth roller coaster.

Fasten your seatbelts as the Busch Gardens Tampa new ride 2024 lifts you and your family high over the scenic Serengeti Plain, and sets you on an exciting journey through Pantopia’s vibrant landscapes and thrilling attractions. The newest addition is setting the stage as the pioneer roller coaster to integrate onboard audio, allowing riders to tune in to an exclusive soundtrack, harmoniously intersected with a thrilling sequence of spins, switchbacks, and unexpected moments.

So, prepare for your spirits to soar with uncontainable excitement as you harness the power of the mythical bird and immerse yourself in the incredible ride, Phoenix Rising.


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Discover the Wonders Behind Phoenix Rising

A whole new level of exhilarating, wholesome adventure awaits you as you ascend from the Serengeti Plain, only to plunge into a playful labyrinth of twists and turns with the new ride Busch Gardens Tampa Phoenix Rising. The vibrant Pantopia presents a suspended family friendly roller coaster that propels riders on an exhilarating 1,831-foot journey at a thrilling speed of 44 miles per hour. This captivating adventure becomes an ideal shared experience for you and your kiddos with a modest height requirement of merely 42″.

Looking for more family-friendly fun in Tampa? Continue the adventure with other kids’ attractions from parks to interactive exhibits.

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Uncover More Pulse-Pounding Rides at Busch Gardens Tampa

As anticipation builds for the dawn of Phoenix Rising Busch Gardens Tampa, don’t miss out on the other thrill-inducing rides. Begin your adventure with these crowd-favorites:

Iron Gwanzi

Hailed as the best new roller coaster for 2022 by Amusement TODAY, Iron Gwazi is North America’s tallest and the world’s steepest and fastest hybrid coaster. The wood and steel attraction soars to 206 feet up in the sky ahead of its stomach-flipping 91-degree drop, propelling passengers with speeds of 76 miles per hour down the track. Plus, expect plenty of airtime moments with three inversions throughout this new roller coaster in Tampa FLA Busch Gardens.


One of Busch Gardens Rides Tampa that’s worthy of your time is Tigris! A triple-launch roller coaster, Tigris hurls riders through a breathtaking range of winding twists, forward-and-backwards movement, and a 150-foot skyward surge. Reaching speeds over 60 miles per hour on a 1,800-foot-long track, this steel ride is inspired by the tremendous agility of a Panthera Tigris – thus its intriguing name.

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Cheetah Hunt

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s one of steel thrill rides features lightning-fast acceleration and high-speed inversions, designed to mimic the world’s fastest land animal – the cheetah. With a 4,400-foot length, this triple-launch coaster can give you that adrenaline rush.

Close up of people upside down on Iron Gwazi, a new coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa on a sunny day in Tampa, Florida, USA
photo credit: Busch Gardens Tampa


Hear the roar of Kumba! One of the renowned Busch Gardens Tampa rides, this high-speed roller coaster continues to be a thrill-seeker favorite, and for a reason. Hold on for a 135-foot drop, then get ready to plunge into a diving loop and feel weightlessness for 3 seconds while rocketing 360 degrees!

Join the Awe-Inspiring Flight of Phoenix Rising

Anticipate the excitement that awaits with the new ride at Busch Gardens Tampa! This addition isn’t just another adrenaline booster but an entire experience. Expect to be gripped by its heart-pounding ascents, pausing hang times, and rapid plunges. From its breathtaking climbs and suspenseful pauses to its fast-paced drops, Phoenix Rising is set to be the park’s premier attraction.

Are you ready to uncover the spectacular journey this ride pledges to take you on? Strap in, feel the wind in your hair, and gear up for an unmatched adventure that’s coming soon!


Start Date:

March 1, 2024 @ 12:00 am CST

End Date:

May 31, 2024 @ 12:00 am CDT



Busch Gardens Tampa

10165 McKinley Dr
Tampa, FL 33612 United States

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