Downtown Disney Dining: Guide to Quick Service, Table Service & More

Embark on a gastronomic journey through Downtown Disney! Discover the hidden gems of Downtown Disney dining and make every meal an adventure in this ultimate foodie’s bucket list.

If you’re a foodie gearing up for a Disneyland adventure, you’re in for a treat. You’ll never get tired of exploring the multitude of table service restaurants in Downtown Disney. With over 20 of these delectable spots, plus quick-service eateries, there’s a culinary paradise to look forward to!

Whether your cravings point you towards a casual coffeehouse, lively pizzeria, sophisticated steakhouse, or waterfront dining venue, your taste buds won’t be disappointed. In this guide, we share the finest downtown Disney dining experiences to help you make the most of your journey.

Downtown Disney Bucket List for Foodies

Hey, Disney devotee! Some of our most beloved Downtown Disney restaurants and eateries are permanently closed. Long-time crowd favorites like Catal Restaurant and La Brea Bakery are no longer around to make our tummies happy. We don’t know the exact reason, but in April 2023, Disney announced plans for a major redevelopment of Downtown Disney, including the closure of several existing businesses.

Don’t worry, though! The restaurants and cafes below are still open and thriving. Add them to your Downtown Disney foodie list!

Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’s

Ever heard of Tortilla Jo’s? A popular spot in Downtown Disney for sure. But have you given its neighbor Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’s a try? It’s easy to get puzzled between them since they stand shoulder to shoulder, but they are indeed separate dining entities.

Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’s flaunts a laid-back counter-service setup where you can load up on casual, yet scrumptious Mexican fare. The space pops with color and energy, and the outdoor seating offers a unique atmosphere.

For a quick pit stop of delightful Mexican food, Taqueria is an excellent option. However, should you fancy a wider selection, don’t hesitate to pop into Tortilla Jo’s next door. You’ll find an expansive menu there, including made-to-order guacamole just as you like it.

a table with four distinct meals and two distinct beverages 
photo credit: Tortilla Jo’s via Facebook

Black Tap My Crazyshake

For a truly unrivaled and sublime gastronomical adventure, visit Black Tap My Crazyshake! This extraordinary spot at Downtown Disney does not only serve the famous Black Tap craft burgers, but also their over-the-top Crazyshakes. Whether you’re salivating for savory or have a sweet tooth, you’ll find the perfect remedy here.

Their menu offers a flavorsome journey from classic cheeseburgers like the “All-American” to intoxicatingly original ones like the “Baconluvin Cheeseburger,” infused with candied bacon and bourbon maple mustard. Have you not found your ultimate burger match yet? There’s the opportunity to build your own too!

On the dessert front, their whimsical ice cream shakes are beyond words. These indulgent masterpieces border on works of art — they’re laden with goodies from candies and cookies to cakes, promising a feast for your eyes and tastebuds. Whether you prefer the old-school “Cookies & Cream” or desire an adventurous dessert like the “Cotton Candy Explosion,” there’s a Crazyshake for everyone. Remember to keep those cameras ready — every shake is a potential Instagram sensation! Lastly, their seasonal and themed Crazyshakes are not to be missed.

Uva Bar & Cafe

For a vibrant, alfresco dining experience, make your way to Uva Bar & Cafe. Embrace the quintessential Californian sunlit ambiance on their colorful patio, a perfect spot for leisurely people-watching. It provides a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for savoring your meal.

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From fresh salads and hearty burgers to appetizing sandwiches, the choice is yours! Top it off with their extensive beverage list and indulge in an expertly crafted cocktail or pick from their range of craft beers. It’s a fantastic choice to pause, refuel, and soak up the delightful Disney surroundings.

White Wine in a GlassSplitsville Luxury Lanes

Splitsville Luxury Lanes in Downtown Disney certainly generates a lot of buzz, and for good reason! They’ve taken ‘bowling alley food’ to another level. Savor gourmet burgers or pizzas as you enjoy the game, or perhaps a fresh salad tickles your fancy.

Dishes here boast fresh ingredients and thoughtful seasoning. Quench your thirst with their selection of refreshments ranging from innovative cocktails to a wide gallery of wines and craft beers. This isn’t just a bowling alley, it’s an elevated extravaganza blending entertainment, dining, and unwinding!

Rainforest Cafe

If you stumble upon the Rainforest Cafe, rest assured that you’ve discovered an absolute classic amongst the restaurants at Downtown Disney. It’s a delightfully exotic affair with dishes that incorporate tropical-inspired ingredients like pineapple, mango, and coconut. Still, there’s comfort knowing you can turn to their classic burgers, pizzas, pasta, and ribs if you’re in a more traditional mood.

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Don’t hesitate to try their volcano nachos, a house special served in a smoke-spewing, fire-blazing replica volcano, adding a touch of spectacle to your meal. However, it’s not just the food that’s a draw. The ambiance makes you feel as if you’re dining in the heart of a jungle, complete with lifelike animatronic animals, mimicked thunderstorms for a dash of drama, and even occasional bouts of misty gorilla fog wafting through! This immersive dining experience is a sensory feast and a wonderful detour for guests of all ages.

family dining with aquarium in background at Rainforest Cafe in Orlando, Florida, USA
photo credit: Rainforest Cafe via Facebook

Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen

If you find yourself captivated by Creole cuisine accompanied by a lively jazz ambiance, then Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen is the spot for you. Ranked high among Downtown Disney dining spots, patrons rave about the flavourful gumbo and delectable jambalaya. The restaurant’s lively vibe is a hit, with live music serving as the day’s soundtrack.

But fear not, if you’re after a more chilled-out dining experience, simply request a seat away from the band’s area. The staff is more than happy to accommodate your needs, ensuring a comfortably serene environment while you relish the delicious fare.

Naples Ristorante e Bar

For the classic Italian food enthusiast, the Naples Ristorante e Bar is an outstanding choice in Downtown Disney. This top-rated Disney restaurant specializes in creating traditional Italian dishes. Our mouths are drooling just thinking of their tantalizing pizzas, skillfully baked in a wood-fired oven. You’ll get a smoky, flavorful crust that will transport your taste buds straight to Italy.

Utilizing fresh ingredients and time-honored cooking techniques, the culinary team at Naples offers a truly authentic Italian experience. This sophisticated yet relaxed dining space represents an ideal selection, but do keep in mind that the prices can be a bit higher compared to other restaurants in the area.

four sets of different meal with 2 wine glasses
photo credit: Naples Ristorante e Bar via Facebook

Earl of Sandwich

Fresh sandwiches salads, anyone? Earl of Sandwich is worth a visit, especially if you’re looking for a quick, tasty, and convenient meal in Downtown Disney! This quick service restaurant a wide variety of made-to-order sandwiches on fresh artisan bread, with endless possibilities for customizing toppings and sauces.

You can choose from classic combinations like The Earl’s Club and The Original 1762®, or build your own creation with their extensive selection of meats, cheeses, and vegetables. And compared to other dining options in Downtown Disney, Earl of Sandwich offers good value for the quality and size of their sandwiches.

Napolini Pizzeria

Craving for pizza after your Disney adventure? Then, Napolini Pizzeria, a beloved part of the Downtown Disney restaurants Anaheim scene, is your go-to place. Still serving those irresistible slices, Napolini lets you create the pizza of your dreams with your preferred toppings. Their classic options include the Margherita, Pepperoni, and Hawaiian, all patron favorites.

At Napolini’s, expect only the best ingredients including the fresh mozzarella cheese, homemade tomato sauce, and carefully selected ingredients. Their wood fired pizza promises a perfectly charred finish while ensuring the crust is crisp on the outside yet chewy within. It’s a pizza experience you won’t forget!

Close up of a cheesy pepperoni pizza

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Are you wondering if this is the pink cupcakery you’ve been seeing on your Instagram feed for a while now? You’ve got it! Sprinkles Cupcakes is indeed the iconic pink cupcakery known for its vibrant décor, delicious treats, and innovative cupcake ATM concept.

They’ve become a popular sweet stop for many, and it’s no surprise you’ve heard about them. They offer a rotating selection of classic and unique flavors, from Red Velvet and Vanilla to Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Black Forest. Everything’s baked fresh daily in small batches, ensuring you get the best possible quality and flavor.

Ballast Point Brewing Company

Enticing both beer connoisseurs and food enthusiasts alike, Ballast Point is an integral part of Disney’s dining story. As an acclaimed brewery, its diverse assortment of award-winning brews – including IPAs, pale ales, lagers, and stouts – have been recognized far and wide, including grabbing the esteemed World Beer Cup Champion Brewer title. Additionally, they continually pique interest with their seasonal and specialty limited-edition variants.

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But the allure of Ballast Point doesn’t just end with beer. Within its vibrant ambiance, you can expect a palate-pleasing menu. Their fare delivers a twist on classic pub food, elevating each dish with fresh, seasonal ingredients fused with California influences.

Meanwhile, their tasting room offers an immersive experience where you’re not only sampling an array of their top-notch beers but also gaining insight into the brewing process. And don’t forget, you can take home beer-infused souvenirs to continue the Ballast Point experience at home.

friends having beer together at a brewery
Leo Patrizi / Getty Images

Jazz Kitchen Seating

You’re not wrong to wonder about Jazz Kitchen seating and its connection to jazz music! While the food itself isn’t directly jazz-themed, the seating arrangement and atmosphere have a jazzy vibe. Of course, the restaurant hosts live jazz performances almost every night!

Some tables have direct views of the live music stage, where you can enjoy talented jazz musicians while you dine. Feast on elevated New Orleans classics with a twist! Think elevated dishes like shrimp and grits with chorizo, blackened chicken pasta, and po’boys with unique fillings.

Wetzel’s Pretzels

Wetzel’s Pretzels, with its adorable name and irresistible aroma, is worth the trip for a quick and tasty snack! FRESH. SOFT. PRETZELS. They bake their pretzels fresh in-store throughout the day, ensuring you get a warm, soft, and delicious treat!

Go classic with the Original Pretzel, or get adventurous with options like Cinna-Bitz (bite-sized pretzel nuggets with sweet cinnamon glaze), Jalapeño Pretzel (spicy kick for the bold!), and even Pretzel Dogs (pretzel around a hot dog). And of course, your tasty snack is not complete without Wetzel’s dipping delights. Take your pretzel experience to the next level with their dips like cheese sauce, honey mustard, and ranch dressing.

couple eating pretzels from Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen in SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, USABeignets Expressed

Beignets Expressed is a fun and fast-paced spot in Downtown Disney that celebrates the iconic New Orleans treat: beignets! Those light and fluffy squares of fried dough dusted in powdered sugar are undeniably delicious, and Beignets Expressed takes them to the next level. Their classic beignets are made fresh to order. They’re golden brown on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside.

Drooling yet? A generous dusting of powdered sugar is a must, and you can add even more if you’re a true powdered sugar enthusiast. It’s perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying all to yourself (no judgment here!).

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