The Grand Canyon

The South Rim is bursting with activities, from awe-inspiring sunrise hikes to riveting ranger talks that will indulge your curiosity.

As put together by the diligent team at the National Park Service and the Grand Canyon Conservancy, there's something to engage everyone. Let's dive into this fun-filled, informative guide, and start planning your 2023 Grand Canyon adventure!

Key Events at the South Rim

The year kicks off with the much-anticipated South Rim Marathon - an unmatched running experience offering breathtaking views and challenging terrains. For nature enthusiasts, the Grand Canyon Spring Birding Festival is a must, offering a guided tour of the park's diverse avian population.

But the showstopper remains the Annual Grand Canyon Star Party. As darkness descends, the heavens come alive in a star-studded spectacle that lures astronomers and sky-gazers from all around the globe.

It's an unforgettable event that perfectly encapsulates the profound beauty the Grand Canyon National Park has to offer.

Exclusive Special Events at Grand Canyon National Park

In 2023, Grand Canyon National Park will host a range of exclusive special events that promise to create unforgettable memories. Start your adventure with the "Grand Canyon Ultra Marathon," a test of endurance like no other, as you traverse the awe-inspiring landscapes under the vast Arizonan sky.

For those keen on an immersive cultural experience, don't miss the "Native Heritage Days," where you'll have the chance to learn firsthand about the indigenous tribes who have shaped the history of this majestic land. And for all the stargazers out there, the "Annual Grand Canyon Star Party" is an event you certainly won't want to miss.

Nearby Attractions and Things to Do

Prepare to be intrigued as the surrounding areas of the Grand Canyon also offer a variety of enticing attractions that complement your trip to the events at the world-renowned national park.

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What a Year it's Shaping Up to be at the Grand Canyon!

With a thrilling line-up of events and activities planned throughout the year, there's never been a better time to plan your visit.

Secure your spot today and prepare to dive into the grandeur of the Grand Canyon events. See you there!