Discount Boston Tea Party Museum Is Here: 6 Ways to Save Up to 10%

Experience the Boston Tea Party Museum, located near the historic Faneuil Hall. Throw tea into Boston Harbor, explore authentically restored tea ships, discover the Sons of Liberty, and save money doing it. The perfect blend of history and discount tickets awaits!

Step back in time and dive into a pivotal point of American history at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum—the spot where, as a visitor, you can relive the infamous night of December 16, 1773. Colloquially known as “the single most important event leading up to the American Revolution,” the Boston Tea Party marked America’s fight for independence, with Sons of Liberty like Samuel Adams at the helm.

This interactive museum where the Boston Tea Party happened doesn’t just offer a walk down memory lane; it provides a multisensory experience that lets you participate in one of America’s most iconic rebellions.

With authentically restored tea ships, a gripping multi-sensory film, the town trolley, and the only surviving tea chest from the real Boston Tea Party, your visit will be steeped in history.

And here’s the best part—as a historical monument that believes in making American history accessible to all, the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum offers a range of discounts.

From students to seniors, AAA members to military personnel, there are multiple ways for you to save up to a certain percentage on museum tickets. Explore all the ways you can access these discounts in this handy guide.

Boston Tea Party Museum Discount Tickets

Looking for a Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum discount? Your search is over!

Don’t miss the chance to dive into American history while saving some dollars! Visit the legendary site where the Boston Tea Party happened and get your Boston Tea Party Museum discount tickets, which are only available on Tripster.

Enjoy an authentically restored tea ship, meet the Sons of Liberty in a multi sensory experience, and throw tea into the Boston Harbor, all while enjoying a great discount. Make sure to seize this unique opportunity today and create unforgettable memories in Boston.

A group of people dressed in Colonial attire celebrating in a room at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
Photo Credit: Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum via Facebook

Boston Tea Party Museum Coupons and Discounts

Boston Tea Party Museum Military Discount

If you’re a serviceman or servicewoman, don’t forget to take advantage of the Boston Tea Party Museum military discount. Our heroes in uniform deserve a nod of recognition, and that’s exactly what this museum delivers.

With a valid military ID, you can take a step back into the times of the American Revolution at a reduced rate.

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From authentically restored tea ships to surviving tea chests, the exploration will be a tribute to the Sons of Liberty and their role in history without burning a hole in your pocket.

Fun Fact: Where did the Boston Tea Party happen? The iconic Boston Tea Party took place right in the heart of Boston Harbor. It was on the authentically restored tea ships at this historic location where revolutionary patriots, the Sons of Liberty, led by Samuel Adams, daringly dumped whole chests of tea into the sea on December 16, 1773, sparking a pivotal event in American history.

Boston Tea Party Museum AAA Discount

If you’re an AAA (American Automobile Association) member, don’t forget to take advantage of the Boston Tea Party Museum AAA discount. Just present your AAA membership card at the ticket counter to enjoy a significant saving on your museum tickets.

Not only will you get to immerse yourself in the fantastic multi sensory, authentically restored exhibits of the Revolutionary War and American history, but you’ll also do it at a discounted price. It’s a perfect deal that combines education and savings!

Boston Skyline with Financial District and Boston Harbor at Dusk
Roman Slavik / Getty Images

Boston Tea Party Museum Senior Discount

Delve deep into American history without straining your pocket using the Boston Tea Party Museum senior discount. This scheme grants all senior visitors a fairly significant discount on the standard museum admission ticket price.

Immerse yourself in the multi sensory experience and authentically restored tea ships as you recapture the historic event that took place at this same Boston Harbor location.

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Not only does it make your visit more affordable, but it also opens the doorway to the past, leading you straight into the heart of the Revolutionary War. The Boston Tea Party Museum is rigorous in honoring the key role seniors play in preserving our history and sharing it with younger generations.

Boston Tea Party Museum Student Discount

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum shines a spotlight on an event that was a significant precursor to the American Revolutionary War.

Seeing as education is integral to this, the museum offers a special Boston Tea Party student discount. This discount allows students to immerse themselves in this pivotal piece of history at a lower cost. No need for a Boston Tea Party discount code!

Explore exhibits that showcase authentically restored tea ships and throw tea overboard, just like the Sons of Liberty did in that fateful event.

The discount can be used for entrance into the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, or even for the unique experience of the Huzzah! Tavern Nights. Either way, by taking advantage of this discount, students can delve deep into American history without having to worry too much about expenses.

Fun Fact: When did the Boston Tea Party happen? The Boston Tea Party, a pivotal event in American history, happened on the night of December 16, 1773. On this fateful evening, a group of colonists famously known as the Sons of Liberty, including Samuel Adams, acted against the British Crown by throwing chests of tea overboard into Boston Harbor.

interior museum exhibit with green walls and artifacts from the Boston Tea Party
Photo Credit: Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum via Facebook

Boston Tea Party Museum Group Travel Deals

Planning a group outing to relive one of the most significant events in American history? Take advantage of the discount Boston Tea Party Ships Museum Group Travel Deals.

Immerse your group in an interactive living history experience featuring authentically restored tea ships and multi-sensory exhibits.

Make your journey to the Boston harbor more affordable and memorable by traveling in a group and benefit from reduced museum ticket prices.

What’s better than learning more about the heroic Sons of Liberty, throwing tea, and witnessing the Revolutionary War narratives at a discounted rate? Nothing beats a good deal that pairs savings with a taste of history.

Boston Tea Party Museum Vacation Packages

Looking for the perfect getaway? Say hello to the Boston Tea Party Museum vacation packages on Tripster.

This fantastic deal bundles your Boston Tea Party Museum discount tickets with some of the most exciting experiences and attractions Boston has to offer.

Check out our top picks:

Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in authentic American history while enjoying great savings!

Three people dressed in colonial era outfits standing on a boardwalk with Boston tea party signage behind them
Photo Credit: Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum via Facebook

Hotels Near Boston Tea Party Museum

Imagine waking up to the rich history of the Revolutionary War that surrounds you. Staying at a hotel near the Boston Tea Party Museum places you steps away from reliving the audacious act of rebellion but also lends ease to partaking in other historical activities.

Catch a show in Boston’s Theater District, head over to the multi-sensory Boston Children’s Museum, or join the monthly Huzzah! Tavern Nights at Abigail’s Tea Room.

Your accommodations near the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum cater not only to your thirst for American history but also to your convenience and comfort during your stay. It’s an ideal choice for any history enthusiast looking for authentic experiences.

Check out some of the best hotels near the Boston Tea Party Museum, all offered at discounted rates on Tripster:

a photograph of a city street with tall buildings visible 
photo credit: Club Quarters Hotel Faneuil Hall, Boston via Facebook

Boston Attractions

View Boston Observatory

If you’re planning your journey around Boston, don’t forget to stop by the coveted View Boston Observatory.

Offering you a bird’s eye view of the cityscape, it’s an unbeatable spot to take in the stunning vistas of Boston Harbor and the significant Boston Tea Party location.

From this height, you can truly appreciate the combination of modernity and history each neighborhood offers.

Boston’s Freedom Trail: Private Tour including Paul Revere House

Discover one of the oldest cities in the United States through a private guided tour! Starting at Boston Common, this walking tour of the Freedom Trail features a visit inside the historic residence of the renowned patriot Paul Revere House.

The journey will also take you to the Boston Public Market, where you can enjoy fresh cider snacks (included in the tour).

Boston Signature Dinner Cruise on Boston Harbor

Embark on a Spirit of Boston dinner cruise alongside your family, friends, or coworkers! Witness the beautiful sunset and breathtaking city skyline as you savor a sumptuous dinner on a luxurious multi-deck yacht cruising through Boston Harbor.

Enjoy dancing on the indoor dance floor, relaxing on the rooftop deck, and indulging in refreshing cocktails available for purchase from the ship’s bar.

Wide shot of the harbor at sunset with a clear outline of the building in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
photo credit: Sahaj Bedi via Unsplash

Insider Boston Tea Party Museum Tips

What to Bring

When you’re planning your visit to the Boston Tea Party Museum, it’s important to prepare adequately for the immersive, multi sensory experience.

Comfortable shoes are a must, as the museum experience involves some walking and standing.

Whether you’re exploring the deck of the brig Beaver, engaging with Revolutionary War era artifacts, or following your Museum Tour Host through the interactive ‘Let It Begin Here’ exhibit, you’ll appreciate being in comfortable footwear.

Younger history enthusiasts should consider packing a sketchbook or journal. The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is a treasure trove of educational experiences.

From the fateful events that took place at the Boston Harbor to the role of the Sons of Liberty led by Samuel Adams, there’s a wealth of knowledge to be recorded or drawn.

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For those looking to bring their memory back home, keep a little room in your bag for souvenirs from the gift shop, where you can grab books, replicas of the Tea chests, and more.

Lastly, be sure to have your Boston Tea Party museum discount tickets or coupon ready to redeem at the entrance. Saving has never been easier when you’re exploring the past in Boston.

Exterior of red building and old ship at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
Photo Credit: Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum via Facebook

Can I Bring Food to the Boston Tea Party Museum?

Food and drinks are not normally allowed in the exhibit areas for conservation reasons. However, don’t let that worry you, as the museum houses the wonderful Abigail’s Tea Room, where you can indulge in delicious colonial-inspired food and beverages.

From fresh baked goods to a variety of teas and even historically-inspired cocktails, there’s more than enough to satiate your hunger and quench your thirst.

Boston Tea Party Museum Parking and Address

At the heart of one of America’s most historic cities, the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is located at 306 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210. The museum has no dedicated parking.

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However, several public parking lots are close by, including the Farnsworth Street Garage and the Stillings Street Garage. We recommend public transportation for convenience, which stops close to the museum location.

View of historical reenactment of tea being poured in the Boston Hard from a Boston Tea Party Ship in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
photo credit: Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum via Facebook

Boston Tea Party Museum Reviews

Want to find out what others think of the Boston Tea Party Museum? Check out the most recent Boston Tea Party Museum reviews.

With all the information at your fingertips, why wait? Whether you’re a history buff, a school student, or just a curious traveler, add this remarkable museum to your Boston itinerary.

Seize the chance to bask in American history, save a significant chunk of your expenses with our discount tickets, and make your visit to the Boston Tea Party Museum an enlightening, enjoyable, and affordable one.

We’re confident the throw of the tea will be a fond memory of your Boston story! Explore, learn, and savor the experience at the Boston Tea Party Museum!

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