The Buffet at Bellagio: Menu, Price and Reservations – Is it Worth the Splurge?

Offering a visual feast alongside a gastronomic extravaganza, our in-depth guide takes you on a grand tour of the Bellagio buffet. Create a culinary adventure that’s worth every dime, from delectable prime rib to an array of exotic dishes.

We know you have your sights set on an indulgent dining experience in Las Vegas—there’s no better place than the treasured buffet at Bellagio. Widely renowned as one of the top dining experiences in Sin City, the Bellagio buffet truly embraces the variety and opulence the city is famous for.

By the time you finish reading this in-depth guide, you will have the full lowdown on the Bellagio buffet menu, the price, and how to secure your spot for this unique dining experience. Whether you’re a seasoned gourmet or a burgeoning foodie, this Bellagio buffet guide is just for you.

Savoring the Variety: In-Depth Look at the Bellagio Buffet Food Options

If you’ve visited Las Vegas, then you understand that the city offers dozens of buffets at every corner. But what sets the Bellagio Buffet apart is its dedication to gastronomic excellence. At the heart of the Strip, this dining oasis offers an extraordinary culinary journey designed to excite the palate.

The array of dishes available at the buffet at Bellagio is simply staggering. Whether you’re a seafood lover or a meat aficionado, a sucker for international flavors, or a fan of traditional American fare, the Bellagio buffet menu has something for you.

Focusing on high-quality ingredients and fresh products, the spread includes sushi rolls and sashimi, prepared at a live station by expert chefs. There’s also a carving station presenting hot-off-the-grill succulent meats like prime rib and roasted turkey. If you’re a seafood enthusiast, don’t miss out on the snow crab legs or the fresh-shucked oysters.

And of course, there’s the famed dessert bijoux – from the creamy gelato station with an array of mouth-watering flavors to the patisserie corner serving delectable cakes, pastries, and a chocolate fountain that would make Willy Wonka envious.

Got your mind on the top-rated prime rib? More on that below!

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Prime Rib Paradise: A Highlight of the Bellagio Buffet Menu

As you step into the Bellagio Buffet, your senses might be overwhelmed by a myriad of delicious offerings. However, for many, there is one undisputed king of the menu – the prime rib. A feast for the eyes, the nose, and eventually, the taste buds, this particular dish truly justifies why the Bellagio Buffet is considered a culinary heaven in Las Vegas.

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Hand-carved by Bellagio’s expert chefs and roasted to perfection, the prime rib is a mesmerizing display of culinary craftsmanship. The meat is kept moist and juicy on the inside, with the exterior featuring a beautifully crisped crust. The roast is seasoned masterfully, allowing the natural flavors of the beef to shine through. Each bite melts in your mouth, taking you to cloud nine of gastronomic bliss. This is what makes the prime rib a steadfast fan favorite at the Bellagio buffet.

Matching the head-turning main course, the accompaniments served with the prime rib at the Bellagio Buffet also garner praise. Fluffy mashed potatoes, crisp roasted vegetables, warm, fresh dinner rolls, and a selection of aioli – all provide complementary flavors that make the prime rib experience even more enjoyable.

Certainly, the prime rib here is sensational. But what if red meat isn’t your thing? Fear not, the Bellagio buffet has got you covered with their extensive vegetarian and vegan options.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options at the Bellagio Buffet

The vegetarian and vegan community won’t feel left out at the Bellagio buffet. Of course, you’re not relegated to just salads at the Bellagio buffet; your options extend beyond the realm of crispy greens. The Bellagio went to great lengths to ensure you can indulge in a host of exquisite vegetarian and vegan fares from around the world. Just think of delectable pasta dishes, seasoned and grilled vegetables, stir-fries, and even vegan-friendly pizzas. They also serve a variety of vegan sushi rolls.

If you’re keen on dipping into international flavors, the buffet at Bellagio offers several delicacies. From vegetarian Thai curries to Asian-style vegetable stir-fries, and even Italian pasta with rich, creamy sauces sans any animal derivatives!

For desserts, vegans and vegetarians can look forward to tucking into a host of dairy-free desserts. From fruity sorbets and gluten-free cakes to beautiful pastries and even some vegan gelatos – the buffet at Bellagio satisfies every sweet tooth.

So, fear not – the Bellagio buffet menu caters to a diverse range of diets. Whether you follow a plant-based, vegetarian, or any form of restrictive dietary lifestyle, your palette is bound to be pleased.

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Pricing at the Bellagio Buffet: Digging into the Cost

Knowing how much to budget for the Bellagio buffet is essential before embarking on this gastronomic adventure in Las Vegas. While it may seem a tad pricey compared with other buffets around town, don’t discount it just yet. Understanding what’s included in the fare can sway your perspective.

So, how much is the Bellagio buffet price? The Bellagio buffet is most affordable on weekdays, with breakfast being the cheapest and dinner offered at a high price. On weekends, however, the cost heightens slightly. The buffet also offers an all-day pass, allowing you to indulge your cravings from breakfast until dinner. Keep in mind that prices can fluctuate during holidays and special events.

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Dining with kids? Children aged 5 and below get to dine for free! If you’re planning a family trip to Las Vegas, this could be a fun and cost-effective choice. To avoid surprise charges, also note that beverages, excluding coffee and juice, are billed separately.

So, is the Bellagio buffet worth the splurge? Read our verdict below!

Splurge-worthy or Skip-worthy: The Verdict on the Bellagio Buffet

So, you’re keen to know: is the Bellagio Buffet worth it? When it comes to the world of buffets in Las Vegas, the Bellagio Buffet is in a league of its own. Unlike many all-you-can-eat establishments, this buffet doesn’t merely focus on quantity but also, importantly, quality.

With the Bellagio Buffet price being relatively steep compared to other Las Vegas buffets, you might wonder if it’s worth loosening your purse strings. However, with such a diverse menu, it almost certainly provides excellent value for money. Where else can you find gourmet options featuring prime rib, sushi, and oysters alongside home comfort dishes like macaroni and cheese?

There is an overwhelming variety of desserts as well, making this buffet a paradise for the sweet-toothed. The fact that the buffet at Bellagio menu keeps evolving is always a pleasant surprise. This means that you can visit multiple times and always be in anticipation of something new to tickle your taste buds.

Peek through Bellagio Buffet photos and you will see a beautifully decorated space that enhances the whole dining experience. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a meal in such an opulent setting, complete with sparkling chandeliers and plush seating.

That said, is Bellagio Buffet worth the splurge? If you have a big appetite and are ready for a top-notch buffet dining experience, our answer is a resounding yes!

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Photo Credit: Bellagio Las Vegas via Facebook

Bellagio Buffet Reservations and Walk-ins: A Step-by-Step Guide

When planning your visit to the Bellagio Buffet, securing a table can be done systematically. Although walk-ins are well accommodated, reservations are a better option, especially for larger group sizes or during peak hours. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth Bellagio Buffet experience:

Booking a Reservation

To place a reservation, navigate to Bellagio’s official website or dial their customer service number. Locate the “Dining” option on their website’s main menu and proceed to click on “The Buffet at Bellagio.” Next, you’ll find an easy-to-use reservation system. Choose your preferred date and time, input the number of diners, and voila, your booking should be confirmed in just a few moments!

Using the MGM Resorts Mobile App

The MGM Resorts Mobile App is another platform where you can book the Bellagio buffet reservations effortlessly. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play store. Once installed, input the necessary details and experience convenience at your fingertips.


Unplanned visits to the Bellagio Buffet are not left out. Even without a reservation, you’re welcome to walk in at any time. However, be prepared to wait in line, especially during prime dining hours. Generally, the buffet at Bellagio experiences peak traffic during the evening on weekends and on local Vegas holidays. Arriving about 30 minutes before mealtime is usually a good strategy to beat the adrenaline.

Please Note: Management reserves the right to manage seating arrangements during busy hours. We recommend reservations to improve your overall dining experience at the Bellagio buffet.

Bellagio Buffet FAQs

At the Bellagio buffet, it's customary to tip around $5-10 per person, depending on the level of service provided. This gratuity ensures that the staff are appropriately compensated for their service and hospitality during your dining experience.

When staying at the Bellagio, we recommend wearing elegant and dressy attire for ladies, while sleepwear or swimwear is not permitted. For gentlemen, please refrain from wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts, or open-toed shoes.

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