Battleship Missouri Memorial Coupon: 3 Ways to Save Up to 8% Off

Oahu may be best known for stunning black sand beaches, mouthwatering Luaus, and surfing at the North Shore, but this otherworldly oasis is also home to some awe-inspiring history. Carve out an afternoon or two to explore the Battleship Missouri Memorial.

Follow along to get the inside scoop on the USS Battleship Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

From how to get to the Battleship Missouri Memorial in Honolulu to what’s included in the Battleship Missouri Memorial Mighty Mo Pass, we’ll cover it all!

Battleship Missouri Memorial Tickets

The first step in crafting the perfect Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial and Battleship Missouri Tour? Pre-purchasing your discount Missouri Memorial tickets!

Mighty Mo hosts some of the most popular memorial tours, so it is highly advised to reserve your tickets ahead of time. Choose from the following Battleship Missouri Memorial cost-effective options:

Mighty MO Pass

Looking to get the lay of the last U.S. Battleship? The Mighty Mo Pass general admission ticket includes your choice of a 35-minute guided tour or a self-guided route.

Visitors who opt for a guided tour will be treated to expert-level narration from one of many Battleship tour guides. Trace the famed footsteps of General MacArthur, scout out life below deck, or observe the ship’s numerous commands and controls.

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Passport to Pearl Harbor*

Craving a full day of battleships, aviation, and submarines? Then, soak in even more Oahu and U.S. history with the comprehensive Passport to Pearl Harbor tour. Enjoy visits to the USS Arizona Memorial, the Battleship Missouri Memorial, the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum, and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. This whole-day affair will paint a vivid picture of the Pacific’s impact on the US Military.

*Please note that passport tickets do not include your transportation to the USS Arizona Memorial. In order to secure these boat tickets, please visit the National Park Service website.

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View looking down on Pearl Harbor during the day and there appears to be some oil in the water in Oahu HawaiiUSS Battleship Missouri Memorial Tour Discounts

While you can’t put a price on history, it never hurts to save a dollar or two. Conserve your coin for even more Oahu attractions when you utilize the following discounts:

USS Missouri Memorial Military Discounts

Loyal, brave, and true. The US Military presence can be felt in every corner of this active base. The USS Missouri Memorial holds the utmost respect for our soldiers and is proud to offer a special military rate to guests with valid ID.*  These tickets must be purchased in person at the admissions desk.

*Please note that Kamaaina (or local) discounts are also available upon request.

USS Missouri Memorial Group Discounts

The more, the merrier! Spread the legacy of Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri Memorial far and wide when you visit this historic site with a group. An ideal educational, corporate, or church outing, the significance of this marine marvel is not to be overlooked. 

Wide shot looking up at the USS Missouri Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii
photo credit: Battleship Missouri Memorial via Facebook

USS Missouri Memorial AAA Discounts

Careful car drivers make the highways, roads, and streets safer for us all. However, at this time, the USS Missouri Memorial is not offering any AAA member discounts.

Uncover the significance of Mighty Mo’s role in Operation Desert Storm, stand on the site where the Japanese surrendered, and more.

Whether you’re interested in the Missouri Memorial’s impressive history in the United States Military or are searching high and low for a Battleship Missouri Memorial Coupon, our guide covers it all.

About the Battleship Missouri Memorial Honolulu, HI

Ready to dive into the storied history of the USS Missouri? From her inception in the Brooklyn Navy Yard to her role in the Korean War, this edifice of military prowess has done and seen it all:

Building – an American legend, the USS Missouri was constructed in 1944, during the midst of WWII in Brooklyn. The youngest of her other Iowa class sisters, she was designed to balance speed and firepower. 

World War II – the USS Missouri would leave for Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in early January 1945. She would play an integral role in WWII, participating in both airstrikes against Tokyo and Okinawa. By the war’s end, she would sustain multiple kamikaze attacks and rack up five confirmed kills.

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Surrender of the Japanese – on September 2nd, 1945, the ravages of WWII came to a stirring close on what would later become known as the ‘surrender deck.’ Sitting in Tokyo Bay, the USS Missouri’s role in history was cemented as the Japanese formally acknowledged their defeat. This solemn ceremony lasted less than 30 minutes and was opened with a stirring speech by General Douglas MacArthur.

Korean War and beyond – As the US entered the Korean War, so did the USS Missouri. This veteran ship would serve two deployments throughout the conflict and undergo minor cosmetic changes. Lastly, she would provide integral fire support for ground troops during the Gulf War before her official retirement in 1992. For the last 20 years, the USS Missouri has served as a museum and memorial, commemorating its historical significance in defending our flag.

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top deck of the USS Battleship missouri flags strung from the top of the guns with water surrounding under a twilight sky in Oahu, Hawaii
photo credit: Battleship Missouri Memorial via Facebook

Oahu Hotels and Resorts

Between surfing the North Shore or catching glimpses of humpbacks, you’ll want to spend more than just a night in Oahu. Ready to immerse yourself in island life? Get going with your fabulous Oahu activities by spending a week or more in this jungle paradise.

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Battleship Missouri Memorial Hours

Wondering when is the best time to take your Battleship Missouri Memorial tour? Make the most out of this awesome Oahu adventure when you plan ahead! The last U.S. Battleship is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.*

Please plan on arriving at the memorial anytime between 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the date of your visit. The last entry into this living museum will be at 3:00 p.m. To fully appreciate the Missouri Memorial exhibits, narration, and artifacts, we recommend you budget 1 – 1 .5 hours aboard the vessel.

*The Battleship Missouri Memorial is closed on the following major federal holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day

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Internal shot down a hallway of the USS Missouri Battleship, yellow walls and yellow door with a wheel
photo credit: Battleship Missouri Memorial via Facebook

USS Battleship Missouri Memorial Directions

Curious about how to get to this edifice of steel and teak? The Battleship Missouri Memorial and Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum are located on Ford Island. This secure military base can be accessed via a free shuttle from the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

Shuttles depart from the visitors center every 15-20 minutes, starting at 8:00 a.m. These complimentary shuttles run on a loop, stopping first at the Battleship Missouri Memorial, then the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, and lastly, returning to the Visitor Center. Please be aware that the final shuttle of the day will leave from the Battleship Missouri Memorial at 4:05 p.m.

In addition, the last shuttle is scheduled to depart from the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum at 5:00 p.m. Therefore, it is highly suggested to budget an additional hour for transportation into your USS Missouri Memorial experience. Click here for further detailed directions via car, cab, or city bus.

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USS Battleship Missouri - O'ahu, Hawaii, USAOahu Attractions

Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat Cruise

Take a break from the solemn history of Pearl Harbor when you travel 20,000 leagues under the sea without sustaining a single splash! Escape land for a fantastic sea voyage when you climb aboard a Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat Cruise.

Catch glimpses of curious sea turtles, schools full of colorful fish, eels, and more as you tour Oahu’s stunning coastline. Your glass bottom cruise will last one hour and be stuffed full of magical marine life, local stories, and picturesque photo opportunities.

wide shot of a red and white hawaii glass bottom boat in the ocean with Diamond head in the background
photo credit: Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat via Facebook

Polynesian Cultural Center

Vibrant flower leis, rhythmic native dances, and aquamarine lagoons come together to create an island experience like no other. Wander through over 42 acres of tropical attractions, exhibits, villages, and more when you spend a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Indulge your craving for authentic luau cuisine, soak in an IMAX show, or take a ride in a traditional canoe. Don’t forget to round out your Oahu escape with the unforgettable Hā–Breath of Life evening show!

Battleship Missouri Tips

Aye, Aye, Captain! Prepare yourself for a day of high seas history when you heed the following Mighty Mo tips:

  • No bags of any size are allowed on the ship due to security measures. Therefore, the USS Missouri asks that you please plan accordingly or be prepared to pay a nominal fee to store your bag.
  • Wear closed-toed shoes on your USS Missouri visit and take caution when moving through the ship.
  • Stay hydrated! Hawaii is quite a hot environment, so please purchase bottled water/beverages to drink throughout the day.
  • Practice sun safety! Oahu’s sun is no joke, so apply that SPF liberally. 
  • Charge up that phone/camera as you’ll be dying to document every attraction both above and below deck. 

wide shot of uss missouri battleship in the harbor

Battleship Missouri Memorial Reviews

Roaring and ready to conquer the Battleship Missouri for yourself? If you’re still not ready to pull the trigger on some tickets, click here to read real reviews from intrepid travelers just like you. Glean insider opinions, knowledge, and more.

Need even more seaworthy adventure in your life? Soak in a sunset, spot humpback whales, or tuck into a delicious dinner when you book a Body Glove Cruise. 

A dazzling wartime legacy, plenty of star-spangled pride, and a pinch of patriotism come together to make the Battleship Missouri Memorial a can’t-miss Oahu attraction.

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Take a break from working on your tan to tour the Battleship Missouri Memorial Oahu. Walk down the galley and decks of this war-torn ship, which so proudly served her country through WWII, the Korean War, and the Gulf War.

From air strikes in Japan to the iconic WWII surrender, this stately vessel has made an indelible impact during her 51-year-long career.

Discover the aviation museum, the USS Arizona, and more when you opt for the Passport to Pearl Harbor. Or, opt to take in the Missouri Memorial at your own pace with a self-guided tour.

However you explore the illustrious Mighty Mo, this is one maritime marvel you can’t miss!

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