Awana Spa Las Vegas: Offerings, Prices, and More!

Immerse yourself in a serene oasis of tranquility and unparalleled luxury at Awana Spa in Las Vegas, the epitome of opulent indulgence.

Are you ready to step into a sanctuary of peace and opulence? Allow us to be your guide. Nestled amidst the vibrant, pulsating energy of Resorts World Las Vegas, stands a sanctuary of absolute tranquility and grandeur – Awana Spa. This is not merely a spa; it’s an immersive journey that transports you to a realm of serenity.

Here, luxury is not just a feeling but a holistic experience that pampers your body, calms your mind, and rejuvenates your spirit. Against the backdrop of the glittering Las Vegas skyline, Awana Spa emerges as an enclave of a rejuvenating respite, a place where tranquility marries luxury, offering you an experience wrapped in comfort, lavishness, and the ultimate in self-care.

Awana Spa Las Vegas: The Epitome of Luxury and Tranquility

When it comes to the notion of luxury, Awana Spa in Las Vegas truly sets the bar high. Located at 3000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, the spa is both a visual feast and a retreat for the senses. The meticulously crafted interior integrates elements of nature – wood, water, stone, and earth – to create a sanctuary that feels miles away from the buzzing city.

As you step into the spa, you’re immediately enveloped by a serene environment that marries modern luxury with timeless tranquility. Fragrant aromas of essential oils waft through the air, the soft and tranquil melodies of ambient music tingle your ears, and the warm and gentle lighting sets up the mood for relaxation. It’s simply the perfect atmosphere to recharge your body, mind, and spirit.

Awana Spa designs each treatment room as a private sanctuary, ensuring your spa experience is personal, peaceful, and undisturbed. To help you unwind before or after your treatment, the facility is fully equipped with a couple of lounge areas, a sauna, a steam room, and a whirlpool.

All in all, Awana Spa Resorts World exudes luxury and tranquility at its finest. Whether you’re on vacation or simply seeking a respite from the pressures of everyday life, a visit to Awana Spa Vegas is sure to exceed your expectations.

Trust us, the awe-inspiring Awana Spa and wellness photos you see online give you a glimpse of the opulence and serenity that await you there.

The Ultimate Relaxation: Services Offered by Awana Spa and Wellness

Awana Spa and Wellness offers a myriad of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments that cater to every individual’s wishes. From soothing massages and calming facials to invigorating body scrubs, the wide range of services promises to provide an unparalleled spa journey.

The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth Service is a comprehensive three-hour spa experience that grants guests access to all the exceptional facilities and amenities within the spa, enabling them to customize their own wellness journey.

Within this exclusive offering, the Fountain of Youth Service features a collection of four Vitality Pools, each offering a distinct temperature range, from soothingly hot to invigoratingly cold, ensuring a diverse hydrotherapy experience.

Adding to the allure is the unique “rain walk” experience, where gentle showers mimic a calming rainforest atmosphere after your dip in the pool.

Massage therapists hands on someones back with hot stones resting on their spine as they get a massage
Photo Credit: Resorts World Las Vegas via Facebook

The Crystal Laconium and Sauna Meister Experience

Awana Spa boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including the Crystal Laconium and Sauna Meister chambers. The Crystal Laconium is a relaxation room adorned with healing crystals and gentle heat, promoting detoxification and relaxation. The Sauna Meister is a traditional sauna experience guided by expert attendants who create an authentic and invigorating sauna journey, enhancing overall wellness.

Foot Spa Lounge and Tepidarium Chairs

Pamper your tired feet in the luxurious Foot Spa Lounge, where skilled therapists provide a rejuvenating foot massage using aromatic oils and herbal scrubs. Adjacent to the lounge, you’ll find the Tepidarium Chairs, where you can recline comfortably in heated loungers, promoting relaxation and muscle tension relief.

Cool Mist Showers and the Curved Wall

Cool off and refresh your senses in the Cool Mist Showers, a unique and invigorating experience that stimulates the mind and body. Adjacent to this area is the Curved Wall, which features chromotherapy lights that enhance relaxation and balance.

Woman in a white swim suit lounging in a hot tub
Photo Credit: Resorts World Las Vegas via Facebook

Music and Lights for the Senses

Awana Spa takes the spa experience to the next level with calming music lights. The ambiance is designed to soothe your senses, creating an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility that complements your spa journey perfectly.

60-Minute Spa Treatments

For those seeking a quick escape, Awana Spa offers a selection of 60-minute spa treatments. These treatments are an ideal choice for guests with limited time who still want to enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of a spa experience that comes with soothing sounds and serene light therapies.

Awana Spa and Wellness Services: A Guide to Awana Spa Prices

Taking a plunge into the services offered at Awana Spa, their comprehensive Awana Spa menu is curated to suit every wellness enthusiast.

With a starting price of $150 for a 1-hour massage designed to release tension, Awana Spa commits to value. Signature treatment packages, providing comprehensive relaxation, begin from $300.

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Awana Spa day passes are also available for guests and couples to enjoy a tranquility-filled day at their facilities. These passes are part of varied packages suiting different budgets.

Woman in a brown bikini and white robe relaxing on lounge chairs in a white room
Photo Credit: Resorts World Las Vegas via Facebook

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