Reel Fun Awaits: Discover the Insider’s Secrets of Disney’s All Star Movie Resort

Embark on a pixie-dusted journey through Disney’s All Star Movies Resort, where every corner unfolds with the magic of beloved films. See how far you’ll go on a magic carpet ride to a whole new world of Disney enchantment from this resort hotel.

Prepare for an enchanting journey as we take you through the magical world of All Star Movie Resort Disney. Wander through scenes straight out of your favorite Disney classics, from the delightful 101 Dalmatians spotted pups to the lively toys of Andy Room.

Engaging, immersive, and brimming with the rich essence of celebrated Disney films, this resort perfectly captures the whimsy, creativity, and magic quintessential to Disney.

Whether you’re a seasoned Disney enthusiast or planning your first Disney adventure, this insider’s guide will help you navigate the back alleys and Mickey Mouse ears of the All-Star Movies Resort.

So, are you ready to step into storybook magic like never before? Be our guest as we bibbidi bobbidi boo your way through this resort, where the fun just never stops!

About Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

The All-Star Resort complex, a brainchild of the architectural maestros at Arquitectonica in Miami, broke ground in November of 1992. Taking the spotlight after its sporty and melodic siblings, Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort and Disney’s All Star Music Resort, All Star Movies added its star power to the scene.

All Star Movies Resort kicked off its star-studded show in January 1999 with headliners 101 Dalmatians and Mighty Ducks. Adding to the blockbuster lineup were Fantasia, Love Bug, and Toy Story buildings.

Known for its playful and imaginative themes, this resort has a knack for squeezing fun into cozy spaces, offering a budget-friendly twist to the Disney magic. While it might not boast grand ballrooms and elaborate facilities, it remains a top pick for savvy families and groups eager to soak up the Disney vibes without breaking the bank.

What to Know Before You Go

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Location: Larger-than-life sculptures, enchanting décor, and inspiring spaces, oh my! Nestled within Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, walking around All-Star Movies Resort is like stepping into the set of your favorite Disney movie.

All-Star Movies Resort is not alone in its cinematic magic. In fact, it’s one of five value resorts on the expansive Disney grounds, comfortably positioned near its sister properties, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort and Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort.

Concerned about getting around the expansive resort? Don’t be! Whether you’re zooming in behind the wheel or opting for Disney’s convenient transportation, the entire resort is quite accessible.

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All guests of All-Star Movies Resort have access to a complimentary bus service. These magical carriages journey through all the theme parks and Disney Spring, ensuring you won’t miss a single moment of Disney’s magic.

For easier navigation, fire up the Disney All Star Movie Resort address 1991 W Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830 on your GPS.

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Parking: Guests staying at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort can enjoy the perk of free self-parking, making it convenient for those traveling by car. The resort’s parking lot, strategically placed near each building, ensures easy access for all guests.

Exterior View of Disney’s All Star Movies Resort - Orlando, Florida, USA
photo credit: Walt Disney World via Facebook

Disney All-Star Movie Resort Map: The map of All Star Movies Resort is an invaluable tool for guests to navigate the sprawling property and locate their desired sections themed after beloved Disney movies. By referencing the All-Star Movies Resort map, visitors can easily find their rooms, the pool, and other amenities scattered throughout the resort.

Whether guests are drawn to the Toy Story, Fantasia, 101 Dalmatians, The Mighty Ducks, or Herbie the Love Bug sections, the All Star Movies Resort map ensures a seamless and enjoyable stay at the resort.

Disney All-Star Movie Resort Rooms: At the heart of the Disney All Star Movie Resort, you’ll discover meticulously themed rooms for every movie fanatic. When the day of exploring the parks is over, these Disney All Star Movie Resort rooms become a welcome retreat with their unique decorations and comfortable furnishings.

Disney All-Star Movie Resort Standard Room: Standard Rooms offer classic movie-themed decor with views of the courtyard, pool, and parking areas. Room options include either 1 King bed or 2 Queen beds, including a pull-down Queen-sized bed.

Interior room with two colorful beds with star lights on the walls and blue border at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort - Orlando, Florida, USA

Disney All-Star Movie Resort Preferred Room: A stay in a preferred room means you’re just a short stroll away from eateries, amenities, and transport options. No more long treks back to your room after an exciting, but draining day at the parks!

Room configurations are the same as Standard, with either 1 King or 2 Queen beds and one Murphy bed fitting up to 4 adults comfortably. In both room types, you can expect Disney’s immaculate standards of cleanliness and friendly service.

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Recreational Activities

At Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, the enchantment doesn’t stop at the themed accommodations; it extends to a world of captivating recreational activities.

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing escape or an adventurous day in the sun, All-Star Movies Resort offers an array of recreational options to complement your Disney experience. Immerse yourself in the magic beyond the silver screen as we delve into the resort’s delightful recreational offerings.

All-Star Movies Campfire Activities: As the sun sets, the All-Star Movie Resort comes alive with a range of delightful evening activities, maintaining Disney’s magical ambiance. A prime example is the campfire activities which offer old-fashioned family fun.

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Roasting marshmallows by a crackling fire tucked away behind the Fantasia pool between buildings 5 and 8, these events take place from 6-7pm every night. Don’t miss a warm and cozy opportunity for bonding and creating magical memories.

Movies Under the Stars: Picture this: A fantastic evening under the stars, nestled right outside of Disney’s World Premiere Food Court at the beloved All-Star Movie Resort. Here, at the aptly named ‘Reel Spot’, you’re invited to catch complimentary screenings of classic and contemporary Disney films.

This captivating experience unfolds every night at 8 PM, providing both young and old with magical moments to cherish. With popcorn in hand, wrapped in the enchanting stories unfolding on the big screen – could there be a better way to end a sensational day at Disney?

Child With Mini Doll at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom - Orlando, Florida, USA

Jogging Trail: The resort’s jogging trail offers a playful twist for fitness enthusiasts, providing a unique blend of exercise and childhood whimsy. As you follow the path, the colossal dancing mops from Disney’s Fantasia visually enhance the experience, turning your jog into a delightful journey down memory lane.

This fusion of authentic Disney magic and a healthful activity transforms a quick run into an enchanting sprint, creating an irreplaceable and nostalgic experience.

Playground: If your pint-sized adventurers are eager to blow off some steam, they are in for a delightful surprise. Near the Fantasia and Toy Story areas of the resort, a sandy playground awaits, serving as a kid’s haven of entertainment and physical activity.

Complete with a climbing structure, slide, nets, and monkey bars, this playground is the perfect outlet for young ones to weave their own tales of play and fun. So, allow them to slide, climb, and indulge in a world of play where imagination is the only limit.

Reel Fun Arcade: Finally, don’t forget to indulge in some friendly competition in the Reel Fun Arcade. Located in the Cinema Hall building, near the food court, this arcade is packed with video games, racing games, and even air hockey.

It’s a perfect way to end the day with laughter and games, keeping up the Disney’s spirit of unceasing entertainment.

Restaurants Near Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

Discovering the delights of dining at Disney’s All-Star Movie Resort is a fun and tasty adventure, akin to a culinary tour de force. From mouthwatering snack bars to hearty family fare, the diverse array of eateries offer something to please all palates.

Interior of a food court at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort

World Premiere Food Court: The World Premiere Food Court at the Disney All-Star Movie Resort is your go-to for a variety of tasty options to kickstart your day, satisfy hunger, or unwind after a day of fun. With a design inspired by classic movie theater lobbies, it adds a touch of glamour to your dining experience.

Beyond looks, the food court impresses with a range of plant-based dishes, perfect for even the pickiest vegans. Alongside these, you’ll find favorites like pizza, pasta, burgers, and grilled delights from their bakery, ensuring there’s something to please everyone.

Silver Screen Spirits Pool Bar: As if this weren’t enough, the Silver Screen Spirits Pool Bar is an inviting oasis strategically placed near the Fantasia Pool. It’s got a lively look and is easy to reach from both the main lobby and the great outdoors, making it a perfect spot for casual refreshment and relaxation.

Here, you can chill with a variety of cool drinks, grab a quick bite with snacks, or go for heartier meals if you’re feeling peckish. Plus, there’s a window that gives you a view of the bustling food court, so you can soak up the lively vibes while you kick back in this comfy, laid-back setting.

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Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Pool

Whether you’re a family looking for kid-friendly splashing spots, or a couple in search of a peaceful oasis, Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort pools cater to all tastes. Engage in lively pool games, enjoy a leisurely day of lounging, or navigate through fantastically designed splash zones – the choice is yours.

Fantasia Pool: Welcoming you to a whole new world of aquatic fun, the centerpiece of Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is the Fantasia Pool, designed to recreate the magic of the timeless Disney film “Fantasia.”

Undeniably popular among guests, this expansive pool is situated conveniently right behind Cinema Hall 2, making it hard to miss. With a dedicated kiddie pool and an interactive water play area specifically catering to the tiny tots aged between 2 and 5, there’s something for every member of the family.

Essentials such as towels and life jackets are readily provided, making sure you can splash in total comfort and safety. Be advised, however, that between January and April 2025, the allure of the Fantasia Pool might be temporarily stifled due to routine maintenance work.

Duck Pond Pool: Tucked within the Mighty Ducks section of Disney’s All-Star Movie resort, lies a hidden gem for all guests – the Duck Pond Pool Disney. Meticulously modelled to mirror a hockey rink, this unique pool offers a refreshing and delightful escape for guests eager to cool off.

Adding to the whimsy, an amusing statue of the beloved Disney character, Goofy, is posed as the goalie, injecting a dose of fun into your poolside relaxation. What sets the Duck Pond Pool apart is its serene ambiance and reduced crowding, offering a peaceful alternative.

Person holding up a child in a pool

Photo Alert: As you swim and frolic in this creatively themed environment, don’t forget to capture magical Disney All Star Movie Resort pictures!

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Amenities: Be it summer or winter, the air-conditioned rooms at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort ensure your comfort. Beyond the essentials, the resort’s bathrooms indulge visitors with luxe toiletries and hair dryer. To stay connected, enjoy the complimentary high-speed wireless internet— perfect for sharing magical moments back home.

Enjoy complimentary transportation services, ensuring convenient pick-ups and drop-offs to theme parks, water parks, and other attractions. Whether it’s buses, water taxis, ferries, or the scenic monorail, choose the ride that turns your Disney journey into an endless, fun-filled adventure!

Pro Tip: Do you have an early morning question before heading to the parks or a late night issue after returning to your room? The 24 hour front desk at Disney Movie Resort is a convenient resource for guests at any time of day or night.

Orlando Attractions

SeaWorld Orlando: From the cinematic enchantment of Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, set your sights on a new horizon of adventure at SeaWorld Orlando. Get up-close with marine mammals like orcas, dolphins, seals, and sea lions through shows and animal encounters.

Ride the adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters Mako, Manta, and Kraken for thrills from sea to shining sea. SeaWorld Orlando makes conservation come alive through rescue efforts, education, and exciting attractions based on creatures of the deep blue sea.

With shows, rides, and real-life animal exhibits, SeaWorld allows you to dive into theme park fun with an aquatic twist. You won’t want to miss it!

Riders in the standing position on the new Pipeline Surf Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando

WonderWorks Orlando: Step into the upside-down world of WonderWorks Orlando for an amusement park with a creative twist. This unique attraction combines education and entertainment through interactive exhibits that span art, science, magic, and nature.

Get the blood pumping on Orlando’s only indoor glow-in-the-dark ropes course suspended high in midair. Experience space travel in the Astronaut Training Gyro and simulate natural disasters like earthquakes and lightning storms.

WonderWorks takes textbook learning and flips it into a thrilling, unforgettable adventure with over 100 hands-on activities. Whether you’re an adult, child, or whole family, you’re sure to have a blast discovering this topsy-turvy museum that’s bursting with action.

Pro Tip: Unlock the ultimate Orlando adventure with the Go Orlando All-Inclusive Pass – over 25 attractions, 2-5 days, one epic price! Or go explorer mode with the Go Orlando Explorer Pass for a fab, wallet-friendly way to tackle three to five attractions in O-town!

Orlando Magic NBA Basketball: Feel the electrifying energy at Amway Center as the Orlando Magic take the court for edge-of-your-seat NBA action. Watch in awe as all-star players like Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner pull off monster dunks, no-look passes, and buzzer-beating three-pointers.

The crowd roars with thunderous cheers as the Magic go head-to-head against the league’s top teams and rivals. From dramatic lead changes to fast breaks to nail-biting finishes, Orlando Magic games feature nonstop entertainment.

Bring the family out for fun, or join The Sixth Man fan section to cheer loudly amongst passionate Magic supporters at every high-flying game. With heart-stopping highlights, appearances by Magic Dancers and Stuff the Dragon, and Orlando’s electric home court advantage, Magic games create an unforgettable NBA experience.

Close up photo of Orlando Magic played on the court high-fiving each other in Orlando, Florida, USA
photo credit: Orlando Magic via Facebook

Disney All Star Movie Resort Reviews

Before booking your stay, bibbidi-bobbidi browse the reviews! Reading rave Disney All Star Movies Resort reviews from past guests can give you an honest look at what to expect.

With firsthand experiences from other travelers, you can get the fairy un-tale on value, cleanliness, magic and more. Reviews help highlight which resort features really are the fairest of them all!

Ready to be part of your world at Disney All Stars Movie Resort? This resort makes Disney magic come to life through delightfully themed accommodations and amenities.

With rates that won’t break the bank, you can experience the character and pixie dust of Disney on a budget. Join beloved Disney stars and live out your own adventure – you just might find your happily ever after!

So go ahead, let your heart take flight at this resort bursting with Disney charm. Here, family fun is fabuland and dreams really do come true. If you’re goofy for fun, book your Disney’s All Star Movies Resort stay through Tripster today!

It’s time to whisk your family or friends away to the most magical place on Earth!

Disney’s All Star Movie Resort FAQs

Many guests at the All-Star Movies Resort often ask about in-room amenities. Specifically, they inquire if the rooms are equipped with microwaves for convenience in meal preparations. Unfortunately, the answer is no – there are not microwaves in the All-Star Movies rooms. However, guests can find microwaves for use in the Resort’s food court if heating meals or snacks is required.

Disney Resort hotels, for your convenience and pleasure, often come equipped with either an in-room refrigerator or a small beverage cooler, and Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is no exception. It’s the kind of attention to detail that adds to the enjoyment of your stay, making everything from snack times to refreshments a breeze. So rest assured, your comfort and satisfaction are catered to with thoughtful amenities like these.

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