6 Tips For Visiting Adventure Island Tampa FL

May 24, 2017

Are you planning a family trip to Adventure Island Tampa FL? Fantastic! This popular water park has a ride for everyone, from the relaxing lazy river to the daring Colossal Curl.

Before you go, check out these 6 quick tips for visiting Adventure Island.


1. Get There Early!

When visiting Adventure Island Tampa FL, be sure to take advantage of arriving early. First, you’ll claim the better parking spots. Second, you’ll guarantee your family entrance into the water park. And, you’ll encounter shorter lines as you’re the first ones into the park.

Due to safety concerns, Adventure Island can temporarily deny park entrance to guests. The water park has a limited capacity, which is why arriving early is one of the best tips to follow.

Relax with your own cabana.

2. Reserve a Cabana Ahead of Time

Water parks are packed and can be chaotic. To escape the crowds and lounge around with your family, I recommend reserving a private cabana. In addition to having your own space, your cabana features amenities including:

  • Chaise Loungers
  • An all-day locker
  • Mini-fridge with eight water bottles
  • Four souvenir towels
  • Food and drink concierge (with a limited menu)

Considering the limited capacity of the park, it is imperative that you book your cabana as far in advance as possible. They fill up fast!

3. Leave the Coolers at Home

To continue providing a safe and family-friendly environment for guests, Adventure Island Tampa FL does not allow coolers inside the park. In addition, outside food and beverages are also not permitted. Only water bottles are allowed into the park.

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Adventure Island has multiple food and beverages services for guests to purchase. Or, if you’d like to save money, consider eating a large picnic in the parking lot before entering the park.

4. Pack the Essentials

For a day in the sun and splashing in the water, you’ll need to bring the following items:

  • Appropriate swim attire
  • A towel
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat
  • Appropriate non-swim attire
  • A camera and camera strap
  • Extra cell phone battery

If by chance you forget something, head to the gift shop! From goggles to towels, they have everything you could possibly need for a fun day on the water slides.

5. Purchase a Cashless Wristband

No one wants to carry around a plastic Ziploc bag with their cash and credit cards inside. Adventure Island Tampa FL has made it so you don’t have to. Purchasing a cashless wristband allows you to leave your cash/credit cards in your locker and spend the day having fun.

After purchasing and authorizing your wristband, all you have to do is scan it to make a purchase. Other than that, you’re free to just have fun!

Make sure everyone in your family knows which rides they can enjoy.

6. Know Your Height

As a lifelong short person, any trip to an amusement or water park was filled with wondering if I’d be tall enough to ride. While I knew my height, not knowing the ride requirements beforehand led to a lot of disappointment during my childhood.

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To avoid that feeling, check out Adventure Island’s height requirements before you go:

    • Colossal Curl - At least 48 inches tall to ride, maximum weight of 700 lbs with 2-4 riders
    • Aruba Tuba - Riders under 42 inches tall must wear a life vest, maximum weight of 300 lbs
    • Endless Surf - Weak swimmers must wear a life vest
    • Calypso Coaster - Riders under 42 inches tall must wear a life vest, maximum weight of 300 lbs for single tube and 600 lbs for double tube
    • Caribbean Corkscrew - At least 48 inches tall to ride, maximum weight of 300 lbs
    • Everglides - At least 48 inches tall to ride, maximum weight of 300 lbs
    • Key West Rapids - Riders under 54 inches tall must wear a life vest, maximum weight of 300 lbs
    • Paradise Lagoon - At least 42 inches tall to experience the hydro tubes and cliff jumps
    • Rambling Bayou™ - Riders under 42 inches tall must wear a life vest
    • Riptide - At least 42 inches tall, maximum of 300 lbs
    • Splash Attack - All ages and heights
    • Runaway Rapids - Slides 1 & 2: Parent may ride with a small child in front. Slides 3, 4, & 5: single riders only and no life vests allowed
    • Wahoo Run - Riders under 42 inches tall must wear a life vest, maximum of 800 lbs between all riders
    • Water Moccasin - At least 48 inches tall to ride
    • Fabian’s Fun Port - All ages and heights
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If you are not sure of your height or your children’s height, visit the height check station located at the entrance of each attraction to be measured.

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