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Voted “Best Dinner Show in Central Florida,” Pirate’s Dinner Adventure offers a unique interactive dining experience for guests of all ages. The show features 18th-century Spanish galleon replicas with 40-foot masts anchored in a 300,000-gallon indoor lagoon, accompanied by actors, singers, stunt artists, cannon blasts and explosive special effects, pyrotechnics, and more.

Good To Know

from Ashley, one of our Orlando Travel Experts
  • Doors open 90 minutes prior to the show.
  • Complimentary appetizers are served during pre-show.
  • Cash bar available.
  • Specialty meals for vegetarians are available upon request.
  • Complimentary beer, soft drinks, and coffee are served during the main show.
  • Cheer on your ship’s pirate as they participate in an incredible adventure.
  • You may take selfies and photos and meet with the main actors at the end of the show.
  • No flash photography allowed. Video and audio recording are prohibited.
  • There is a $6 parking fee due at the door.


from Pirate's Dinner Adventure
"Live the Pirate's Life!" at the "World's Most Unique Interactive Family Dinner Show!"

Set sail on the high seas on board a pirate ship anchored in a 300,000-gallon indoor lagoon for swashbuckling thrills, combined with the perfect blend of comedy, romance, action and adventure. Enjoy breathtaking feats of aerial agility and spectacular musical talent as you dine on a Port of Call Feast. In addition, more than 150 guests have the chance to play an actual role in each show as the evil Captain Sebastian the Black leads his crews of renegades. Watch out though as an angry sea dragon threatens the very existence of the pirate crew!

This interactive adventure offers a great diversity of acts such as aerial tricks, sword fights, romance, comedy and more. Become a pirate when you get on-board of an 18th century Spanish Galleon with all our adventurous pirates. Enjoy all the talent that is offered to you while you are served a delicious 3 course meal - salad, main and dessert. Beware a feroucious dragon threatens the safety of everyone on the ship! Be a part of it all and honor our motto "Be the Pirate, live the adventure!"

Tripster Customer Reviews

22 Reviews
Sue Persad
1 Review
"Great show"
April 2020
Had a great time with my family. The food was good .The actors did a great job.
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Tip: Had to wait a bit before being seated

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Craig Guincho
1 Review
"Worth Every Penny and Then Some"
January 2019
This was the highlight of our trip and an amazing value. Unlimited appetizers three course meal with drinks included and an amazing show. It was really our favorite part of our trip. We had a blast and all of the staff made it a magical experience. The show is so amazing I really can't say enough about it. Singing, dancing, acrobatics and pirotechnics :-)
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Tip: It's a must see. Better than anything we experienced at the parks

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Brittany Lamendola
1 Review
"Save Your Money"
September 2018
I would not recommend coming here at all. If you go at least only do the sales, do not pay full price. There are plenty of other dinner shows in the area that are so much better. We had an amazing experience here before the remodel, they must be under new management and or ownership.

When entering, the woman who checked us in was very nice. Taking the pictures was fun but when we purchased the booklet the pictures were extremely elongated and they are the same way on the online download code. When spending $40 on the pictures it would be nice to have the option of having them as a standard size.

When going to our table we had no one to guide us. Any show I have ever gone to there are attendants who guide you to your seat or at least are at the entrance of the stage and point it out to you. Juggling four children in a crowd to find your seats is a little challenging.

We found are seats and sat down, there was not enough setware for us. When we finally saw our server we only had an option of coke or water. Considering this is a show targeted for young children you would think they would offer a non caffeinated flavored beverage. I asked for a drink menu and after 15 minutes when we finally saw our server, I asked again. I was told that the bartenders have to take our order and give us the menu, that he should have came by already. After another 20 minutes the server asked if a bartender came by and he had not. I let him know that I was no longer worried about it.

After 45 minutes the bartender finally came and said, “So you want a drink”. He would not even make eye contact with me and acted like I was bothering him? I declined to get a drink after waiting so long. After this, the server came up to me and confronted me about not getting a drink from the bartender and wanted to know why??? In addition, you pour your own drinks and have a pitcher just sitting at your table. If I have a server I expect to be served, not have a food runner(especially if they expect us to tip after the dinner show. The server was only to be found when bringing out food.

The food was very small portioned and disgusting. The salad was completely soggy, not fresh. All the food came lukewarm and was hardly edible. The adult chicken was slimy and the childrens chicken nuggets were rubbery and tasted like salt, as well as tasted like they were microwaved. The food did not come at the same time for everyone. People received entrees in front of us and 20 minutes later we received ours. Yet the food was sitting stacked up on server trays?

I hate to touch on the act itself because I know the cast must work very hard but this new cast was nothing like the old cast, it lacked the wow factor. You could tell they were struggling, sometimes they just seemed the lack to care. It came across very rehearsed and did not flow smoothly, very forced. They just did not have the same skills as the previous cast. The last 30 minutes they had lost the crowd completely, everyone seemed over it. Maybe over time they will find their flow.

When the show was over they had us exit in the back where you end up straight into the parking lot? They had multiple service trays on the stairs with bus tubs filled with dirty dishes that you had to maneuver around( fire code violation). They had all the lights on and were immediately setting up for the next show, taking things apart, putting things back, everyone starting to act out of character; taking away the magic. Why not wait till the guest leave? We did not purchase items in the gift shop before the show since we assumed we would be able to after the show.

Running a business, I would want to ensure repeat business; especially in Orlando when there are so many other options. I would want my bartenders hustling, pushing drinks out. I would want my servers attending to the guests. I would want some of my cast interacting with the guest after the show, building relationships. I would want people exiting through the gift shop to possibly obtain sales.

To be a dinner show you need to not only have a great act but the food to match. Being in the service industry I know what service should be provided and this place is completely lacking. It all falls down to poor management. Unfortunately, we will not be returning.
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Tip: Make sure you have cash since they charge for parking.

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Joseph Swain
1 Review
"The food is horrible"
September 2018
My wife and I went to the Sept. 7th 2018 show at 7:30 pm. The first thing you should know is they charge six dollars for parking. The show was entertaining for children. The food was horrible. The salad was soggy lettuce. The chicken was boiled chicken I think with a brown gravy from a can that tasted like a tin can and the dessert was two tiny pieces of frozen cake. My wife and I took about three bites of the food and my wife actually began to feel sick. Half way through the show we got up and I did speak to carlos the manager who offered to give us free tickets to another show. My wife and I both declined this. I would not even go back to this show for free.
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Tip: Eat before you go and bring $6 with you for parking.

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Myo Reason
1 Review
"Show is great customer service needs work!"
April 2017
You are greeted with a large crowd waiting in line, of course understandable. The individual managing seems slightly agitated, with customer questions I get it. We move in the waiting area, waiting to be seated. The server was pleasant but time management could be better. The bathroom is over flooded at the end of the show. Your're herded out. So while waiting for your family members in a different area of the establishment, you're then told you need to move out of the area because there is another show. Yet again understandable but the delivery is poor. I know. The individual tried to single my family out when there were clearly other families in the area also. I'm sure my words are just words on a page, and nothing will be done.
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royce essig
1 Review
"Great family fun."
March 2017
What a show! The cast gave a full out performance even though we didn't have a lot of people, this by no means is a reflection on the show, just the date we went. My family had a great time (all six of us) as we cheered on the Best Pirate of all time "Cut-throat Jack". The show was a lot of fun with many laughs due to the comedy abilities of the actors who played "Mr. McGee and Saxon". The Singing abilities of the cast were great and the amazing silk work by the "Golden Gyps" left us all speechless. You can tell this small cast and crew work great together. My son had a great time getting autographs for everyone on the cast and when it looked like we wouldn't get everyone "Treasure" made sure he got the last one we needed. I can not thank the cast for being so accommodating to a young fan. I look forward to seeing this show again on our next trip to Orlando. (Show was on 3/8/17 at 1930).
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JoeCammy Pattee
1 Review
"4 and 1/2 stars"
November 2016
This show is SO much fun! My husband, myself and our 3 boys (ages6-12) loved this experience. We watch the Vampirates show on Halloween night 2016. I'm actually giving this 4 and a half stars because the appetizers were really only more of a sample and our main course, the pot roast, wasn't very good at all, though, our younger guys did enjoy the chicken nuggets and Mac n Cheese and not one of us tried the chicken quarter so I have no comment for that but you are served soup or salad before and a dessert at the end of the meal and it along with the sides are all very good and served during the show. It's very interactive and the audience gets really involved with games and such, it's all very exciting and the kids and adults all get the chance to join in on the ship with the characters.
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Tip: They sing and dance and do an amazing job, tip them!

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1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Great Experience"
August 2016
My family and I had a wonderful experience at the Pirate dinner show. The stunts were great and the food was delicious!
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Tip: The dance party was great!

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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
Merritt Island, Florida
"Great time for the whole family"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed September 07, 2020 NEW
Was a little skeptical about bringing three young teenage boys but they were captivated with the show as well as my wife and I. We stopped at the gift area which is decorated like an old wharf and the boys love their new swords pirate hats, bandanas and eye patches. We found it easy to get into the "pirate" spirit before the show even started. The show was fun and entertaining and the meal served was great. The shrimp on my sliced pork, shrimp, mashed potato and vegis were cooked just right. The salad served before the main meal was fresh, super cold and crunchy....mmmmm.....overall, great experience ......arrrrrrrgh....... !!!! Oh, and feel free to wear your pirate shirts, etc. as a lot of guests did on our night.
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TripAdvisor user image
Carmen - Dennis Y
Daytona Beach, Florida
"Bait & Switch from Teatro Martini Show"
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed August 15, 2020
I booked the Teatro Martini Dinner show on 8/04/20 for 8/14/20 show at 7 PM. Supposedly this was opening night for this show after being closed for COVID19. The booking was done online for my wife's birthday. My mother in law followed up after I booked by calling, when she was told this was going to be opening night, we were very excited. We arrived at 6:15 PM on 8/14 to check in and found the place pad locked! Then we heard noise at the other end of the building. This was the entrance to the Pirates Dinner Adventure We asked a man who appeared to be in charge if he knows anything about the Teatro Martini show and he told us they have been closed for the last 5 months! I called the number I had. They said they just cancelled the show on 8/14, offered a refund, but the person who handled that was not available. We were very upset after traveling 65 miles 1 way to go to this show from Daytona Beach! A man in charge at the Pirates Show said we could use our vouchers for their show and they would give us VIP seats plus free beer and wine. After the long drive, we decided to go to this show. As the evening unfolded we found they had us in their system when we were checked in, bought out the meal we ordered, including the special desert, it's became apparent this was a bait and switch! Food was mediocre, plus a 1.5 hour wait for the show and the food! Then the show was more for kids and hard to follow. A very disappointing way to spend $270 for the 3 of us!
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TripAdvisor user image
Blanchester, Ohio
"A Grand Re-opening!"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed June 19, 2020
We decided to make reservations for opening night for Re-opening of Pirates Dinner Adventure and we’re happy we did. Social distancing was well done, sanitizing and cleanliness was great. And everybody we saw that had audience contact had masks. Food was outstanding, service was great, and the wild show was fun and exciting for everyone. Wonderful night for me and my family. Great to see them open again. No doubt the best dinner show anywhere around!
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TripAdvisor user image
"Covid-19 empathy needed"
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed March 23, 2020
Thank you for nothing. You send this email telling me thanks for coming. You LIE! We were very excited to come to this show. However, due to the virus outbreak all of our plans came crashing down around us. You had no interest in helping us out with a cancellation and refund. We waited as long as we could to cancel because we wanted to go. Given the nature of what is going on in the world, you should have had a little understanding and support to people that want to come but can't due to government issued restrictions. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Enjoy your government issued time off! If it hasn't happened yet, IT WILL. You will get what's coming to your business. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have been in the service industry for 30+ years and have never seen service so horrible. When I did speak with someone on the phone I was offered half of a refund. HALF! You have got to be out of your minds. This half a refund was never issued! Complete place is a joke!
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TripAdvisor user image
Orlando, Florida
"A wonderful time!"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed March 07, 2020
I took my boyfriend here for his birthday and we had a blast! At first we had a minor inconvenience with our groupon and out server Thomas was amazing and got us our drinks that we requested that were not part of the groupon deal! He was super nice and understanding. The food was okay wasn’t too amazed by it but the show was very interactive and fun!
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Frequently Asked Questions about Pirate's Dinner Adventure

What type of meal do you serve at Pirate's Dinner Adventure?
The first course includes the choice of Caesar salad with croutons or Tomato Bisque soup.

The second course includes a choice of the following meals:

  • Pork Loin with Shrimp - Flame-kissed all natural pork loin with Shrimp, Yukon gold potato purée, seasonal vegetable, with garlic mushroom barre blanc sauce (adult).
  • Treasure’s Chicken - Roasted 1/4 chicken, Yukon gold potato purée, seasonal vegetable, served with a demi glaze sauce (adult). 
  • Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free Pasta - Penne pasta (gluten-free), basil pesto, seasonal vegetable (adult). 
  • Chicken Nuggets & Mac-n-Cheese - Chicken Nuggets served with Macaroni and Cheese (child)
  • Kid's Pasta Plate (Vegetarian/Gluten) - Penne Pasta, basil pesto, seasonal vegetable (child).
For dessert, guests are treated to their choice of Princess Anita's Royal Dessert - rich chocolate brownie sprinkled with powdered sugar and a drizzle of chocolate and caramel sauces. Soft drinks and coffee are served during the main show. No drinks are included in the pre-show. There is a full cash bar available for drinks.

Are specialty or vegetarian meals available upon request?
Yes. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure offers a vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meal upon request.

Do you have a kid’s meal option?
Yes. The kid's menu ages 3-10 years includes the choice of chicken fingers with macaroni and cheese or penne pasta.

What is the size of the Pirates Dinner Adventure Theater?
The Pirate's Dinner Adventure Theater seats 820 guests.

How many rows constitute your theater?
There are 6 sections of Pirates with different colors that create the seating at Pirate's Dinner Adventure. Seating is assigned upon arrival on a first come, first served basis.

What is the length of your intermission?
There is not an intermission at Pirate's Dinner Adventure.

Is there a pre-show guests should be aware of?
Yes. Doors open 1 1/2 hours (90 minutes) before the show and we have complimentary appetizers and a cash bar. This is where we start the storyline for the show. There is a limited amount of seating in the pre-show. It is mostly standing.

Are visitors allowed to meet and greet the performers?
Yes, after the show back in the pre-show area.

Are cameras, audio or video recording allowed at your show?
Yes, but no flash photography is allowed during the show. Audio and video recording are strictly prohibited.

What should I wear?
Make the most of your adventure and wear your Pirate attire to the show! Please, no nudity. Comfortable attire is recommended.

Is the theater wheelchair accessible?
Yes, we have special areas for guests in wheelchairs. However, if you are with a large party, you may not all be seated at the same table, but nearby. Please let our reservations staff know if you require accessible seating.