St Augustine Chocolate Tour: 2024 Best Deals

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Enjoy tasting your way around St. Augustine's chocolate scene! Your expert tour guide will discuss the local history and fascinating facts about the area throughout this tour. Enjoy the sweet local offerings while passing the Governor's House Cultural Center and Museum and the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine. Details
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Total Price: $76.50 (USD)

Picture this - you're strolling through the charming, historic streets of St. Augustine, the Oldest City in the U.S., with a hint of sea air in the background. Now, imagine the enchanting smell of cocoa wafting through the breeze, leading you to a decadently delicious experience that's both mouthwatering and enlightening. This is the essence of the chocolate tour St. Augustine. It's a fascinating experience that appeals to chocolate lovers and history buffs alike.

Embark on St. Augustine's Original Chocolate Tour, led by Whetstone Chocolatiers. As you make your way through the historic streets, taste freshly made chocolates and confections while you walk. An integral part of the Whetstone Chocolates Tasting Tour is engrossing yourself in the rich Whetstone story and tasting the finer characteristics of dark milk and white chocolate cocoa nibs.

The highlights of the tour often include:

  • Chocolate Tastings: Tease your taste buds with a variety of chocolate flavors and textures. Whetstone Chocolate Tour is for chocoholic with discriminating palate searching for the subtleties that define artisan chocolates.

  • Chocolatier Demonstrations: Watch the magic unfold as talented chocolatiers transform simple cocoa beans into delectable masterpieces. This serves as an exclusive chance to venture with your tour guide into the age-old artistry of chocolate production.

  • Interactive Learning: Gain new insights into the complex chocolate-making process from bean to bar. This fascinating ride takes you through the stages of growing, harvesting, and roasting cocoa to fashioning it into sumptuous chocolate delights.

No particular spot takes precedence over another in this adventurous journey. The St Augustine chocolate tour is a delightful meander, waiting to reveal its sweet secrets and enticing you with tantalizing tastes. Time takes on a different meaning as you delve into the world of chocolate and unravel its intricate ties with the historic city of St. Augustine.

Embark on a Delectable Journey: Book your St. Augustine Chocolate Tour Today with Tripster

Explore the rich, indulgent history of chocolate on the streets of St. Augustine on an enticing tour. Absorb the charming ambiance of the historic district, and make memories with a licensed guide who'll lead you to St. Augustine hidden gems that tell the sweetest stories. From the original chocolate tour to tasting the succulent desserts, your palate is in for a treat. So why wait? Channel your inner chocolate enthusiast and book your tour today via Tripster, where the delight of chocolate awaits you in St. Augustine.