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See hundreds of exotic animals roaming their spacious habitats – in Arizona! Nestled on over 100 acres in the heart of Verde Valley, Out of Africa Wildlife Park promotes conversation awareness of these awe-inspiring animals through peaceful interactions. Hitch a ride on the African Bush Safari, see entertaining shows like Tiger Splash, and more. No passport needed! Details
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Embarking on an adventure to Sedona Zoo is like stepping into an awe-inspiring world where nature exhibits its grand splendor. Imagine walking into a place that captures the enigma of Mother Nature in its authentic and unadulterated form, offering visitors an unforgettable escapade amid Arizona's rich wildlife. Virtually travelling to various continents through the distinct collection of creatures gathered from around the globe, the environment teems with animal life that ranges from tiny insects to majestic big cats!

Unveiling a panorama of landscapes, the Zoo Sedona blends rustic deserts, tranquil ponds, and lush green alternating with rocky terrains, providing diverse habitats for its inhabitants. But it's not only about viewing animals from a distance.  Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde is a vibrant meeting place where every interaction is a learning experience, where every corner brims with a story, and where every moment can turn into a treasured memory.

Sprinkled across this wildlife haven are interactive zones that gently break the barriers between humans and animals. These areas create unique opportunities to get up close with your choice of animals - nurturing a bond that lasts beyond the confines of the zoo. It could be feeding a giraffe, mimicking the call of a tropical bird or trying to solve the puzzle of primate behavior.

Exploring the zoo, you can indulge in a palette of activities beyond animal viewing as well. There are age-friendly play zones and sensory trails that actively engage children, infusing them with newfound knowledge while sparking their imagination.

So, while the Sedona Zoo can appear as an idyllic destination for family outings, it significantly bridges the gap between man and wildlife. It's a captivating universe where surprises await at every corner, and every visit feels like a fresh voyage of discovery!

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