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Adventure Tours in Motion offers segway and electric bicycle tours for a thrilling experience on the charming streets of Savannah. No experience necessary, guests can glide through Savannah with ease. With multiple options available, guests can tailor experiences to suit their traveling needs. Details
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Sites, streets, and stories – segway your way through the beautiful Savannah Georgia, in style! Traverse the Hostess City of the South’s charm and elegance on two wheels with Savannah Segway Tours. Let your trusty segway transport you back in time as you steer the way to delve into the historic district's captivating stories, one corner at a time. Want yourself a tour to glide through history? We’ve got you covered! Our guided segway tour ensures an awe-inspiring tour of Savannah. Discover the best Savannah segway tour option that fits your style!

Unique Adventure in the Historic Savannah

Ready for an adventure that's as unique as it is exhilarating? It’s time to trade your walking shoes for wheels and conveniently cruise along the cobble streets in a fun and unique ride! Navigate through the off-the-beaten-path corners that can only be best enjoyed on a segway tour Savannah. Satisfy the thrill-seeker in you while learning about the classic city on the segway tours in Savannah GA.

Why walk through history when you can zoom by? Delight in the combination of history and innovation in the Segway tours. Hop onto the Segway, hold onto the handlebars, and discover the adventure that awaits in the city. So, buckle up for two wheels and countless stories on the Historic Savannah Segway/E-Bike Tour!

Journey through the Historical Sites

From the statue of Savannah’s founder, General James Edwards Oglethorpe to the antebellum mansions and museums, be welcomed with a perfect blend of discovery and delight. Dive deep into the historic district with the Historic Savannah Segway/E-Bike Tour. Listen as the expert tour guide narrates the rich history of sites and places in Savannah. As your roll through the city, learn about the fascinating narratives and intriguing anecdotes that bring the old city’s allure to life.

Get a glimpse of Bonaventure Cemetery and the captivating squares with every turn. Brace yourself for the architectural marvels the city has to offer. And be in awe as you travel along Savannah’s perfect mix of historic and modern architectural designs. Let the good times roll on the segway tours Savannah GA!

Hostess City of the South’s Wonders

The segway of Savannah offers a one-of-a-kind adventure for visitors. Marvel at quaint streets and lovely squares, and immerse yourself in the past through the thrilling lens of a Segway escapade. Historic sites and unique adventure, experience the ultimate Segway tour featuring a blend of excitement and education. And, when you're ready to step off the Segway, Savannah offers beyond the two-wheel fun. If you're looking for more fun things to do in Savannah, you're in the right place! Check out an array of cultural gems and cuisine in an adventure-filled journey through the heart of the city!
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    Elevate your experience and ride through the city's timeless beauty! With each history-filled street, revel in the heart-pounding excitement at every twist and turn. Enjoy the serene ambiance and picturesque landscape as you embark on an action-packed Segway tour! The added bonus? We've scoured the internet to give you our expertly curated Segway Tours Savannah! So, book your segway tours with us now!