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Hop aboard the Ghosts and Gravestones Savannah trolley tour for a journey through the city’s darker side. Travel past ancient cemeteries, historical battlegrounds and old mansions teeming with the supernatural. Tour includes exclusive nighttime entry into the Andrew Low House and Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chandlery, two of the cities most haunted locations. Details
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Not your normal Savannah ghost tour! The Savannah Underground Immersive Ghost Hunt merges a thrilling trolley ghost tour and interactive attraction into one action-packed bundle. Get a first-hand ghost hunting bootcamp while on board, then hop off the trolley into an exclusive forty-minute immersive adventure that surrounds you with Savannah’s scariest history. Details
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Savannah, GA, has long been known as the “most haunted city in America,” and because of that, there are plenty of haunted tours or ghost tours in Savannah. The Historic Savannah Theater Paranormal tour lets you explore the Savannah Theatre, the longest-running (and still operates) theatre in the United States, a place host to many productions and many tragedies, including 2 great fires. The tour includes an expert guide to help educate you on its history and a not-your everyday “ghost tour” living up to its title as a true investigation with equipment that you can use in the theater's creepy halls! Details
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The Savannah Night Terrors Walking Tour is unlike any other walking tour. In this unique experience, tourists will enjoy a tour where you will have the ability to utilize investigative tools for hunting possible paranormal activity as you stroll around different parts of Savannah which are more than borderline unnerving! Come and explore the unfiltered tales of torture & torment that fill the streets of Savannah with expert guides and an introduction to paranormal investigation, familiarizing you with the equipment provided! This tour is great for paranormal opportunities horror fans will truly enjoy. Details
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Put your brave face on and conquer the dark corners of America s most haunted city, Savannah. Whether you want to join the adventure of ghost hunters, listen to ghost stories, or take part in a paranormal investigation, Savannah Ghost Tours offer a spine-chilling experience! Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of history and mystery as your tour guide leads you on a trolley tour or walking tour – the choice is yours!

From Andrew Low house and Mercer Williams house to Perkins Sons Ship Chandlery and Colonial Park Cemetery, journey into the unknown with these ghost tours in Savannah GA. Are you daring enough to experience every paranormal activity when you join a tour in Savannah?

Eerie Nighttime Stroll

Do you have what it takes to become a paranormal investigator? As the moon rises over the cobblestones, a spine-tingling adventure peeks behind the dark. Join the nerve-wracking
Savannah Night Terrors Walking Tour and use the investigation tools as you stroll around the dark streets. Stay close to the expert guides as they unravel the dark tales of torture and torment. Learn more about the firsthand accounts of creepy encounters and ghostly sightings by locals and visitors alike.

But, take heart because this two-hour tour is not for the faint-hearted, this tour is suitable for 16 years and above. Embrace the chilling night as the supernatural comes alive in this Savannah ghost tour!

Spooky Trolley Ride

Ready to go for a ride to the ghostly dwellings of the restless spirits? Buckle up and prepare to go on a not-so-ordinary ride through Savannah's historic district with Ghosts Gravestones Haunted Trolley Tour. Explore the ancient cemeteries, historical battlegrounds, and old mansions on this spooky ride. Stay alert as the guides share stories of the chilling creatures lurking among the graves.

Got teen ghost hunters in tow? Don't fret! This family friendly ghost tour Savannah is PG-13 and suitable for visitors 18 and below with the supervision of an adult. With a gentle supernatural flair, adults and teenagers have the perfect opportunity to learn about the city's spooky history. And, unravel the story of the wealthiest man in Savannah and the spirits that are believed to dwell in his mansion, Andrew Low House. Next stop, The Perkins and Son’s Ship Chandlery where you will have a hair-raising experience of the unexplained encounters in one of the most haunted areas in Savannah. Get ready for a night of chills and thrills!

Unearth the Mysterious Secrets

Ready to meet the residents of the other side? Delve into the mysterious and supernatural activities in one of the most spine-tingling ghost tours Savannah GA. Get a jam-packed interactive and immersive trolley tour in The Savannah Underground: An Immersive Ghost Hunt. Join expert guides as they lead you on a hands-on ghost hunting bootcamp before springing into action in the exclusive The Savannah Underground.

Unveil every story as you immerse yourself in haunting tales and history dating back from years ago. Listen closely to the legend and folklore surrounding the haunted sites that you will visit in this tour. So, don’t miss out on the unforgettable experience to feel the thrill of Savannah’s haunted past!
Unearth the Mysterious Secrets

Experience the thrill of a lifetime when you walk inside the creepy halls of the longest-running theater in the United States. From the haunted history to spooky ghost stories, Historic Savannah Theatre 3 Hour Paranormal Tour is the perfect choice to get an authentic and eerie experience with the Truth In Evidence team. Listen as the expert guide educates you on the history, tragedies – including the two great fires. Equip yourself with thermal cameras, 4K night vision cameras, EMF detectors, and digital voice recorders as you unleash your inner paranormal investigator.

Dare to conquer the dark side but be cautious in conquering the mysteries as this tour is for ages 16 and up for a reason. Join the ghost tour that will give you a glimpse of a true heart-pounding expedition. Step into the shadows and prepare for a ghostly adventure like no other!

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Dive deep into the legends and apparitions in our expertly curated Savannah Ghost Tours! No need to waste your precious time planning and researching, we’ve scoured Savannah for the most spine-chilling experiences. Haunted hotspots, chilling encounters, and hair-raising stories, oh my! Uncover the hidden secrets and mysteries with immersive storytelling, state-of-the-art equipment, and exclusive access to the most haunted sites.

If blood-curling tours are your thing, our handpicked tours promise a spooky experience you won't forget. Visit the heart of the city’s haunted lore when you book your Savannah ghost tours with us. So, seize the chance and kick off your paranormal adventure with us now!

Savannah’s attractions and landmarks roster is vast and varied. Check out our expertly curated lineup of attractions and activities: