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Experience Women of Grace at the Biblical Times Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN—a captivating story celebrating the transformative lives of three biblical women from the New Testament. Enjoy an all-new gospel concert, a delicious dinner, and witness tales of grace, redemption, and new beginnings. A family-friendly evening of faith, food, and entertainment awaits! Details
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Imagine stepping back in time, entering a world richly steeped in historical significance, an era where biblical stories were a way of life and a source of both wisdom and inspiration. This is the experience that the Biblical Times Dinner Theater offers. This unique live entertainment event in Pigeon Forge TN, serves up not only a feast for the senses but also a banquet fit for a king.

At the core of the evening is a powerful gospel concert, which draws from historical biblical narratives. Actors gracefully wear costumes based on biblical references, adding an essential touch of color to their portrayals. Moreover, the performers sing a variety of Christian music and Christmas music, creating a mix of state-of-the-art musical shows you will enjoy. The performances are carefully curated by the musical productions along with the council of trusted Bible scholars to ensure scripturally sound shows.

And yet, no theater experience would be quite complete without culinary delights. A 'breaking of bread' in the truest sense, enjoy a feast in the dinner shows that seek to replicate the simplicity and wholesomeness of meals typical of the era. Expect an unforgettable spectacle as the courses are presented in grandeur, an elaborate spread that would match any modern gourmet offering.

The dinner theater doesn't shy away from the importance of music within the biblical landscape either. Southern gospel contemporary is integrated within the storylines paired with talented vocals, rhythmic beats, and melody-infused scripts that truly take the performance to another level.

  • Authentic, era-appropriate costumes and set designs that transport you back in time

  • A rich musical score is woven seamlessly into the performance, enhancing the overall atmosphere

In essence, the Biblical Times Dinner Theater Pigeon Forge is an immersive experience that masterfully blends historical drama, culinary artistry, and musical genius, providing a truly unique and enlightening evening that one cannot easily forget.

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