Lunch Cruise New York: 2024 Best Deals

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Climb aboard the Spirit of New York with friends and family for a fun NYC lunch cruise. Experience the vibrant and iconic city from a whole new perspective—on the scenic waters of the Hudson and East Rivers! Savor a delicious chef-prepared buffet and delightful New York City skyline from the comfort of the climate-controlled indoor, rooftop, or outside decks. Details
Total Price: $111.76 (USD)

Imagine embarking on a journey that paints a harmonious marriage between diverse gastronomy and the iconic cityscape of New York City. A New York lunch cruise is the epitome of this experience - where world-class cuisine meets stunning vistas and unforgettable moments.

From the moment you board, you're immersed in an infectious vibe of joyful camaraderie, the hum of friendly chatter, and the anticipation of a culinary adventure. Set against a unique backdrop of the city's iconic skyline, every course of your lunch takes on a larger-than-life character, complementing your awe-inspiring surroundings.

Basking in the beauty of New York's architectural marvels, you'll witness city landmarks slowly dance by as you navigate the tranquil waterways. The City Cruises on Liberty Island and Ellis offers an array of sightseeing points, including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and the silhouette of Manhattan skyline are all part of this unique theatre of visual delights. It feels as if the city is revealing itself to you, course by course, from the comfort of your window to the Big Apple.

Envision yourself aboard one of the Spirit Cruises, comfortably nestled in our climate controlled decks, gracefully indulging in a buffet lunch as the vibrant rhythm of New York City plays out behind the glass. Attired as per the relaxed dress code, you immerse yourself in this visually delightful experience, including special events.

By dessert, the city is bathed in a glow, as if joining in your savory celebration and bidding you a fond farewell until your next lunch cruise rendezvous.

In short, a Spirit of New York lunch cruise isn't just about the meal or the views. It's about the unrivaled fusion of these, bundled into an unforgettable lunch affair that’ll leave you contemplating your next cruise before you've even touched the dock.

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