Myrtle Beach Dolphin Cruise - 2024 Best Deals

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Climb aboard the Sea Screamer and get ready to jet off on the greatest dolphin cruise around. Be prepared to get wet as the Sea Screamer cruises by several uninhabited islands on the journey to find dolphins. Don’t forget your camera—you’ll want it when you sail by the coastline as you return to shore. Keep an eye out for playful dolphins throughout the cruise. Details
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Total Price: $31.70 (USD)

Sea Racer Dolphin Cruise

Sea Racer Tours • North Myrtle Beach
Race through the waters on this Myrtle Beach dolphin cruise! Get the best views of the local marine ecosystems, a close-up glimpse of dolphins playing in the water, and an incredible narrated sightseeing tour by Sea Racer Tours' expert guide of the Intracoastal Waterway. The fun never ends on dolphin adventure cruise in Myrtle Beach! Details
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For an exhilarating dolphin tour, get your tickets for Sea Thunder. This turbocharged boat boasts 2100 horsepower and can hold approximately 141 passengers. Get ready for remarkable ocean views and exciting dolphin watching on this memorable cruise. When the captain gives you the signal, you’re free to walk around the boat and find the best views! Canopy seating available. Details
TripAdvisor user rating 4.50 out of 5
304 Reviews
Total Price: $31.70 (USD)

Sail, splash, and spot! There’s nothing quite better than being able to witness the majestic creatures in action with the dolphin cruise Myrtle Beach. With nature’s finest, including sea turtles and dolphin sightings, every Myrtle Beach dolphin cruise is a boat tour to remember.

Set sail on a thrilling journey and witness the friendly dolphins gracefully leap and frolic in the waters, all while enjoying the picturesque coastline of South Carolina. Dive into delightful dolphin discoveries in the north Myrtle Beach area. And if you’re ready to hang with the ocean’s most playful residents, it’s time to browse through our handpicked selections of the best dolphin cruise Myrtle Beach!

Scream with Excitement

Does high-speed adventure and marine marvels in one pique your interest? Sea Screamer - Myrtle Beach Dolphin Cruises is for you! Feel the wind in your hair and prepare to get wet as you go meet various dolphin pods. Go on a wild adventure and jet off to the uninhabited islands in a quest to find these dolphins!

With a narrated dolphin watch and engaging tour, the captain and crew ensure that every moment is a blast! Watch out for the dolphins throughout this dolphin watch cruise. You never know when and how many will appear! Don’t forget to rub splatter sunscreen because this will be an open-air ride. But, if you prefer to have some shade, they also have seats under the canopy.

You can also have a keepsake of your epic ride. Grab your camera and snap photos of the breathtaking coastline as you head back to the shore. Families, friends, and solo travelers will surely have an exhilarating ride in one of the most sought-after Myrtle Beach dolphin cruises!

Beyond the Speed

A turbocharged boat with 2100 horsepower. This can only mean one thing – a ride for speed and epic adventure! Hop on a ride that perfectly combines excitement and aquatic wonders. Get an up-close view of the playful antics of the dolphins and a bonus sunset cruise, making Sea Thunder one of the best dolphin cruises Myrtle Beach!

Get ready for a unique and memorable dolphin cruise North Myrtle Beach experience and soak up the sun featuring sweeping views of the ocean. Capture the best photo with the most stunning backdrop when the captain gives you the signal to walk around! And when your dolphin spotting and picture taking are done, it’s time to pick up the speed and begin the wild ride going to the shore! From insightful narrations, awe-inspiring ocean views, and graceful dolphins, this dolphin cruise is truly one-of-a-kind!

Ride the Waves of Fun in Myrtle Beach

Wave hello to our marine friends on this dolphin cruise Myrtle Beach. And when you’re ready to dive back into more Myrtle Beach things to do, you can enjoy pods of fun with our wide range of selection here:

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From the Atlantic Ocean to witnessing the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, every cruise is a moment to treasure. Enjoy splashing fun and a perfect opportunity to learn about these marine marvels in these cruises. Whether you’re a naturalist or simply looking to do something extraordinary, we’ve got you covered! Enjoy a stress-free trip when you book your tickets with us!