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Boasting 85,000 square feet of interactive experiences and exhibits, Ripley’s Aquarium Myrtle Beach is an aquatic wonderland that’s fun for all ages. This Broadway at the Beach attraction houses over 10,000 exotic sea creatures of more than 350 species in exhibits like Rio Amazon, Dangerous Reef, Ray Bay, Rainbow Rock, Penguin Playhouse, and more. Details
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Sea turtles, a penguin playhouse, and a massive shark tank – under-the-sea adventures await in this Myrtle Beach Aquarium. Bring your family to a fun-filled day with a plentiful of marine creatures to encounter. From the familiar underwater friends to the most interesting and some never-before-seen creatures, catch a glimpse of the vast ocean’s life right before your eyes!

Plunge into the underwater world of wonders in Myrtle Beach’s marine paradise, where every tank and display holds a treasure trove of marine marvels! So, if you’re looking for the perfect family trip, we’ve got the perfect place for you. We're going to take a closer look at this aquarium Myrtle Beach has to offer, so keep reading!

Interactive Experience for All

Dive into hands-on excitement to make your visit to Sea Life Charlotte-Concord Aquarium more memorable! Beyond the signs at each display, this aquarium offers an immersive encounter with the creatures to make learning more fun!

Go on an aquatic adventure and prepare to get your hands wet with their Interactive Touchpool. From touching the sticky anemone to touching a chocolate chip sea star and slipper lobster, get the perfect opportunity to meet the fantastic marine creatures up close and personal. Meet Marvel at the vibrant jellyfish drift gracefully as you control and change the lights in their habitat.

See how these jellies, along with other deadliest creatures in the ocean, showcase another side of them in this interactive display. Touch, feel, and engage – embark on a journey where you are not just an audience but a participant! So, roll up your sleeves in this aquarium that is a playground of learning and fun for all ages.

Shark Selfie

Ready for the ultimate selfie? Walk along the ocean tunnel, Tropical Ocean Exhibit, filled with gallons of water with lively creatures like rays and sea turtles swimming freely. And do one of the highlights of your Sea Life Charlotte-Concord Aquarium, an epic shark selfie!

Sharks are not just for the big screen; in this aquarium, they are here to steal the photo spotlight too! Capture the perfect moment when you’re surrounded by the incredible creatures and the largest shark in the aquarium, the Nurse Shark, swimming overhead.

Don’t miss this chance to strike a pose with one of the most iconic nocturnal predators in this aquarium in Myrtle Beach. Turn up your selfie game and snap a truly “jaw-dropping” photo!

Exploring Educational Exhibits

In Sea Life Charlotte-Concord Aquarium, each tank and display is a window to a different world under the sea. Visit various exhibits that are home to a collection of marine habitats, offering a closer look to the ocean life.

Embark on a journey to the heart of the ocean and see the vibrant corals, various schools of fish, tropical reefs, and majestic predators in their 180-degree ocean tunnel! Come face-to-face with the Giant Pacific Octopus, the rescued sea turtle Neptune, and other interesting sea creatures. With its 10 unique exhibits, visitors will have a lot of opportunities to learn and dive deeper into marine wildlife, making this aquarium Myrtle Beach SC a must-sea!

Learn as much as you enjoy your visit to this aquarium. Led by the passionate and expert staff, you’ll get educational insights about marine life and learn more about the aquarium’s rescue and conservation efforts. Join a voyage of discovery and gain valuable insights as you navigate through the aquarium!

Adventure Never Ends in Myrtle Beach Aquarium!

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Submerge yourself in the ocean wonders and swim into loads of fascinating experiences at this Myrtle Beach Aquarium. With interesting sea creatures and educational displays, you’ll get hooked on a wonderful experience. So, enjoy a stress-free trip and book your tickets with us!