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Winner of many South Carolina tourism awards and deemed “A Big Hit” by USA Today, The Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach offers a truly unique variety show with a cast of 36 performers in a two-hour performance filled with fun and laughter for the whole family. Guests can enjoy Broadway hits, pop music favorites, gospel songs and more accompanied by state-of-the-art sound and visual effects. Details
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Step back in time with Motown '59: The Ultimate Show at the Asher Theater in Myrtle Beach, SC! Experience the magic of the iconic Motown era through electrifying performances featuring songs from The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Supremes, and classic hits from the 60’s to 90’s. Get ready to groove with the sound that changed America. Details
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Get ready to be astounded by the seemingly endless amount of impressions from master impressionist, James Stephens III. From Chris Rock to Ronald Reagan, James can do it all! Watch as he dazzles audiences with his musical, comedy, and impression talents all in one show. James Stephens III has also appeared on HBO, The Tonight Show, Showtime, and many other national shows. Details
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This high-energy Time Warp show blends live music, dance and side-splitting comedy with special effects, elaborate costumes and state-of-the-art multimedia for a thrilling performance at the Carolina Opry Theater. Time Warp Myrtle Beach will take you back to the 60s, 70s, and 80s with the best in American popular music by an award-winning Carolina Opry cast. Details
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A long-standing Opry favorite of the season, The Carolina Opry Christmas Special offers an unforgettable holiday experience for the whole family. Enjoy time-honored traditions, dance routines, award-winning vocalists and musicians, more than 35 Christmas trees, snow and more! The show continues to live up to its Top attraction in Myrtle Beach title each year. Details
TripAdvisor user rating 4.50 out of 5
2320 Reviews

There are so many different live performances in the Myrtle Beach area that it's like Broadway with 60 miles of sandy beach. It all began in 1986 when Calvin Gilmore and the Carolina Opry pioneered theater in Myrtle Beach. They set the community on its way to being a magnet for live family entertainment. The live performances now include music, and seasonal acts, some of which include dinners, celebrity concerts, and fantastic cover bands.

The Carolina Opry

Anticipate brand-new music, lavish new costumes, and gut-busting humor each season. Featuring two hours of upbeat music, comedy, and dance in a luxury theater with cutting-edge lighting, sound, and special effects, The Carolina Opry is an award-winning production. Over 35 of the best actors and actresses in the country are in the cast.

Alabama Theatre in North Myrtle Beach

This multi-million dollar investment will improve your experience and push the limits of what country music shows in Myrtle Beach is. Alabama Theatre in North Myrtle Beach has debuted ICONIC, a brand-new show that takes audiences on a unique journey through famous moments from the past and today. The concert features well-known Broadway standards, Pop power ballads, Classic Rock anthems, and Myrtle Beach country music shows. A portion honoring the contributions of the country supergroup ALABAMA, after which the theater is named, is also included. This segment features a selection of the band's best and most recognizable singles and narrative and visual effects that tell the band's history.

Anthems of Rock

Sing along to the best Rrock songs of all time in this fantastic music experience, which is a thrilling, high-energy performance. The biggest rock bands of the 20th century, including Queen, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Journey, Aerosmith, and others, are featured in the exhilarating concert Anthems of Rock Myrtle Beach. It is presented in the Broadway Theater Myrtle Beach, which has 400 stadium seats and high ceilings, for a brief period only. The play pays homage to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Elton John's "Rocket Man" and is suitable for all ages and families.

Motown Tribute Show - Motor City Musical

Take a musical trip through the history of Motown, a style that helped to dissolve social barriers and give life and rhythm to music from the 1960s and 1970s. At the GTS Theatre in Myrtle Beach, this unique Motown tribute performance showcases electrifying renditions of vintage Motown tunes by singers including Etta James, the Temptations, the Four Tops, Diana Ross and the Supremes, and many more.

Come and enjoy an evening of soulful entertainment as you travel musically through a genre that broke through social barriers. Tap your feet to the music as the narrative of Motown history is being told. Motown transformed lives and had the whole of America dancing. Follow the music that sprang from the dream of one guy. Bring your courage and participate in the entire show's singing.

Let’s Sing Along Myrtle Beach Music Shows!

Attend one of the music shows in Myrtle Beach for a fun evening. The variety of skills included in Myrtle Beach productions make for genuine experiences for the whole family. Each of these music shows Myrtle Beach SC performance is a fantastic addition to your calendar. If you're planning a trip to Myrtle Beach, you'll save time by obtaining your tickets and showing information online ahead of time.

Myrtle Beach: The Grand Strand Paradise

Aside from its numerous golf courses, family attractions, and beaches which are all big draws, most visitors come to this popular destination for the shows it offers. A diverse city like Myrtle Beach lives on individuality and style. Bring the family, and make some lifelong friends along the way. Looking for more shows to watch on your next Myrtle Beach vacation? Check out the following Myrtle Beach shows below.

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