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Zipline Moab! Experience six exhilarating zip lines in this 2.5-hour Raven's Rim Moab zipline tour that begins with a rugged 4x4 off-road ride to the cliff faces overlooking Moab. Zip across six steel cables over sheer sandstone cliffs and canyons. Zip to a 100-foot suspension bridge where you'll traverse the gap of two sandstone fins. See the 13,000-foot La Sal Mountains in the distance, and more from your perch on Raven's Rim. Book this popular Moab Adventure Center zipline tour for an adventure of a lifetime! Details
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Total Price: $177.68 (USD)

Imagine soaring through the air like an eagle, the wind rushing against your face, your heart pounding in exhilaration. This is precisely the sensation you'll get when you embark on the Moab Zipline adventure in the striking high desert landscape of Moab Utah. With its sky-high towers of red rock fins and vast stretches of brilliant blue, Moab offers a setting that makes the thrill of ziplining even more captivating. 

The zipline Moab starts with a safety briefing, where adventurers are familiar with the equipment. The staff diligently ensures everyone's safety while making the whole zip line experience enjoyable. Then, it's on to the real deal—climbing up to the first launch platform. 

Not for the faint-hearted, standing on the launch platform of a zipline tour in Raven Rim Adventure Tours can be an adrenaline-pumping experience. You're high above the ground on the 100-foot suspension bridge, the vast expanse of Moab sprawling beneath you, ready to zoom down a zipline that will take you over unfathomable drops and expanding vistas of the rugged terrain. 

You can also try the zipline adventure along the La Sal Mountains. Below, the Colorado River peacefully meanders through the rocky landscape, a serene contrast to the exhilarating rush of adrenaline you're about to experience. 

Prepare to feel the surge of excitement as you step off the platform, giving yourself over to the joyous free-fall sensation as you start speeding down the zipline. Remember to keep your eyes open to really take in the incredible bird's-eye view of the magnificent terrain beneath.

Even after you've touched down, the buzz of the zipline experience stays with you for a while. You can then take a side trip to the nearby Arches National Park.  

To conclude, ziplining in Moab is not just about the thrill of leaping off the platform and flying down the zipline! 

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