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Skunk Train

Fort Bragg
Hop aboard the historic Skunk Train in Fort Bragg and journey through majestic redwood groves, scenic trestle bridges, and fascinating tunnels that lead into the heart of the Noyo River Canyon. Initially constructed to transport logs from the hinterlands to the coast, this train offers pristine views that have stood the test of time for over a century! Details
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Cycle through the Californian wilderness on a Skunk Train Rail Bike! Pedal your way along the renowned Redwood Route and scenic Pudding Creek, taking in the views and local wildlife. You’ll explore the countryside with a certified guide, stopping for a break at Glen Blair Junction. Skunk Train Rail Bike tickets include fare for two on a side-by-side railbike. Details
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Discover an exclusive late-night watering hole accessible only by the Skunk Train! Away from the clamor of the city, Glen Blair Bar is a secret bar tucked away in old-growth redwood groves near Fort Bragg, CA. Grab your friends and enjoy a scenic ride on this vintage train over to Glen Blair Junction for drinks by the firepit or a game of corn hole! Details
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Travel along historic railroad tracks through magnificent redwoods on a Skunk Train Rail Bike. This guided trip begins with a scenic hike down to the Noyo River where your bikes await. Then becomes a 25-mile railbike journey following the river, crossing 12 wooden trestle bridges and stopping for a picnic with ample time to explore before heading back. Details
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Hop aboard the Magical Christmas train for an unforgettable holiday experience! The Willits Skunk Train will take you on a scenic adventure to Mr. Skunk’s giant Christmas Tree. Enjoy festive holiday tunes and treats as you journey through majestic redwood groves right outside your window. Share the joy of the season aboard this historic steam locomotive. Details
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Welcome to Mendocino Coast - a charming gem tucked away in the heart of the Northern California Coastline. Boasting an array of Mendocino County Things to Do, this captivating destination is sure to offer unforgettable experiences for every type of traveler. 

From breathtaking trails of Fern Canyon in Van Damme State Park to enriched cultural experiences in the wine regions, Mendocino County is a haven of wonders waiting to be explored. Imagine strolling along the miles of the pristine Glass Beach, where the soothing sound of the waves calms your soul. Or venture into the Jug Handle State Natural Reserve, Mackerricher State Park, Russian Gulch State Park, and Mendocino Headlands State Park. 

One can't help but marvel at the Big River that seems to flow endlessly. Experiencing the ancient wonders north of Mendocino, notably around Fort Bragg and Point Arena, gives visitors a unique sense of tranquility. It's as though you're riding the Skunk Train itself, being carried away from the hustle of San Francisco to a place where you can genuinely connect with the magic of Mother Nature.

Enjoy the local farmer's markets that showcase the bounty of the region. The vibrant colors of seasonal fruits and vegetables, freshly baked artisan bread, and homemade jams and jellies make for a delightful farm to table adventure. Or stroll through the local art galleries that celebrate the creativity of the local community, offering a glimpse into their vivid imagination. 

The county also hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, each with its unique flair. These events bring together locals and visitors alike, united by their love for music, dance, and delicious food. 

Whether you’re in search of serenity, adventure, cultural immersion, or simply a break from routine, the things to do in Mendocino County, with its diverse experiences and mesmerizing landscapes, offer something to touch every visitor's heart. 

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