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Offering exclusive zipline experiences for first-time zipliners and experienced enthusiasts alike, NorthShore Zipline Canopy Tours are ideal for seeing some of Hawaii’s most breathtaking views, including the Pacific Ocean and Maui’s North Shore. Guests can enjoy soaring through a forest of eucalyptus trees while riding on 900-foot-long ziplines at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. Details
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Explore Maui’s lush landscapes on a Jungle Zipline Maui Eco Tour. Traverse a tropical valley on Maui’s North Shore with expert guides and state-of-the-art zipline design. Enjoy a thrilling adventure amid breathtaking scenery, and immerse in native Hawaiian plants and traditional Taro farming. Conveniently located near the Hana Highway, book your tour today! Details
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Imagine soaring above the lush greenery of West Maui Mountains, the wind whistling past your ears, and the exhilaration of speed in a 900 feet long Maui Zip Lines to create a sensation unlike any other. Welcome to the world of zip line tours, a unique adventure that offers thrill-seekers and nature lovers a chance to experience the island's landscapes from a different perspective.

  • Take a deep breath as you're securely harnessed onto the Kapalua Ziplines, then feel your heart skip a beat as you leap off the platform solo or side by side with your friends. Remember to keep your eyes open to drink in the astonishing tropical plantation below.

  • Experience the heady rush of adrenaline as you zip down high-speed zip line courses, each journey taking you through different sections of Jungle Zipline Maui's diverse topography, from the tropical rainforest canopies to deep, breathtaking gorges.

  • Relish the serene moments between each zip line Maui, where you can bask in the astounding panorama, gather your thoughts, and prepare yourself for your next adventure.

Maui zipline adventures aren't just about the speed and the exhilaration. They also provide a family friendly opportunity to learn about the island's unique ecosystem and cultural history. You can also take a side trip on the swinging bridges. As you traverse between platforms in suspension bridges, you can listen to guides sharing fascinating tales and facts about Maui's biodiversity.

In conclusion, undertaking a zip line adventure offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the island's stunning landscapes of the North Shore Maui. Can anything else offer such a unique excitement, nature immersion, and education? We think not. Maui zipline tour, undeniably, are an unforgettable aspect of the island's abundant offerings to its visitors.

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