Los Angeles Brunch Cruise: 2024 Best Deals

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Enjoy bottomless mimosas, private table seating, and a decadent all-you-can-eat brunch buffet aboard Flagship Cruises & Events' luxury yacht. Glide past San Diego and Coronado's scenic waterfronts while listening to live music during this two-hour San Diego brunch cruise. Perfect for celebrations or an ultimate relaxing family escape. Details
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$124.75 $109.16
Total Price: $111.34 (USD)
You Save: $15.59
Sip on sparkling drinks while admiring glistening coastal ocean views. This City Cruises Marina del Rey brunch on a yacht offers a seasonal chef-inspired buffet with free-flowing champagne, sparkling cider, mimosas, and more. Take in the stunning views of Southern California with live jazz music in the background, and capture it all with your camera! Details
Total Price: $138.39 (USD)
Indulge in a two-hour luxury yacht cruise on Newport Beach Harbor complete with a chef-inspired brunch buffet and live music. Sip on free-flowing champagne, mimosas and sparkling cider while taking in the scenic Southern California views. Let the fresh breeze and warm sunshine enhance your vacation aboard a Hornblower Brunch Cruise from Newport Beach, CA. Details
Total Price: $137.21 (USD)

Immerse yourself in the quintessential City of Angels experience by taking a delightful brunch cruise Los Angeles. Picture this: as the golden Southern California sun gently rises, casting a glittering hue over the iconic Los Angeles coastline, you step aboard a luxurious yacht ready to indulge in a gastronomic adventure. Think of a brunch buffet with fresh pastries, seasoned fruits, and traditional brunch specialties that tantalize your tastebuds while you cruise along the pristine LA shores. This isn't merely a meal; it's a captivating, sensory journey.

During the Champagne Brunch Cruise Los Angeles, not only do you get to revel in the selection of brunch delights paired at your private table with your preferred drink, but you also enjoy panoramic views of a breathtaking seascape. Imagine the cool Pacific breeze caressing your face as you watch a cavalcade of seagulls soaring above, with the glorious azure sea providing a mesmerizing backdrop.

  • Enjoy a languid Sunday afternoon, relishing a delectable brunch while cruising through sparkling waters.

  • Get swept off your feet by the free flowing rhythm of Pacific waves in Marina Del Rey, whispering tales of the deep as you indulge in an unlimited Champagne brunch cruise, or if you prefer, enjoy a sparkling cider, adding fizz to your unforgettable journey.

While your tastebuds are being pampered, your eyes are equally rewarded. From the dazzling view of the LA skyline to the bewitching special events and dancing in the background music, there's no shortage of pleasures to enjoy.

A brunch cruise in Los Angeles is more than just a meal. It's an oasis of calm and delight in the midst of a bustling city, a unique chance to soak in the quintessence of coastal Southern California lifestyle. This is the charm of LA, and a brunch cruise allows you to experience it in a truly unique, memorable way.

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