Helicopter Rides Hilton Head - 2024 Best Deals

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Take a ride in the sky via helicopter to soak in the magnificent views of Hilton Head Island. See Folly Field Beach, Broad Creek, Port Royal Sound, and Shelter Cove. Be on the lookout for ocean life down below such as sea turtles, dolphins, and manta rays! Your knowledgeable pilot will provide narration and ensure you have a thrilling ride with stunning views. Details
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Total Price: $72.41 (USD)
Lift off with Hilton Head Helicopter Tours for an exciting adventure over the island. Travel along the island’s busiest beaches on your way to Coligny Beach Park, flying low and looking for marine life. Then, ascend for the best views of Hilton Head Island, along with Parris Island and Downtown Savannah. This tour is ideal for couples, friends, and families. Details
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Total Price: $114.47 (USD)
View Hilton Head by helicopter in one of the best tours out there. Fly over Pinckney Island wildlife refuge to the Bluffton Historic District. Orbit the Church of the Cross before flying along the May River, and more. Have your camera on hand for photo ops of the Harbour Town Lighthouse and a range of wildlife you may spot, such as bald eagles, dolphins, and turtles. Details
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Total Price: $240.50 (USD)
See the Harbour Town Lighthouse, South Beach Marina, Shelter Cove Marina, Coligny Beach, and the Broad Creek Marshlands from the seat of a Hilton Head helicopter tour. Fly on a helicopter 700 feet over the beach waving at beachgoers and taking in an eagle’s view of the sights below. Be sure to have your camera ready for some amazing photo opportunities. Details
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Total Price: $156.48 (USD)
If you’re looking for a short and sweet Hilton Head helicopter ride, this is the tour for you! Discover what it’s like to fly in a helicopter as you loop around the northeast corner of the island. See Folly Field Beach, Port Royal Sound, and search for sea life in the Atlantic Ocean from above. This discovery tour is perfect for first-time fliers. Details
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Total Price: $40.96 (USD)

Ready to take your epic adventure to higher heights? Take your Hilton Head Island escapade to the next level with our carefully curated Hilton Head helicopter tours. From breathtaking tours and a thrilling helicopter ride to a peek at the lively sea turtles and manta rays, catch a glimpse of the best of both worlds in one ride.

Buckle up for the ultimate thrill ride and be blown away as you witness the stunning beauty of Tybee Island and Downtown Savannah by air. Enjoy only the best with our incredible handpicked choices for your next Hilton Head helicopter tour. Experience the sky-high delight from above!

Soak in the Sun-kissed Scenery

Soar to new heights of excitement and see the marvelous views of one of the best beaches in South Carolina, Coligny Beach. Strap in as you go on a high-flying journey with the Beach Bum Helicopter Tour. Indulge in the whirlwind wonder and discover the allure of Hilton Head, one helicopter ride at a time. And cruise along pristine shores, panoramic views from the sky, and glide above the sparkling azure waters.

Feel the breeze as you hover over fine sandbars and top spots on the island, including Parris Island and downtown Savannah. Grab your camera and capture postcard-worthy photos of the coastal panorama. So, pack your bags, slather that sunscreen on, and join the epic sun-kissed vacation and embrace your inner beach bum with this exhilarating Hilton Head helicopter!

Marvel at the Captivating Beaches

Still trying to decide if you are ready to soar hundreds of feet above? No worries! Take this 3-minute Ocean View Helicopter Tour to get a feel of what’s it like to fly across Hilton Head Island. Fly across the Atlantic Ocean and reach the other side of the northeast corner. Join a mesmerizing aerial oasis featuring a spectacular coastline, crystal-clear waters, and twirling waves. Get a front-row seat for the picturesque spectacle that awaits!

Turn your vacation into a fly-cation when you indulge in the heavenly side of Hilton Head Island on a Beach Cruiser Helicopter Tour. Get a bird's eye view of the top destinations like Folly Field Beach, Broad Creek, Port Royal Sound, and Shelter Cove. Hop on an aerial adventure and gaze in awe at the long stretch of sand shores coupled with breathtaking views. Look out for the secret spots and hidden gems that you may discover from an elevated point of view. Bring out your inner adventurer, put your shades on, and fly your way through pure bliss from up above with one of the best helicopter rides Hilton Head!

Authentic Island Experience

Yearning to have an authentic island escapade on a helicopter ride Hilton Head? Look no further! Immerse yourself in a tropical journey in this thrilling Island Explorer Helicopter Tour! From lush landscapes to beautiful waters, an awe-inspiring aerial exploration awaits! Gather the whole fam and witness the charm of Harbour Town Lighthouse, South Beach Marina, Shelter Cove Marina, Coligny Beach, and Broad Creek Marshlands.

Soak up the island's rich wildlife and ecosystem from 700 feet above, all in one helicopter tour. Whether you're a nature lover, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply looking for a relaxing view, this tour will surely be one of your favorite vacation memories. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can be an extraordinary island explorer? Grab your binoculars and embark on an epic discovery now!

Explore the Southern Heritage

From bald eagles and hawks to beach life and captivating attractions and landmarks, Hilton Head has it all! Dive deep into the heart and soul of the island with the Old Town Bluffton Helicopter Tour. Feel the excitement as you soar above the quaint Southern gem from a new perspective. Gaze upon the icon of BLuffton’s Historic District, Harbour Town Lighthouse, and other landmarks, including the Church of the Cross, Pinckney Island, May River, and Palmetto Bluff.

Marvel at the grandeur of centuries-old antebellum homes and delightful streets that reflects a bygone era. As you journey through the skies, be enchanted by the town's timeless beauty. Don your explorer's cap and embark on a one-of-a-kind flight!

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Gear up and get ready to take flight on an electrifying escapade with Hilton Head Helicopter Tours. Skip the hassle and stress of planning everything; we've got you covered! Choose from our handpicked helicopter tours and enjoy the epic adventure! From sandy shores and dazzling waters to scenic landscapes and historical landmarks, we've curated the best tours to satisfy every explorer's heart.

Get your VIP ticket to the most breathtaking views Hilton Head Island has to offer. Delight in sun-kissed sights. capture photos, and create lasting memories from above. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime getaway. Book your tickets now and elevate your vacation!