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An award-winning and top-rated aquarium in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies offers various interactive experiences and exhibits that showcase thousands of exotic sea creatures that call this aquarium home. Touch real stingrays, glide along a 340-foot moving path beneath a sea of sharks, paint a piece of artwork with penguins, and more. Details
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Total Price: $45.47 (USD)

When you step through the doors of the Gatlinburg Aquarium, also known as the Ripley's Aquariums of the Smokies, your world transforms into a fantastical aquatic adventure. This world-class facility isn't just another aquarium—it's an undersea walking tour of Earth's many marine ecosystems, all housed under one roof. What awaits you is a mesmerizing experience carefully designed to amaze, educate, and inspire the explorer within you. 

The moment you enter, warm, humid air wraps around you, immediately transporting you to a world beneath the ocean. As you stroll along the spiraling path that winds its way through the facility, the soft hum of the filters and the gentle ripple of water create a soothing backdrop to the vivid colors and astounding creatures that thrive here.  Your journey starts in the Tropical Rainforest exhibit, where vibrant and exotic sea creatures dart through the lush underwater flora. Anticipation rises as you venture further into the aquarium; a shroud of brilliant blues envelops you, and you're met with the larger-than-life shark lagoons, rays,  sea turtles, and other marine behemoths through the massive acrylic viewing panels. 

Perhaps the jewel in the crown of the Aquarium Gatlinburg experience is the awe-inspiring, glass-bottom boat adventure. Beneath your glass bottom boat ride, a bustling aquatic world unfolds, allowing you to examine sea life from a unique vantage point that's thrilling and hair-raisingly intimate. 

Yet, beyond the visual spectacle, the Aquarium Gatlinburg TN's commitment to education and conservation shines. Informative displays abound, each presenting fascinating facts about the aquarium's inhabitants and their habitats.

Interactive exhibits and touch pools engage visitors of all ages, promoting the importance of marine conservation and offering an immersive learning opportunity that awakens a sense of responsibility and reverence for the ocean's ecosystem. Thus, your time at the Gatlinburg Aquarium isn’t just entertainment—it's an enlightening crash course on marine biology and conservation. 

The Gatlinburg Aquarium can fill an entire day with wonderment or provide the perfect escape for a couple of hours. Here, among the vibrant reefs and impressive marine giants, you lose your sense of time and feel a unique connection with the underwater world. Whether you're a marine life enthusiast, a family looking for a fun, educational outing, or just a wanderer on the path of life's experiences, the Gatlinburg Aquarium offers a world of remarkable undersea spectacles that stay with you long after your visit. 

The Ocean Realm exhibit serves as a mirror to the splendors of the open sea, featuring an array of marine life from the elusive octopus to the playful penguin.
The shark lagoon, with its moving walkway through the 340-foot underwater tunnel, offers a thrilling, 360-degree panoramic view of marine life.
Finally, the Stingray Bay, a shallow lagoon that's home to a variety of rays, adds a touch of serene beauty and resounding calm to your undersea journey.

Perhaps the crowning gem of the Gatlinburg Aquarium, the Tropical Rainforest, takes you on a journey through lush landscapes filled with a variety of vibrant creatures. The exhibit offers you exposure to a colorful world where poison dart frogs, piranhas, and delicate seahorses reside. Venturing deeper into the rainforest, you'd find arapaimas - one of the world's largest freshwater fish, cloaked in the watery shadows. 

Ever wondered what it'd feel like to walk in the shoes of a marine biologist? The Discovery Center allows you to do just that. This interactive area of the aquarium features touch tanks, educational displays, and engaging experiences. 

In conclusion, the Gatlinburg Aquarium is not just a spectacle but an experience. This unfolding journey grabs you from the first moment and holds you mesmerized till the very end. So, take a dip into the aquatic world of the Gatlinburg Aquarium and emerge with unforgettable memories and an increased appreciation for our beautiful but fragile underwater world. 

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