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Located on the same body of water where the Boston Tea Party took place centuries ago, Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is an experience everyone will enjoy! Relive the event that started a revolution with live actors, interactive exhibits, centuries-old artifacts, and reenactments of the political protest that changed the course of U.S. history. Details
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Charmingly historic yet wonderfully modern, Boston, also known as "The Cradle of Liberty," is a city that beautifully balances the old and new art Boston. A vital part of this balance lies in its rich array of art museums that pay tribute to Boston's lengthy timeline and weave an intricate tapestry of history, art, science, and culture.

Through the eyes of Boston's museums, you'll unearth tales of innovation, courage, creativity, and evolution. Join a guided tour now!

What is the best way to get to the Boston museums?

When navigating your way to Boston's museums, various transportation options are available.

Public Transit

If you're eager to immerse yourself in the city's vibe while saving on transit costs, Boston's public transport system might be your ticket. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority offers subway, bus, and commuter rail services throughout the city and landmarks such as the Museum of Science, Boston Children's Museum,  Paul Revere House, and Museum of Fine Arts.


Driving in Boston can be quite challenging, but given the city's winding streets and heavy traffic, it's not an impossible task. Most museums in Boston, like Harvard Art Museums, John F Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum, and Boston Tea Party Ships Museum, have parking facilities. However, remember that these are typically paid lots and can fill up, especially during peak times. 

Ride-Sharing and Taxis

If you prefer the comfort and convenience of a private ride, utilizing ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft or taking a traditional taxi is an option to go around the Museum of African American History and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Biking and Walking

For those who fancy exploring Boston leisurely, consider renting a bike or simply strolling. The city museums, like the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, are fairly walkable, and there's a citywide bike-sharing program called Bluebikes.

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As our journey through the vast landscape of Boston Museums concludes, we hope you've come away with a sense of fascination and eagerness to explore. Wherever you find yourself in this vibrant city, a museum with intriguing exhibits awaits. Each venue offers a unique viewpoint on the world, be it art, history, science, or nature. These institutions serve as the heart of Boston's cultural scene, bridging the past, the present, and the future through their exhibitions and programs. Embark on your exploration and uncover a world of creativity and knowledge right at your fingertips. Remember, your next Boston adventure is just visiting a museum away!