Hawaii Big Island Hiking Tours: 2024 Best Deals

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Offered by Hawaii Forest & Trail, Maunakea Tour: Maunakea Summit & Stars Adventure offers an exciting experience for guests ages 13 and older to enjoy. The adventure includes a drive to the Mauna Kea summit to find picturesque views ideal for taking photos, a provided picnic-style dinner, a hooded parka and warm gloves, an interpretive guide of Hawaii’s spectacular cultural and geological history. Details
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Hit the backroads on this Hawaii Forest and Trail exclusive bird watching tour! Explore restricted lands at the Hakalau National Forest Reserve with a naturalist guide. Spend the day exploring the Hakalau Forest sighting endangered birds like the Akepa and Elepaio, native plants and rare animal species including carnivorous caterpillars and happy-faced spiders. Details
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Get ready for an excursion unlike any other on the Hidden Craters Hike through Kona. Your tour brings you behind 3 locked gates to discover Hualalai, Kona’s infamous volcano. Throughout your tour, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the island’s volcanic eruptions in the 1800s, climb through a segment of a lava tube, and embark on a 3-4 mile hike you’ll never forget. Details
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Offered by Hawaii Forest & Trail, the Kohala Waterfalls Adventure offers an 8-hour round trip through the rainforest, ideal for guests of all ages. The tour includes a trip up the North Kona and Kohala coastlines near the lava flows (caves) from Mauna Loa, Mount Kea and the Kohala Mountains, and more. Guests are provided lunch, as well as walking sticks, warm wear, backpacks, and ponchos. Details
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Imagine experiencing an excursion that incites both a physical challenge and a feast for the senses. That's what a big island hiking tour is all about. Amidst the rugged terrains, tropical tranquility, and expansive ocean views, your journey begins.

Prepared to be mesmerized as each path unveils a unique blend of diverse ecosystems. The breathtaking variety of landscapes, ranging from lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, to majestic volcano peaks, are enough to awaken the adventurous soul in you. As you navigate the trails, you're likely to spot wildlife - everything from exotic birds calling from the tree canopy to curious critters along your path.

A big island hiking tour is an immersive way to observe and appreciate the multifaceted beauty of nature. The constantly changing scenery and varying levels of difficulty guarantee that no two hikes are the same. One minute you could be trekking along a sandy beach trail, the next you could be conquering a steep incline promising the reward of a panoramic vista at the peak.

There's also the contrast you'll experience as you transition from the island's sunny, arid zones to cooler, mist-laden higher altitudes. Each step presents a new elemental encounter, captivating your senses. Listen to the rustling leaves, feel the uneven terrain beneath your feet, smell the fragrant wildflowers or moist earth, and let the panoramic views steal your breath away.

And let's not forget the cultural treasures hidden along the trails. There's much to learn about the region's rich history and fascinating folklore. Ancient rock carvings, age-old legends, or hearing the hauntingly beautiful Hawaiian language - are all part and parcel of the experience.

So, prepare not just your hiking boots but also your senses to be invigorated in ways you have never imagined. Remember, a big island hiking tour isn't just a walk in the park - it's an unforgettable journey promising the thrill of discovery and a profound connection with nature at every turn.

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From the lush rainforests and the barren lunar landscapes of volcanoes, to the crystal-clear ocean vistas, Big Island presents a unique backdrop for an unforgettable hiking experience. With diverse trails to suit all expertise levels, you're on a refreshing adventure. Just remember to respect nature's grandeur every step of the way. Next time you plan a vacation, consider the Big Island hiking tours; the natural beauty and cultural history promise a remarkable journey. Happy hiking!