SeaWorld San Diego and Zoo Tickets

Experience the fun in top San Diego attractions! Dreaming of a jam-packed trip to two of the top San Diego world-class attractions? Enjoy a stress-free visit to San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld with our San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld discount tickets. Planned to visit the city? You can get your San Diego pass or opt for the hassle-free San Diego Zoo and Seaworld tickets made just for you!

Power up for a day of fun with admission to SeaWorld, including thrilling rides, spectacular shows, and up-close encounters with sea creatures at SeaWorld. Wander through the world-famous San Diego Zoo, home to plenty of exotic animals. Encounter Southern California's best and prepare for an epic animal adventure with our San Diego Zoo ticket and SeaWorld package.

Never miss a bit of adventure with a visit to SeaWorld San Diego water theme park. Snag a spectacular vacation in SeaWorld San Diego, a world-renowned marine park offering sweeping attractions, heart-pumping rides, and impressive shows for visitors of all ages. Maximize your day at the park when you arrive an hours prior or at least 30 minutes before the opening. Note that the park also offers unlimited visits for 14 consecutive days, and you can use your credit card to purchase a ticket.

Get a chance to get up close with the park's countless marine creatures that, include dolphins, sea lions, sharks, penguins, and much more. The park offers diverse entertainment and activities, from adrenaline-boosting roller coasters to animal-themed interactive shows.

SeaWorld offers an overflow of fun rides to try! Calling all adventure-seekers! You can try various rollercoasters and other rides that will keep your adrenaline going! Pull out your swim attire and try the record-breaking, highest, fastest, and longest diving coaster in California, the Emperor!

Warm up and feel the spine-chilling excitement that comes with the Electric Eel, a multi-launch coaster that features speedy twists and breathtaking loops. Turn your world around with Tidal Twister. Indulge in this exciting dueling roller coaster with fast-paced turns and twists that turns upside-down. Wrap it up with the two thrilling launchers that will send you sky-high and dive in the world's biggest ray.

A dream comes true for animal lovers, admission to San Diego SeaWorld offers a plethora of interactive exhibits and experiences. Meet and greet with the dolphins? Yes, please! The Dolphin Encounter allows you to encounter these playful and intelligent animals closely. Double the thrill with the Penguin Encounter and have a chance to these fascinating birds and discover more about their behavior!

On top of the animal encounters and rides, SeaWorld San Diego also is a place of festivals, even on weekends and holidays. Just go straight to the gate and be welcomed with many food and shopping choices. You can enjoy a tasty serving in one of the numerous restaurants and let your inner savvy shopper look for souvenirs and other gifts at any of the shops in the park!

After a day of looking for family fun in San Diego attractions, continue your vacation with amazing animal encounters at the San Diego Zoo! Be prepared to be welcomed by a lush, green landscape with towering trees that creates a relaxing and peaceful ambiance upon arrival.

Educating kids and families for over 100 years, San Diego Zoo is divided into several zones, showcasing an individual habitat and the species that live there. The 100-acre zoo houses 12,000 animals from 650 species and more than 700,000 exotic plants. From the African Savannah to the Arctic tundra, visitors can travel the world in one day with your San Diego Zoo ticket combo.

Gear up for an awesome and educational day like in San Diego Zoo Safari Park! Enjoy San Diego Zoo highlights of guided bus tours and wildlife encounters. Go deeper into the zoo's winding path and see the rare and exotic animals up close. The zoo is home to great apes, tigers, koalas, flamingos, Komodo dragons, polar bears, and eagles. Visitors can watch the animals' daily behavior while playing with toys and eating their favorite snacks.

If you're looking to have a close encounter with the animals, this package included San Diego Zoo 1-day pass that offers a wide range of animal encounters and other experiences. You and your kiddies can feed a giraffe, take a selfie with rhinoceros or go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo's animal-care facilities. These excursions offer a unique and personal view of animals and the care they receive, which can help raise awareness for your kids.

But wait, there's more! San Diego Zoo is an oasis of fun, not just about animals. The Zoo offers other appealing attractions and activities for children and adults alike. A Skyfari aerial tram takes guests on an unforgettable ride through the zoo—delight in breathtaking panoramas of wildlife and habitats.

The Children's Zoo allows children to play with the animals, climb up play structures and splash around in their water playground. Please note that children ages 11 and younger for free admission throughout October. For adventure-seekers, the zoo's theater in 4D is a multi-sensory adventure that takes viewers inside the world of movies. With its splendid exhibits of animals, action-packed attractions, and dedication to animal conservation and awareness, San Diego Zoo is truly a remarkable adventure for the entire family!

Don’t spend too long googling Seaworld San Diego and Zoo tickets; we’ve got you covered! No need to worry about ticket prices or admission ticket. All there is left to do is enjoy and have the best vacation with your family! Book Seaworld and San Diego Zoo tickets!

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SeaWorld San Diego
Reserve your SeaWorld San Diego tickets and get ready to explore an aquatic paradise in Southern California! Experience thrilling marine shows like Orca Encounter and Dolphin Adventures, exhilarating rides like Arctic Rescue, Manta and Emperor, and a variety of seasonal events. Each San Diego SeaWorld visit promises a splash of adventure for the whole family!
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San Diego Zoo
Entertaining and educating families for over 100 years, San Diego Zoo offers a 100-acre home to over 12,000 animals of more than 650 species, as well as more than 700,000 exotic plants. Enjoy guided bus tours, interactive play areas, live performances, 4-D theater shows, up-close views of exotic animals and a Wildlife Explorers Basecamp that’s fun for all ages.
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TripAdvisor user rating 4.50 out of 5

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