XTreme Racing Center in Branson, MO

3600 W. Hwy. 76Branson, MO 65616
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A 3,500-foot, state-of-the-art go-kart track, Xtreme Racing Center lets guests enjoy an unforgettable high-speed experience perfect for all ages. Offering both junior karts and world-class Sodi high-speed racing karts—Branson’s fastest go-karts available—guests can feel the rush, reaching speeds of 30–40 miles per hour. An on-site Cold Stone Creamery is also available for racers to enjoy.

Good To Know

from Ashley, one of our Branson Travel Experts
  • Cold Stone Creamery located on property from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  • Closed toed shoes recommended.
  • Drivers must be 11 years old and 52" tall to drive the adult karts.
  • Adult and kiddie go-karts available.
  • Timed heats last 6 minutes.


from XTreme Racing Center
The fastest karts in Branson — world-class Sodi high-speed racing karts! Get your race on only at Xtreme Racing Center!

There are three different types of racing carts available at Xtreme Racing Center. It does take some skill to drive these carts on the 3,500-foot winding track. Therefore, you do have to qualify to drive them. The qualification process involves driving the GT5, showing drivability and good lap time. Racing chips in the carts keep track of lap time and are kept on the racer’s driving profile. All drivers must qualify in the GT5 kart before racing the X-Treme Kart.

Adult and Youth racers must be at least 52” tall to race on the adult course. Kid racers must be at least 48” tall to race on the junior course. Safety requirements allow for our Pit Crew members to have sole discretion in determining all racers’ ability to reach the pedals and steering wheel. Closed-toed shoes are highly recommended to race our karts. Balaclava's (head socks) are required to be worn inside our helmets. Helmets are provided. No double carts available.

Tripster Customer Reviews

8 Reviews
Roland Weir
Iola, KS
1 Review
Verified Traveler
September 2018
Was a lot of fun for my boys, lines a little long but that was to be expected. The staff was very helpful and safety minded. They were very patient and kind to even the youngsters like Rogan and Drake. We received a text that they could come back for a reduced ride later that day, thought that was very nice.
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Tip: Expect to be there 2 to three hours. You can buy tickets online ahead of time.

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Jeffrey Sitler
Beavercreek, OH
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Son's "bucket pick""
August 2018
I found the staff helpful it being our first time there. My kids each had a "bucket list" pick. My son wanted gokarts, my daughter was terrified and she is the older child. My daughter enjoyed it and my son loved it!! I found a lower price online and my father, and my two kids and I went. All of us enjoyed it. Staff explained things, Helmets fit just fine. The wait between the two races was a bit long, but still moved along. I would recommend this place, and would do it again if my kids wanted to do it.
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Tip: There are helmet liners BEFORE putting on the helmet.

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Kevin Clarkson
San Antonio , TX
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Dangerous Practices"
May 2018
We were excited to have some fun this day. We are a family of 4 with two teenagers. Our visit started with a not so nice young lady who was not so helpful inside the building. We continued on, watched a short safety video then proceeded outside for our races. We bought 2 per person. During the first race, their was a couple young men outside (on their cellphones) with no lights or flags to let us know what was going on. I was personally frustrated with just going around in a circle 4 times then the race was over. I declined to take part in the second race I had already paid for. I let the rest of my family race the second time and I sat and watched. This time, there was a larger family and I was glad they had company. It makes it more fun. During the second lap around, my oldest sons go cart was tapped by someone and it caused him to spin around. Everyone proceeded on and my son raised his arms in the air, as instructed in the video. I watch helplessly from behind the fence as my son waited for the employee to come help him. He started to panic as did I. I ran into the office and begged for help before the others made it around again not knowing he was blocking the road. The employee jumped up and got him back on the road. I was very angry at the thought of what could have happened on a day when we were looking forward to having fun on vacation. I asked the not so friendly young lady, Rebeca to talk to her manager. She got him on the phone and he seemed helpful at first. He was asking details of what happened. I requested a refund for our experience and was told repeatedly that the buisness does not give refunds. We ended the phone conversation with Russ telling me that he would review the “video” and get back with me. I left my name, address, and phone number with Rebeca for Russ. Additionally, I had Rebeca contact Russ again as I was leaving, for someone who was racing without the required helmet. Russ stated “oh that’s probably an employee”. I asked him if staff has different rules and standards than vacationers and he replied “no”. I took a picture of the person as well as several others, including staff on their phones not paying attention. I’ve since called several times and left a message for Russ with no response. There is not a way, that I’m aware of, to speak to staff, just a voicemail. I told Riss that day that I will move forward with reviews that tell the truth and warn others of the safety hazards of this place and contacting appropriate state regulators and representatives if I failed to hear back in response. That’s what I’m doing now. Although, this would have been a great place to have fun had these young employees been doing their jobs and had a kind demeanor, the negligence of both staff and the general manager, Russ, make it a dangerous place not worth the risk it the money you’ll spend. Stay clear from Xtreme Racing in Branson, who advertise the fastest go cars, requiring helmets, in Branson.
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Tip: This is a dangerous buisness with terrible customer service.

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Shirley F.
Nixa, MO
3 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"Fast and Fun but a little rough."
March 2018
XTreme Racing Center has the best and fastest carts I've ever driven with adjustable pedals and steering columns. The helmets have face shields, comfortable padding, and come in various sizes. The track is pretty rough so make sure your helmet fits snug. The race is surprisingly long and you get to compete in at least two so it's worth the extra money. The staff was attentive and quick to respond when the other drivers got stuck.
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Tip: Allow yourself plenty of time for this experience. The race is not judged by who finishes first but by each driver's best lap time.

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Tripster Customer
1 Review
"No refunds, even if it's their fault."
July 2017
Paid $50 for 5 races - the qualifying race, which was okay, and 4 races in the faster carts. My legs were pushing up against the steering wheel, so I was physically unable to turn. They wouldn't even refund me the ridiculous price.
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Tip: overpriced, bad owners, ruined the day

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Dora Nelson
San Angelo, TX
2 Reviews
Verified Traveler
June 2016
Sooooo very much fun!!!! Race time is great! Expected to do 1 lap, maybe 2 if lucky, but the race actually lasted a full 6 minutes each!!!! Very fast and great family fun!
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Tip: Definitely purchase the 2 race option......after the first race, you just might be addicted ;)

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Shamika Goode
Lawrence, KS
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Great Experience"
March 2015
The registration was quick and easy on the computers they have there. You watch a safety video. They provide helmets. Everyone had a great time. The ppl that worked there was very friendly. We would definitely go back.
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Angela Laughlin
Killen, AL
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Best go cart racing EVER!"
February 2015
We had such a great time at the XTreme Racing Center. The staff were all very helpful and patient with us - even when I spun out and they had to straighten me back out. It was so much fun - I've never ridden go carts that would go so fast (hence the spin-out) and can't wait to go again. I highly recommend going - and don't just buy one race because the price is better when you get a combo PLUS you will definitely want to race again after the first time. Great job XTreme Racing Center Branson - you have fans for life!
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Tip: Check around for coupons or better yet, use Reserve Branson for the best discount. Bring your camera - there are some great spots to get great video and still pictures.

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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
Pleasant Hill, Missouri
TripAdvisor user rating 2 out of 5
Reviewed August 01, 2020
It was our son's birthday and he wanted to ride the fast carts. Looked like fun so we went for it. We have two younger kids that couldn't ride but we thought it would go quickly. Lady inside was nice but those outside could care less about customers. Bottom line only go here if you have hours to waste! They only let a few go at a time. Even if there are open cars and you are next you will wait and wait. Unfortunately my son only used two of the three races we bought simply because we couldn't wait more hours for him to ride. Also keep in mind we went on two different days! Not a well run place.
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TripAdvisor user image
Falls City, Nebraska
"Fun for the entire Family!"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed July 27, 2020
We took a family vacation to Branson. Had a blast with our kids. The staff was very friendly and kind. Our kids 3 and 6 didn't want to leave. They both didn't meet all of the age and height requirements but the staff did a great job of accommodating where they could.
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TripAdvisor user image
Plainfield, Illinois
"Great time"
TripAdvisor user rating 2 out of 5
Reviewed June 26, 2020
These karts get up and go! The track was laid out well too. Lots of fun. There were not a lot of people in Branson thanks to the Chinese wait times to were very quick. Did the 5 race package!
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TripAdvisor user image
"Will not return."
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed September 13, 2019
Very unprofessional. First, we were pulled from watching the safety video and were told they were going to give us the rules outside. Just because they had others in cars ready to race. We never once said we were in a hurry. Once outside we were told, “ I don’t know how far you made it but basically no bumping the walls or other cars or you will be pulled from the track, these are your car numbers.” We raced the first race everything was fine. Second race, faster cars, before I made it around the first lap, another guy ran up on my car trying to come around me ( with plenty of room to do so) and pieces came off and marks were left. From then forward the car did not drive right. It literally bounced if I tried to speed up. Then I had to stop because a kid had hit the wall and the guy behind me hit me and I told the kid working the track what the car was doing and he told me to keep driving it. I continued to put this car around being lapped over and over. Then once being pulled in, I told the guy what it was doing and showed him where the one had hit me and he marks and where pieces broke off. He told me that he was sorry and would send me and the husband back out. Then another staff member came out and told another kid to take it around the track and as he pulled out of the pit he lost control of it and you could see it bouncing. Then finished the lap and came back and said it was just the track. Mind you, it was fine prior to being hit. I was told there was nothing they could do. This is poor customer service. I didn’t ask for my money back. All I wanted was to race an actual race without being bounced out. I was disappointed.
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TripAdvisor user image
"Long wait"
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed August 05, 2019
The woman at the front said we would only have to wait 45 minutes which was fine, but we soon found out that we would have to wait 2 HOURS!!! After the 2 hours we finally got on, and the red carts where slow, it was not worth it and I would never go back.
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Frequently Asked Questions about XTreme Racing Center

Do you operate in inclement weather?
No, we do not operate in inclement weather. Closing is subject to change due to weather, corporate events or the season.

Do I need a valid driver’s license to drive high speed karts?
No, we do not require you to possess a valid state driver’s license.

How do they determine which karts I qualify to race?
All adults will start with the GT-5 Pro-Kart (20-30mph kart).  Driver’s must practice respect for the rules and regulations and have intent on improving their lap times before racing on the X-Treme Kart (30-40mph).  All kids will start with the fun karts (20mph kart) before upgrading to a faster kart.

How long is the race?
Timed heats last 6 minutes per race.

Are there any age or height requirements?
Drivers must be 11 years old and 52" tall to drive the adult karts (Pro or X-Treme). Junior Karts are available; Kids must be 7 years old and 48" tall to drive the Junior Karts. All racers must be able to safely operate the kart.

What should I wear?
Closed toed shoes are required, other than that, wear something comfortable. Hair should be tied back in a ponytail.

Do I have to wear a helmet?
Yes, we will provide a helmet. Balaclava’s (head sock) is required to be worn inside our helmets. They are available to purchase for $1.99 at the ticket counter.