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Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina


Completed in 1895, George Vanderbilt’s 250-room chateau is as impressive today as it was more than a century ago. Biltmore House is truly a wonder of architecture and hospitality. Enjoy a self-guided tour of the house, as well as the 8,000 acre backyard of beautiful gardens and grounds surrounding it, designed by renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. It is truly a magnificent site!

Good To Know

from Ashley, one of our Asheville Travel Experts
  • George Vanderbilt’s 250-room country retreat.
  • Construction completed in 1895.
  • Admission includes self-guided tours of Biltmore House & Gardens and the Antler Hill Village—featuring the Winery, The Biltmore Legacy, Village Green, and Farm.
  • Printed e-ticket is required for entry.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Parking is free.
  • Shuttles provide transportation from Biltmore House parking lots to the front door of the house.
  • Self-guided tour of the home takes 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Give yourself enough time to visit the House, plus the Gardens, and Antler Hill Village.
  • No photos or video allowed inside the home.

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Insights from Tripster's own team members

Joan B.

Spring is the best time of year to explore Biltmore's beautiful gardens. In addition to the house and gardens, there is a lot to see and do on the estate so be sure to arrive early to make the most of your visit.

Savannah Rhame

Biltmore Candlelight Christmas Evenings are a must-do during the holidays. Experience the grandeur of a Vanderbilt Christmas at night, then return the next morning to explore the grounds during the day.

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from Biltmore Estate
Your admission includes self-guided tours of the breathtaking Biltmore House & Gardens as well as Antler Hill Village—featuring the Winery, The Biltmore Legacy, Village Green, and Farm.


Plan your visit to George Vanderbilt's 8,000-acre estate. Mr. Vanderbilt created Biltmore Estate as an escape from everyday life. Now, his descendants invite you to enjoy his legacy of hospitality. His 250-room chateau, completed in 1895, is as impressive today as it was more than a century ago. Biltmore House is truly a wonder of architecture and hospitality. As our guest, you're invited to enjoy a self-guided tour of the house, as well as the beautiful gardens and grounds surrounding it, designed by renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.

Play in our 8,000-acre backyard with an array of outdoor activities, indulge in one-of-a-kind shopping, and savor our restaurants' exceptional fare. Visit Biltmore in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC, and let our gracious hospitality inspire you.

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition – Now through April 7, 2020,
This immersive exhibition celebrates the global hit television series, offering never-before-seen interactive elements that connect you to your favorite characters, as well as the fashions, locations, and historical events of the time period.

Showcased in two estate locations - Amherst at Deerpark and The Biltmore Legacy - Downton Abbey: The Exhibition pairs seamlessly with the real-life story of the Vanderbilt family.

Access to Downton Abbey: The Exhibition is included with your daytime admission and Candlelight Christmas Evenings admission.

Biltmore admission tickets are non-refundable once purchased; however, you may use them on a future visit. Rates vary depending upon the date selected.

Reservations for Biltmore House entry are required every day, year-round, for all guests. Reserving an entry time before arrival guarantees your Biltmore House visit, even on Biltmore's busiest days. Without a house reservation, entry into Biltmore House is not guaranteed. Times are based on availability. Please call the number printed on your E-Ticket to reserve your time.

Please Note: Reservations are required for Biltmore House only. You do not need one to visit Biltmore's gardens and grounds, Antler Hill Village & Winery, and estate restaurants and shops.

Tripster Customer Reviews

408 Reviews
Dana Beck
Lebanon, OH
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"biltmore Estates Tour"
December 2019 NEW
The Biltmore is a very exciting experience. To see how they lived in that period and the extravagance of the Estate was fun. They require a set time for yu to go in and in dong so keep the tour from getting too crowded. We also enjoyed the farm at Antler Village. To see it all would take 2 days and it is a lot of steps and walking so you have to be prepared.
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Tip: Go to the bathroom before your tour because there are no bathrooms inside and be prepared for lots of walking and steps.

Was this review helpful? Yes

Joseph Mollohan
Elkton, KY
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Joe Mollohan"
December 2019 NEW
It was a good time, beautiful place and remarkable how advanced the Vanderbilt's were for their day. At or around Christmas seems to be the perfect time to go.
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Tip: It is a large place, they do have shuttles, but there is also a lot of walking. I recommend not taking young children, but if you do bring a stroller.

Was this review helpful? Yes

Hollie Woods
Temecula , CA
2 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"Gorgeous home, largest house ever built in the U.S.!"
November 2019 NEW
Went for the 8:00 candlelight tour with Christmas in every room. Truly breathtaking! Recommend spending a few hours on the grounds, before doing the home tour.
Read More
Tip: Be advised that the tour requires going up and down hundreds of stairs. Recommend going on the grounds in the daylight, as the property has many beautiful things to see that you cannot see at night. Poorly lit roads with signage lacking, easy to get lost on the huge property!

Was this review helpful? Yes

Jon Bird
Atlanta, GA
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Great place to visit, but tickets were not such a real deal."
November 2019 NEW
My wife and I enjoyed our Biltmore Estate visit. The Tripster tickets were easy to purchase and print out, so all of that went well. But the claimed discount simply wasn't there! The difference between Tripster tickets and tickets purchased directly from Biltmore were only a few dollars. So when I attempted to attach my 10% discount coupon to my Tripster purchase, I wasn't allowed to do so. Making a phone call to Tripster to explain this proved futile. So the process was easy, but the promise of a significant discount was simply false. The tickets did work as advertised and the visit itself was fine.
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Was this review helpful? Yes

Barbara Weaver
1 Review
November 2019 NEW
First-off, while the experience was spectacular, we found direcions on site confusing and overall useless. That being said, the trolly shuttle was more fun and informative than the big tour bus shuttle who did not relay ANY information. Don't buy wine on site. You can get it at Total Wine for less. Shuttle will take you to any location on the estate, but ASK to make sure. This info is not offered up front.
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Tip: Estate house photo is not required. If you do it, different sizes can be purchased seperately. Whole package around $45.

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Jennifer Carr
New Bern, NC
1 Review
Verified Traveler
November 2019 NEW
My husband and I wanted last minute tickets to the Biltmore while staying in Bryson City. There were no tickets on the Biltmore site so found Tripster and they had tickets. Yay!! We enjoyed our trip and were able to add the Biltmore last minute.
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Was this review helpful? Yes

Kevin Hembree-Brown
Hawesville, KY
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Biltmore visit"
November 2019 NEW
Enjoyed our visit to the Biltmore . Only complaint is the picture taking . It slows down the line.
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Was this review helpful? Yes

Steven Housewright
Reidsville, NC
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Stepping into the Past"
November 2019 NEW
Biltmore is a place where words cannot appropriately describe the visual. They will fall short as to what you experience in sight and sound. The docents were a virtual treasure trove of information who all joyfully answered any and all questions. The headphones are a must if you are interested in learning while seeing history unfold before your eyes. We were blest to be present immediately after the Christmas decorations had been placed all around - my goodness how our spirits were lifted by the work of the caretakers. It was a moment in time we shall not forget.
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Tip: Arrive early to make certain you can take the bus from your parking area and get to the Estate in time for your entry into the home. In winter dress very warm as you will have to wait for the bus to pick you up afterwards and return you to your parking area. Take extra spending money for the food which was fantastic!

Was this review helpful? Yes

TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
Raleigh, North Carolina
"Take a step back in time"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed December 07, 2019 NEW
Another wonderful visit to the Biltmore Estate. We had purchased tickets quite a while ago and finally decided to use them in order to see the estate decorated for Christmas. We did call ahead of time to add on the audio tour and to schedule our time for the tour. During the holidays it is a good idea to call ahead of time and ensure all of the necessary arrangements are set, this will prevent you from missing your tour time. As we arrived to the estate we went through the light security check, which was not there when we last visited. We checked in at the customer service center prior to getting in line for the tour. The tour line was not long at all, it is quite clear they are running a tight ship. They had begun decorating for Christmas throughout the estate and from what I could tell they had done quite a bit more restoration in several of the rooms. the audio tour was well worth the additional cost, I have not gone with the audio tour in the past. It was a very busy time, I would consider making plans well in advance and prepare to wait in line for literally everything except for the bathroom. Cheers!
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TripAdvisor user image
"Prices are outrageous"
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed December 07, 2019 NEW
Wayyyyyy to expensive to visit. My entire family wanted to go but they can't you know why? Because these tickets are 89 dollars a person. And for a family of 5 that's already almost 400 dollars. If you want people to come and see this place then reduce ticket prices because I know I'm not the only one upset at these outrageous prices. Thank you!
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TripAdvisor user image
Orlando, Florida
"Blast from the past"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed December 07, 2019 NEW
Unbelieveable property. The level of craftsmanship at the Biltmore is like nothing I've ever witnessed. Considering the build took place in the late 1800's. Stone work, woodwork, etc. If you enjoy history and a sense of stepping back in time. Go and take it all in at the Biltmore.
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TripAdvisor user image
Crab Orchard, United States
"Magnificent Estate, Exceptional Art, Incredible Visit"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed December 06, 2019 NEW
The Biltmore Estate is a unique experience in America. To see the massive, stately home designed by Hunt filled with art and antiques dating back hundreds and hundreds of years blended with Art Deco styles - it's an education in itself. It is unlike any house tour we've ever been on. The grounds are inspiring in their beauty; to realize the vision and genius of Olmsted, who designed the landscapes not just for immediate pleasure but with an eye for a hundred years and more into the future, is to see beyond your own backyard and to be inspired to want to improve one's surroundings. Things to know before going: You must have reservations to enter the main house. Those reservations are for a specific day/time but once you get in the house, you are free to spend as much time as you want in the house (until closing). DO pay the extra for the self-guided tour recording: it looks like a TV remote but you hold it to your ear like a cell phone. There were three of us touring the house and we were glad to each have one. It would be extremely difficult to share, and, for at least the first time going through the house, you would miss so much by not having one. (There are not restroom facilities in the house itself, but the stables, which have been converted to charming shops and eateries immediately next door have restrooms; you can check your audio tour and get a pass to return to the tour, but it's a HUGE house, so stick with the tour if you can rather than go all the way outside and then have to come all the way back.) There are lots of people to direct you to where you need to go and to answer questions; this is very helpful for first-time visitors, especially! You drive through a main gate and then proceed either to an area for visitors with day tickets (you can purchase them right before the second gate) or take a different route for those with season passes or who are staying as overnight guests. Be prepared to have your tickets/passes scanned multiple times. Parking/driving up to the house itself is no longer permitted. There is a massive transportation system in place to shuttle guests from parking lots and the various areas of the estate to wherever you need to go. There are full-size busses (think Greyhound-style), trolleys with narration, small vans, vans dedicated to overnight guests (two hotels are on site), and a Garden Express van for season passholders constantly running the property. HANDICAP/PASSHOLDER PARKING: this parking is a few minutes walk to the house if you don't want to stand and wait for a shuttle. There is no seating at this parking area, but you don't usually have to wait long for a ride to come along. You have to go through security before you get to the main house, every time. It's no big deal, but if you've been riding a shuttle and are headed back to the house again, you will be required to get off and go through security again at Central Parking. Take two or three days to visit the estate, if possible. Our first visit was to view the two venues with Downton Abbey exhibits, on display until early April, 2020. Then we spent one afternoon touring the house; our final day (until spring) we made sure we made the entire loop of stops on the trolley so we could listen to the narrative between each of the stops. George Vanderbilt's descendants and staff of the estate talk about the building of the estate, the success of the property as a farm, and many other topics. It's fascinating! The house was decorated for Christmas, but the candlelight tour was not included in our season pass. We'll have to take that in another year; but even in daytime the Christmas decorations are splendid. Every season offers its own beauty on the estate. We live just a few hours away and look forward to seeing the tulips in the spring, the blooms that summer bring, and the fall foliage. If we were local, it would be a marvelous place to visit frequently. There are walking paths, horses to ride, and vistas of incredible beauty. If you purchase a single day entry, you can get a second day for only $25 more. Tickets purchased two weeks or more in advance are $10 off. Vanderbilt, Hunt, and Olmsted were men of genius. It is a joy to be on the estate, to learn about Vanderbilt's wide array of interests and intelligence, to see a home that truly is a home despite its incredible size. It is worth the investment if you can get the season passes when they're on sale. (They were $100 off in Oct./Nov., 2019, almost half-off; full price times each adult in the family is not an option for many.) The photos are of a seating area in the Conservatory, housing a wide variety of plants; the side of the house (looking up from the gardens); and one of the vistas from near the main house. (Every view/situation from the house was carefully planned!).
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TripAdvisor user image
North Carolin
"Not for limited mobility "
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed December 06, 2019 NEW
5 stars because of so much to do, history, and amazing house and staff. Hav been 5 times and it never gets old. First time with Grandma and learned how difficult it is to get around for those without stamina. Lots of the home can't be seen without climing stairs. Getting to gardens and Antler Village takes some endurance. Even getting from parking to shuttle wasn't easy for Grandma. The staff does a great job with big Christmas crowds. Go early for wine tasting in Antler Village or get samples in the gift shop near the house.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Biltmore Estate

Will I need to print my E-ticket for entry to the Biltmore Estate?
Yes. For the Biltmore Day Pass, your E-ticket is your Biltmore Day Pass ticket. You will receive one page per ticket purchased with barcodes to present at the gate for entry.

Please note: for the Candlelight Christmas Evening admission, you will exchange your E-ticket for admission at the Group Sales Office on the right as you enter the gates.

How long does it take to tour Biltmore Estate?
Allow yourself a full day to experience all that Biltmore has to offer. Guests are amazed at the size of the estate and you’ll want to give yourself enough time to see the House, Gardens and Antler Hill Village.

Do I need to make reservations after I purchase my tickets?
Biltmore Day Pass: Yes, advance reservations are required for house entry times. Reserving an entry time before arrival guarantees your Biltmore House visit, even on Biltmore Estate's busiest days. Without a house reservation, entry into Biltmore House is not guaranteed. Times are based on availability. When you purchase your tickets, please call the number printed in the notes section on your E-Ticket to reserve your house entry time.

Reservation times fill up fast. When reserved times are no longer available by calling in advance, please proceed to Guest Services at Biltmore House to inquire about availability on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We suggest arriving at least 45 minutes prior to your Biltmore House entry time to allow time to park and catch a shuttle to Biltmore House. Your estate admission gives you access to the rest of the estate during normal hours of operation. Spend the full day to enjoy everything Biltmore has to offer!

Candlelight Christmas Evening: All entries to Candlelight evening house entries are done by reservation times. Choose your evening house entry time when selecting your Candlelight tickets. Guests are required to redeem their printed e-ticket(s) at Biltmore’s Ticket Center for admission.

If I purchased an Admission but unable to visit as planned, can I cancel my purchase?
Biltmore admission tickets are non-refundable once purchased. Tickets are valid any one day during the selected season. If you would like, you can also give your admission ticket(s) to friends or family to enjoy.

What time does the Biltmore Estate open?
Biltmore Estate's admission gate opens at 8:30 AM. The Biltmore House's front door opens at 9:00 AM.

What type of clothing is recommended for my visit?
Dress comfortably. Layers are recommended to account for the variable mountain weather as are comfortable walking shoes.

It there a fee to park at Biltmore Estate?
No, parking is free of charge.

Are shuttles available at the Estate?
Estate Shuttle transportation and parking are included with Biltmore admission. After entering the estate, you will be directed to our parking areas based on whether you are a daytime or overnight guest, and how you’d like to experience the estate.

Central Parking
For the most informative and care-free way to experience the estate, choose our convenient estate shuttle. Shuttles stop at Biltmore House & Gardens, Antler Hill Village & Winery, and Amherst at Deerpark.

Walking Lots
If you’d like to enjoy a 10- to 15-minute walk to the house and gardens, you may choose to park closer to Biltmore House in one of our Walking Lots.

Antler Hill Village & Winery
To experience Antler Hill Village prior to your Biltmore House visit, follow the signs and park in one of the parking areas within easy walking distance of this area’s hotels, shops, restaurants, Winery, exhibition hall, Farmyard, playground and more. Catch a shuttle from this location when ready to visit Biltmore House & Gardens or Amherst/Deerpark.

What are the hours for estate transportation?
All Estate Shuttles run daily from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM, with later hours during Candlelight Christmas Evenings.

From Biltmore House, you may walk to the gardens or take a Garden Shuttle to and from the gardens and Conservatory area.

Garden Shuttles run continuously from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily.

Does Biltmore Estate feature any restaurants where kids eat free?
Yes! At Deerpark Restaurant, children 5 and under dine for free.

What is the pet policy at Biltmore Estate?
Pets are allowed at Biltmore Estate, but only on the grounds, not in any building (except for service dogs).  All pets must be leashed on estate grounds for their own safety as well as the comfort of our other guests. Please be courteous of others and pick up after your pet.

A very limited number of pet kennels are available at Biltmore. They are self-service and available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in using a kennel, please see a parking host for kennel information upon arrival on the estate.

What is the photo policy at the Estate?
Photography, videotaping, sketching, and cell phone use are not permitted within Biltmore House. Taking photographs of the exterior of Biltmore House and grounds, or sketching images of estate grounds, is permitted for personal use only. All commercial uses are prohibited without express written consent. Recording, filming, photography, or taping of any concert or event is strictly prohibited.

Is Biltmore Estate accessible?
Yes! As a car is required to travel between locations throughout the estate, shuttles are provided to the Front Door from the parking lots. In addition, a seasonal shuttle is available from the house to the Conservatory from April through December. Transportation is not provided between Biltmore House and Antler Hill Village & Winery. Driving your own car to the Estate is highly recommended as some of the estate venues are located several miles apart.

Also, at Biltmore House, guests may choose between Park & Ride and Park & Walk parking lots. Park & Ride shuttles guests to the front of Biltmore House whereas Park & Walk requires a 5-10 minute walk.

Guests with visual impairments can receive a complimentary Audio Guide to Biltmore House by visiting the Front Desk of Biltmore House. Guests with hearing difficulties can visit the Front Desk of Biltmore House to request a Neckloop Telecoil Coupler or a printed transcript of our audio guide. Printed transcripts are also available for all Biltmore films shown on the estate.

Sign Language Interpreters are available for all tours offered by Biltmore. To request a Sign Language Interpreter, call 800-411-3812 or email at least seven days prior to visiting.

All restaurants and shops on the estate are accessible by wheelchair. Accessible restrooms are indicated by signage.

Is the Biltmore House wheelchair accessible?
A visit to Biltmore House includes three floors and several flights of stairs. Because of the historic architecture, only the First and Second Floors are accessible by wheelchair. Guests who are unable to go to the Third Floor and Basement may visit our designated Second Floor rest area and watch a video of the rooms they are unable to access.

Does the estate offer wheelchairs?
Biltmore House and the Winery have a limited number of wheelchairs available on a first-come, first-served basis for inside use only. Please bring your own wheelchair to ensure your comfort.