Toronto Bus Tours: 2024 Best Deals

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Hop on a City Sightseeing Toronto double-decker bus and visit over 20 top sights and attractions in Toronto! With unlimited on and off privileges for two days, you can see the city at your own pace. Professional drivers provide commentary as you take in the sights and sounds of the city, and a complimentary souvenir map allows you to plan your itinerary. Details
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Total Price: $67.32 (CAD)

Imagine the thrill of hopping aboard a Toronto bus tour. As the city unfolds before your eyes, you'll be swept up in a vibrant mix of modern urban culture and historic charm. The city's diverse architectural styles, stunning public parks, and bustling neighborhoods make each moment a unique encounter. 

In the heart of Canada's sprawling metropolis, you begin the bus tours at Union Station, a gorgeous Beaux-Arts landmark that marks the starting point of your journey. As the bus winds its way through the city, each neighbourhood offers a fresh perspective on life in this vibrant city. From the cobblestone streets of the Distillery District to the soaring skyscrapers of the Financial District, there's no shortage of sights to enjoy. 

Toronto's multicultural nature shines brightly in its colorful neighborhoods while you're on the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour. From the fragrant air of Little Italy and China Town offering mouthwatering street food to diverse cultural events in Yonge Dundas Square and Koreatown, you’ll get to explore the world without leaving city limits. 

As the tour guide regales you with tales and fun facts about Toronto, you get to sit back, relax, and watch the city life unfold. On the open-top double decker bus, you not only get panoramic views of Toronto but also the perfect opportunities for photography in the City Sightseeing Toronto Bus Tour.

Once the sun sets, the city takes on a new persona. Toronto's skyline glows in a magical show of lights, and the thriving nightlife begins to buzz. 

Experiencing a Toronto bus tour is like plunging into a delightful history book, accentuated by rich cultural diversity, lively neighborhoods, and stunning vistas. It's an adventure that ensures you return with a basket full of memorable moments and an intimate understanding of this cosmopolitan city! 

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