Williamsburg Ghost Tours: 2024 Best Deals

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Discover harrowing details of the 1600s witch trials as you walk down Williamsburg’s darkest streets at night. Keep an eye out for famous ghosts such as Ida Jones as your costumed guide shares tales of Blackbeard’s crew, Jones Graveyard, and other haunted spots throughout the Williamsburg area. Stay alert as you never know who or what you’ll meet along the way. Details
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Are you daring enough to journey through the cobblestoned streets of Williamsburg after dark? Unveil the hidden secrets of historic Williamsburg and hear the eerie ghost stories when you visit multiple locations in Colonial Williamsburg. Wander the streets that harbor tales about ghost encounters and witch trials in this Williamsburg Ghost Tour. Got a young paranormal enthusiast? Don’t fret! These ghost tours Williamsburg VA offers a perfect blend of education and hair-raising entertainment! Follow along as we offer you our handpicked Williamsburg ghost tours and discover the best options for you to enjoy one of the most haunted cities in the United States, Williamsburg Virginia!

Immersive Experience of the Haunted History

Delve into the chilling and haunted past when you join a tour in Williamsburg! Join the expert tour guides embark on a journey to unearth the legends that shaped history. Brave through the historical landmarks where the past meets the supernatural! This half-mile walking tour offers a new perspective on each haunted house you visit. From stories of pirates, gruesome witch trials, spine-chilling conspiracies, and real-life murders, this ghost tour Williamsburg is a jam-packed adventure. Rain or shine, don’t let the weather rain on your parade. This ghost tour of Williamsburg runs as scheduled!

From Witch Trials to Ghostly Encounters

Explore the haunted corners and dark alleyways in these ghost tours Williamsburg! Hear firsthand stories of paranormal encounters and creepy sightings while you conquer this one-of-a-kind Colonial Williamsburg ghost tour. Learn about the gory details of witch trials during the 1600s, discover the untold stories of the captured pirates that once roamed around the streets, and engage in the past while discovering the strange rituals and customs of the ancient people. Keep an eye out for Blackbeard’s crew as you walk into the jail where they were held captive. While walking around the Jones Graveyard, watch out for Ida Jones. Beyond the well-known past, the Ghosts, Witches & Pirates Tour gives a tour to the unknown and the unexplained!

Family-Friendly Adventure

Kids can enjoy treasure items from Mr Pirate’s treasure chest while the adults unearth a hidden historical gem! With a combination of education and spooky thrills, this ghost tour offers an exciting evening! Make your ghost tour more interesting and take photos with the costumed tour guides while you wander through the streets – be careful, though, as you may capture one of the lurking spirits!

Williamsburg Awaits!

As the sun sets, Williamsburg comes alive in the dark. Be transported back in time and bridge the gap between the past and the present in this ghost tour. No matter if you are a history buff or paranormal enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled and educated in each step! Got your eyes set on Williamsburg? We have more to offer! Check out the best things to do in Williamsburg and explore our lineup of attractions and activities here:

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So, if you're curious about what happens after dark, this is the perfect tour for you! Our carefully curated ghost tours offer an unforgettable journey to the darker side tailored to your style. Say goodbye to stress and planning woes – book your tickets with us now! Brace yourself for the unknown and prepare for the most thrilling experience!