Washington DC Ghost Tour: 2024 Best Deals

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Horror on the Hill

Scary DC • Washington
Embark on a spooky Washington DC ghost tour of one of the most haunted buildings in the world—the U.S. Capitol Building. Along the way, you’ll pass the Exorcist stairs and popular landmarks like the Supreme Court and Library of Congress. Hear historic ghost stories and learn about the history of deceased presidents and lawmakers from your costumed guide. Details
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Total Price: $25.50 (USD)

Imagine traversing the historic streets of Washington DC under the cloak of darkness, lit only by the faint and ethereal glow of a lantern. Picture yourself being in the midst of Washington DC ghost tours, where the veil between the mundane and the spectral becomes alarmingly thin. Haunted history and ghost stories are delivered with a spine-chilling twist, turning familiar landmarks into eerie echoes of the past. 

An intriguing journey awaits you in the haunted side of Washington DC. Expert tour guides serve as your lantern-bearers, leading you through the labyrinth of haunt locations. They spin tales that gently weave the city's rich history with the mysterious enigma of the unknown, leaving your imagination ignited. 

As a part of the ghost tours Washington DC, you'll be tapping into the darker underbelly of the city often hidden behind the façade of politics and grandeur. Your experiences would go beyond the superficial, plunging you into unchartered territories and stirring your curiosity. 

Fascinating Stories: Every street, the Capitol Building, the Library of Congress, the Hay Adams Hotel, and even the White House have stories to tell, especially when explored through the mystical lens of ghost city tours.
Eerie Locations: The Lafayette Square, carrying the chilling tales of the Ghosts of Lafayette Park, forms a significant part of your haunted walking tour.  The Capitol Hill haunts with an ominous aura typically absent in regular tours.
Atmospheric Tours: Once darkness descends, the haunted pub crawl as part of the Washington DC ghosts tour transforms the nation's capital into an eerie yet atmospheric experience filled with spectral vibes.

Before you know it, the ghost tour will have you viewing Washington D.C. through a different lens.  You’d be left contemplating the extraordinary, pondering upon questions that don’t have easy answers, long after the tour ends! 

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As you step into the shadows, experience the thrill beyond your wildest imagination on the Washington DC ghost tours. Unravel the eerie tales, witness a different side of famous landmarks, and deepen your understanding of American history.

The award-winning tours will take you through fascinating ghost stories and scandals. A stroll you will remember, a night of enchantment awaits!

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