Dinner Cruise Washington DC: 2024 Best Deals

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Dine and dance the night away onboard the Spirit of Baltimore Dinner Cruise with gourmet buffet, plus unlimited coffee and hot and iced tea. Indulge in freshly prepared entrees, salads, and desserts while relishing the spectacular Baltimore skyline and Inner Harbor views. Don’t forget to hit the dance floor with live DJ music on this Baltimore city cruise! Details
Total Price: $128.64 (USD)
Dine and dance the evening away aboard the Spirit of Washington on an exciting Washington DC Dinner Cruise on the Potomac River. Enjoy a delicious buffet dinner with skyline views from the climate-controlled interior deck and incredible sights from an open-air roof deck. Spirits continue to flow with a fully-stocked bar, games, and lively DJ music. Details
Total Price: $176.22 (USD)
Enjoy fine dining and festive music on a 2.5-hour Washington DC dinner cruise along the Potomac River. Sail below the low bridges aboard the elegant Odyssey boat that features three climate-controlled atrium dining rooms. After a delicious plated meal, dance the night away and enjoy the famous sites of the nation’s capital aglow in lights under the moonlit sky. Details
Total Price: $210.13 (USD)

Imagine this: a pleasant evening on the sun-dappled waters of the Potomac River, while savoring uniquely tailor-made dining cruises. That's the essence of a Washington DC dinner cruise. This event combines dining, sightseeing, and entertainment for a leisurely journey along the river's edge, offering a different perspective on the capital of the United States. 

Nothing beats the all-encompassing, panoramic views of Washington DC's iconic landmarks such as the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument as they come to life, subtly illuminated against the night sky. You're not merely glancing at the Library of Congress and White House from a distance - you're cherishing these monuments from a vantage point that few can brag about the tranquility of the waters.

A disconnect from the city hubbub: A dinner cruise Washington DC is a direct ticket away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The gentle sway of the popular tour boat, coupled with the rhythmic lapping of waves against the hull, offers an opportunity to capture the memorable night with the ship photographer. 
Gourmet Adventures: With dishes prepared fresh by an executive chef, City Cruises' Washington DC dinner cruise offers a climate controlled dining experience where you are seated at your private table, to savor culinary delights that reflect the city's sophisticated palate.
Perfectly Paired Entertainment: To complement the dining experience, the live music and performances create an atmosphere of relaxed enjoyment. From melodious jazz tunes to the lively beats of a live band, this entertainment enhances your journey.

Overall, a Washington DC dinner cruise is not just about dining or sightseeing. It's about a memorable experience that combines the best of both into a one-of-a-kind adventure. It's a tasteful blend of intimate dining, spectacular sightseeing, and lively entertainment to make your evening in DC one for the books! 

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