Wine Tour San Diego: 2024 Best Deals

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Indulge in an exclusive evening cruise on a luxury catamaran. With a limited passenger capacity, savor spring and summer sunshine, cool ocean breezes, and romantic vistas. In the winter, relish the beautifully lit Dana Point Harbor. Discover the finest OC wine cruise in Southern California! Details
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Total Price: $60.18 (USD)
Experience the best of San Diego’s Little Italy on this SoDiego walking tour. Sample a variety of wines and food offerings (Italian pasta and a charcuterie spread) as you visit three different establishments, all while local wine enthusiasts give you the inside scoop on wine production and the history of Little Italy. Book a tour today to discover all that Little Italy has to offer. Details
TripAdvisor user rating 4.50 out of 5
527 Reviews
$125.00 $119.00
Total Price: $130.82 (USD)
You Save: $6.00

Imagine being swept away on a journey of ultimate indulgence, where the lush vineyards and enchanting aroma of grapes beckon you. Welcome to the experience of San Diego Wine Tours, a delightful exploration of Southern California wine country like you've never seen before.

Picture this: Urban wineries that softly whisper the stories of a rich wine-making heritage, leading you through picturesque landscapes that dance under the warm Californian sun. Here, rows of verdant vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, their local wines heavy with promise.

Next, walk through the cool, dimly lit cellars, emotions stirring as you feel the unmistakable connection to the winemakers' passionate pursuit of award winning wines. Their pursuit, artistry, and patience are palpable in the silent serenity of these tasting rooms.

Ready to taste? Each glass of great wine is a revelation, a symphony of flavors that unveils the unique characteristics of San Diego County and its grapes. From robust reds that echo the bold spirit of the region, to crisp whites that mirror the freshness of the Pacific Ocean, every sip is a voyage of discovery for wine lovers.

As your day unfolds, perhaps there's a pause at a charming outdoor patio for wine and food set against a breathtaking backdrop. As you mingle with others and bond over shared experiences, you feel a sense of camaraderie and delight, and acknowledge that this wine tour San Diego is as much about the unique encounters as it is about the exquisite wine tasting.

San Diego Wine Tours is a sensory journey that goes beyond the wine. It's about immersing in the serene beauty of rural California, connecting with passionate wine artisans, and indulging in a journey that evokes joy and nourishes the soul, all synonymous with the San Diego wine culture.

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