Whale Watching San Diego

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Cruise the open ocean alongside whales, dolphins, sea lions, and much more! This professionally-narrated San Diego whale watching cruise provides spectacular views of the city skyline, local landmarks and marine wildlife. Enjoy comfortable indoor and outdoor seating as you experience the magic of migrating whales aboard this thrilling oceanic adventure. Details
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Grab your camera and binoculars and be on the lookout for dolphins and whales! This narrated ocean excursion will teach you about Dana Point’s abundant marine life, from sea lions to birds and more. Take advantage of the ship’s Eye-to-Eye Underwater Viewing Pods to see what it’s like to swim along with dolphins. Listen to the hydrophone to also hear whale and dolphin vocalizations! Details
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Experience a wide variety of majestic underwater wildlife and beautiful scenic views at this Dana Point dolphin and whale-watching tour. Dana Wharf offers an exciting 2-hour tour featuring up-close views of gray whales in winter and spring, blue whales in summer and fall, playful bottlenose dolphins year-round, sea lions, nautical birds, and possibly a shark! Details
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Each year thousands of gray whales make the journey from Alaska to Baja California. Take advantage of this voyage by booking a whale watching tour in San Diego. Tours typically run from January into April. Be on the lookout for other marine life on your whale watch cruise like sea lions and dolphins. Blue whales can also be spotted during the summer months. San Diego whale watching tours are a great way to observe these amazing marine creatures in their natural habitat.